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12:09 griffjon I take it back, it claims it's imported all my records, but they're nowhere to be found.  They don't have ISBN numbers, (though the marc import tool doesn't complain) -- is that causing a problem perhaps?
12:44 griffjon OK, seriously -- the Catalog: MArc Acquisition reports all my records imported -- where do they go???
12:44 griffjon I made sure at least one had an ISBN number, but I can't find even it anywhere
12:44 griffjon they show up neither in the catalog admin tool nor normal book lookup
12:55 owen griffjon, sorry you're not getting any feedback
12:56 owen It's the time of day when Europe is off work and New Zealand isn't up yet
12:56 owen that cuts out 2 of 3 possible continents of tech support
12:57 griffjon ahhh
12:58 griffjon that is something I enjoy about Koha -- it's one of the most scattered and international OSS projects I've seen
13:05 owen What's your time zone griffjon?
13:08 griffjon EDT
13:08 griffjon -5 I think
13:10 owen So in a couple hours New Zealand will come online. Otherwise mornings until about 10:30 or 11 are good  for catching France
13:43 griffjon ow that hurt
13:43 griffjon but I think I got my data in
13:43 griffjon the whole marc export/import was a wild goose chase effort for me
13:44 griffjon I used MyODBC Connector for MYSQL to export my books table (reformatted to match the Koha biblio table) from MS Access, then an update query to import it from the temporary MySQL table into biblio and biblioitems
13:45 griffjon I still have to go through manually and assign ISBN/barcode numbers before they become "active" but I expected that step
13:45 kados griffjon: you imported into the reservoir
13:45 kados griffjon: use instead
13:45 kados griffjon: it's in the misc directory
13:45 griffjon bulkmarcimport wasn't doing anything for me
13:45 kados griffjon: misc/migration_tools/
13:45 griffjon It parsed a subset of my records, but they never appeared anywhere
13:45 kados griffjon: well, it's _the_ import script, and it's what everyone else uses :-)
13:46 kados griffjon: you sure you followed the instructions carefully?
13:46 griffjon trust me, I tried and tried many different ways to use it
13:46 kados griffjon: you sure you didn't get confused and use misc/
13:46 griffjon ooooh, now that I may have done!
13:46 griffjon erm, lemme look
13:46 kados cause that won't work at all, that script does nothing
13:47 griffjon heh
13:47 griffjon yup
13:47 griffjon ok. :(
13:47 griffjon tab completion + frustration can be bad!
13:48 kados :-)
13:49 griffjon lemme clear out my tables and try that
13:50 owen kados, do you know who worked on  The script says "-TG" is that Tumer?
13:50 griffjon fingers crossed....
13:53 kados owen: probably
13:54 kados griffjon: will automatically delete data from the database with the -d option
13:54 owen Have you tried it? Looks interesting, but the interface is javascript-heavy and buggy
13:55 kados I haven't
13:55 kados I think paul has though, and reports it works nice
14:28 owen Congratulations kados
14:39 kados thx ...
14:39 kados it's been a huge joint effort
14:40 kados so really, everyone deserves credit
14:40 griffjon does Koha not care about author first v last names?  IT seems to want it in one field (should it be last, first
14:40 griffjon ?)
14:40 kados ahhhh
14:40 kados well, depends on what you're trying to do
14:41 kados if you have MARC records there are several author fields
14:41 kados 245$c is the author's name as it appears on the item
14:41 kados 100$a is the lastname,firstname
14:41 kados 700$a are additional authors
14:41 kados (those are the three main ones)
14:42 kados you shouldn't try to import directly into Koha
14:42 kados use bulkmarcimport ;-)
14:46 griffjon ahhhh
14:52 griffjon I was thinking 100$a was just the last name, and $c was first name (or the other way around)
14:53 griffjon I'm creating my marcimport using the marcedit
14:53 griffjon BTW, a set of tools to import data into koha without having to learn marc would be great for us non-librarian types
14:54 kados sure, and we'd love to build them, but noone's sponsored such a set of tools :-)
14:55 kados if you have a marc dump you don't nee to use marcedit
14:55 kados unless you need to move things around
14:58 griffjon I have just a basic access db of title, author, and a few notes
15:10 griffjon for bulkmarcimport, which title field gets used?  I've tried 130$a and 240$a and neither are importing
15:29 griffjon sigh
15:30 griffjon I can't even find any more title records to use
15:33 griffjon aha! 245$a
15:57 owen kados: turns out those changes to weren't what we were looking for after all :(
16:00 kados yea, just saw your email
16:00 kados bummer
16:01 kados both you and CCFLS want that change made
16:01 kados wish I had time to do it today
16:01 kados but I'm swamped in a migration involving authorities
16:24 griffjon one last question for the day -- where are the template variables store?
16:24 griffjon er, stored
16:24 griffjon say, for example, LibraryName? ;)
16:24 kados preferences
16:25 griffjon do I need to add a system preference? the only template pref I saw was npl or default
16:29 kados well, those are the only two templates by default
16:29 chris its pretty tricky, if you put another set of templates in the directory, they will show up in the list
16:30 chris eg /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/​intranet-tmpl/new_templates/en/ etc
16:30 griffjon that's way more effort than I'm ready to expend right now -- I'm just trying to change the libraryname
16:30 chris oh thats a system preference
16:30 chris too
16:31 chris libraryname i think
16:31 griffjon right... I think I must be blind then
16:32 griffjon lemme try adding it
16:33 griffjon aha! that worked
16:33 griffjon alright
16:33 griffjon with that success I'm outahere
16:33 griffjon thanks guys
03:14 russ hi paul
03:14 paul hi russ
03:16 paul the KohaCon will should be a success...
03:17 paul at least for May 3rd => we may need a larger room than expected...
03:17 russ awesome
03:17 russ yes it has generated alot of interest
03:17 paul i'm waiting for the list from Ineo, but i'm "afraid" that the 30 places won't be enough...
03:17 russ do you want me to put up the "Full House" sign on the website and take down the registration form?
03:18 osmoze bonjour
03:18 paul mmm, no.
03:18 paul because there are plenty of places free for May 2nd.
03:18 paul and I'll request a larger room for 3rd
03:18 paul + some libraries like SAN Ouest Provence plans to be *5*.
03:19 paul if we get full, i'll request that only 2 or 3 come !
03:19 osmoze paul, c est bon, j ai l autorisation pour venir :)
03:19 russ :-)
03:19 paul + few other libraries coming with 2 ppl.
03:20 paul osmoze : great, waiting for your registration at => someone at Ineo take care of the registrations.
03:20 paul osmoze: alone or with sandrine ?
03:21 osmoze alone :( because she will be in exam)
04:15 paul osmoze: l'inscription pour le 2 est franchement superflue, amha. mais tu fais comme tu veux !
06:19 paul yo, pierrick top commiter on head this week ;-)
06:19 chris :-)
06:19 paul hi chris
06:19 chris hes a committing machine :)
06:19 paul still not in bed ?
06:19 chris hi paul, just got your email
06:19 chris not yet, friday night, I can sleep in tomorrow
06:20 paul (lucky man : with 3 guys at home, wake up at 7:30 every day that god makes !)
06:20 chris hehe
06:20 paul are you a javascript warlord ?
06:20 chris not me
06:21 chris bob at katipo is our resident javascript guru
06:21 chris :)
06:22 paul and almost killed the addbiblio-cloneTag troll.
06:22 chris have you ever seen monty python paul?
06:22 paul nope
06:22 paul but I know who they are.
06:23 chris the joke i was going to make wont be funny without seeing it :)
06:26 chris im hoping to do some commits tomorrow, I have some code from Tumer to merge in and commit
06:26 paul chris : do you still have libraries with MARC=OFF ?
06:26 chris yes
06:27 chris 2
06:27 chris HLT, and Rangitikei District Library
06:27 paul no way to switch to MARC=ON ?
06:27 paul the first & 2nd libraries using koha isn't it ?
06:27 chris they dont want to see the MARC .. they are happy its there in the background, but they dont want to see it
06:28 chris Rangitikei only went live last year, the second public library in NZ
06:28 paul but with MARC=ON & hide_marc=ON they won't see any MARC tags/labels.
06:28 chris ohhh
06:28 chris ill try that
06:28 chris they are both running 2.2.5 now
06:28 paul they will just see descriptions.
06:28 paul & no indicators or any other marc things.
06:28 chris ill demo it for them and see if they like it
06:29 chris they both use Full Acquisitions
06:29 paul that's not a problem I think
06:29 paul (for marc=on i mean)
06:29 chris we should have the third NZ public in a few months .. they are converting at the moment
06:29 chris public library I mean
06:29 paul how many are there in NZ ?
06:30 russ 2 public so far
06:30 chris 2 public libraries, lots of smaller ones
06:30 chris and specialist libraries
06:30 paul hi russ.
06:30 paul (hi again i mean)
06:30 chris paul: ill try that on their test sites and they can take a look and see if they like it
06:31 paul with tabs they should be a little troubled
06:31 paul but link this with some authorities, and they may be convinced.
06:31 chris right
06:31 russ paul do you have a speaker to do the first talk yet on day 1?
06:32 paul not yet.
06:32 paul I contacted 3 guys, and all of them declined.
06:32 paul :-(
06:32 russ oh dear
06:32 paul I don't have any more ideas.
06:33 russ i guess one of us could so something - but that isnt really what you are aiming for is it?
06:33 paul right.
06:34 paul + I think it would be better to have something in french for this part.
06:34 paul otherwise, we would have too much english.
06:34 russ oh buy us i mean someone within the community
06:34 russ so you :-)
06:34 paul :-)
06:35 paul chris: i'll commit some things (on rel_2_2) that needs a little bit of javascript. i'll explain on koha-devel what is still to do.
06:36 chris excellent
06:36 paul if you could take care of it, that would be fine, I don't see how to solve my problem
06:36 chris bob reads koha-devel so he might have some suggestions
06:36 chris right, ill get bob to take a look
06:36 paul (& i'm a dummy at javascript...)
06:36 chris yeah, im bad at it too
06:37 paul time to go for some lunch (almors 2PM...)
06:38 chris bon appetit
06:40 paul chris: how many lbraries do you have (as customer i mean)
06:40 chris good question
06:40 chris i think about 6 or 7
06:40 chris lets see
06:41 paul (as NZ is a "small" country, so I was wondering if you have only a few, many, and how much it is from the total)
06:41 chris lianza, eeo, fred hollows, hlt, rdl, opus, lgnz
06:41 russ lianza
06:41 russ oop you had lianza
06:41 chris unido
06:41 chris but they arent in NZ
06:42 chris eesi
06:42 chris they are in australia
06:42 chris hmm we have more than we thought I guess, but only 4 or 5 we do regular work on
06:43 chris when the 3rd public library comes along .. koha will be in 3 public libraries in nz .. which is a pretty good amount
06:43 chris im not sure how many public libraries there are .. but there arent that many
06:48 chris i think there are a couple of other libraries we have helped too, special libraries but I cant remember their names
06:49 chris oh, philanthropy australia
08:43 osmoze paul K
08:43 osmoze ?
08:45 admin hey all
08:46 kyle I was wondering if anyone could help me walk through comitting my template to cvs
08:46 kyle I tried connection but I get an error message.
08:46 kyle I'm trying : cvs -z3 -d co -r rel_2_2 koha
08:47 kyle and I get this in return: Permission denied (publickey).
09:07 pierrick kyle, I'm going to help you :-)
09:10 pierrick kyle, did CVS asked a password when trying to checkout?
09:23 kados paul: are you here?
09:24 kados paul: I found another bug with rel_2_2 (I think)
09:24 ToinS kados: paul isn't here for the moment....
09:24 kados kyle: log into cvs
09:24 kados kyle:[…]n/editsshkeys.php
09:24 ToinS he 'll come back soon
09:24 kados kyle: you'll need to put your public key in there
09:24 kados ToinS: thanks!
09:25 kados ToinS: do you know when?
09:25 ToinS i don't know... sorry
09:27 pierrick hi kados
09:30 kados hi pierrick
09:31 hdl hi kados. Did you receive my mail for kohadocs ?
09:36 kados hdl: yes, but I don't have write access to kohadocs
09:36 kados hdl: send it to stephen
09:36 kados hdl: shedges [at]
09:37 pierrick kados, I'll test zebra-plugin early next week
09:37 kados w00t
09:37 pierrick (and tell you all what's wrong ;-)
09:37 kados hehe, sounds good
09:38 pierrick (or correct by myself if I understand the backend
09:38 pierrick kados, you didn't tell me if the wiki conversion was satisfaying
09:39 kados pierrick: it didn't work at all for me
09:39 kados pierrick:
09:39 pierrick what does not work at all ?
09:39 kados pierrick: I can't view any pages
09:39 pierrick :-)
09:40 pierrick wait a second
09:40 kados sure
09:41 pierrick better ?
09:46 pierrick kados, can you make sure file data/changes.log is writable?
09:46 kados sure
09:47 kados pierrick: ok, it's writable
09:47 kados pierrick: better!
09:47 kados pierrick: thanks!
09:49 pierrick OK, chmod seems to have worked :-)
09:50 kados unfortunately today I have several appointments outside of Athens
09:50 kados so I must leave now
09:50 pierrick it's an old snapshot of the wiki, so when you're ready to switch, I'll rerun my migration tool
09:50 kados (I may be back in several hours )
09:50 kados pierrick: ok, maybe next week we will switch
09:50 pierrick no pb kados, have a nic week-end, read you on monday
09:50 kados pierrick: thanks again!
09:51 pierrick kados, thanks to you, I only participate to the community :-)
10:00 paul osmoze: i'm back
10:09 osmoze can i phone to you paul ?
10:09 paul yep
10:09 paul osmoze: yep
10:10 osmoze do you have a new phone ? Because i think i phone to your house
10:10 osmoze (repondeur^^)
10:10 paul 04 91 31 45 19. Faut lire la liste infos correctement ;-)
10:10 paul (déménagement annoncé en décembre !!!)
10:15 kados paul: got a second?
10:15 kados paul: I need to leave in 5 minutes
10:15 paul (on phone, but then yes)
10:17 paul kados: write your request
10:17 kados paul: having trouble with authorities
10:17 kados paul: i created a script
10:17 kados paul: that seems to work perfectly
10:18 kados paul: bibs have link in $9 of a tag and auths have link in $9 of a tag
10:18 kados paul:[…]
10:18 kados paul: search for PERSONAL NAME
10:19 kados paul: MacDonald, Alan
10:19 kados paul: (MacDonald, Alan is a real author in the collection)
10:19 kados paul: results come back fine
10:19 kados paul: but the # of bibs does not appear
10:20 kados paul: and the link doesn't work
10:20 kados paul: I just thought of something
10:20 kados paul: is it required to set up authorities in the biblio framework before they will work for searching?
10:22 kados paul: that was my question ... but now I must leave
10:22 paul ok, i'll answer by mail
10:22 paul (still on phone)
10:22 kados paul: thanks!
10:22 kados bye all
10:22 paul i'll be away on monday-<wed
10:35 pierrick hdl, see you on monday :-) I'm leaving too
10:36 pierrick (I mean, I'm leaving office now)

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