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11:05 kados hi everyone
11:05 kados paul++
11:10 paul hi kados
11:54 paul ok guys (kados, hdl and everybody...) my ZOOM problem is solved.
11:54 paul unfortunately, the problem is :
11:54 paul In other words, it's precisely correct to say that the symbol you're
11:54 paul linking against doesn't exist, because (IIRC) you're using YAZ 2.1.10.
11:54 paul So before we continue, you need to upgrade to YAZ 2.1.11.  The only
11:54 paul tiny problem with this plan is that it doesn't yet exist, because it
11:54 paul still awaits release.
11:55 paul so many time lost...
11:55 shedges wow.  That must be very discouraging.
11:55 paul (the complete mail should arrive at koha-devel & koha-zebra in 3 hours...)
11:56 paul yep.
11:56 shedges any release date for 2.1.11?
11:56 paul nope. But I bet it will be very soon now !
11:57 paul (and Mike don't remember where I could DL a nightly tarball)
11:57 paul (but anyway I don't plan to build a nightly, I prefer official/stable releases)
11:58 kados yikes ... sorry about that paul
11:59 kados that's a real shame
11:59 paul (not your fault kados. but a shame, I agree)
11:59 kados waste of many hours :(
12:00 kados hopefully the rest of the conversion will go smoothly
12:01 paul in french we say "l'espoir fait vivre" (=hope keeps you alive) Except when you say this it mean you think "poor guy, you'll never succeed"
12:08 paul shedges : => baby name is benjamin
12:22 shedges ah -- thanks, Paul!
12:22 shedges (a very good name -- my son's name)
12:27 paul (my neveu one too)
12:38 kados in case anyone missed it late yesterday, pre-preannouncement for a new site:
12:38 kados paul: opencataloger demos are there
12:38 kados paul: (one not working yet)
12:40 paul any interesting news aroung opencataloger ?
12:42 kados hehe
12:42 kados morning owen
12:42 owen Hi kados
12:42 paul hi owen
12:42 kados was announced just a sec ago
12:43 paul (you should change chat title ;-) )
12:43 kados good point
12:44 owen Very nice, kados!
12:45 kados I also purchased
12:45 paul kados : how many ppl work for liblime (full time I mean) ?
12:45 kados where I plan to have a small site where users can submit their firefox plugins, etc.
12:45 kados paul: well ... we have four employees
12:46 kados paul: + we're sub-contracting out to three others
12:46 paul "we" have ?
12:46 kados it's a corporation :-)
12:46 kados well ... it basically means I don't own the business
12:47 kados there are shareholders and a board of directors
12:47 kados of course I am both ... and so are the other four employees
12:47 paul wow. It's a large company... shareholders, directors...
12:47 paul :-D
12:47 kados well ... only four of everything :-)
12:47 kados and very modest paychecks :-)
12:48 paul when do you plan to be introduced in NASDAQ ?
12:48 kados hehe
12:48 kados it's 'privately held' ... so noone but the four of us owns shares in the company
12:48 kados which is the way I'd like to keep it
12:48 kados (but I could be voted down :-))
12:49 kados hehe
12:49 paul you're 25% x4
12:49 paul ?
12:49 paul are the other 4 known in the Koha project ?
12:49 kados yep
12:49 paul I want NAMES :-)
12:49 kados not well known no
12:49 kados hehe
12:49 kados Ryan is one
12:50 kados Tina and Sara are the others
12:50 kados but they don't irc on #koha very much
12:50 paul neither write on koha-devel or somewhere else if I don't mind
12:51 kados not much
12:51 kados sara is our 'junior tech'
12:51 paul (tina & sara : name for woman, isn't it ? while Ryan if for a man ?)
12:51 kados she's still a student
12:51 kados (yes)
12:51 kados Ryan and Tina have other full-time jobs
12:51 kados they work part-time for liblime
12:52 paul hehe.. typically US behaviour : in France, you can't legally have a full time job + another one.
12:52 kados right :-)
12:52 paul nobody can work more than 48H/week as employee.
12:52 kados a of today, I'm only an employee of liblime
12:52 kados s/a/as/
12:52 kados not NPL anymore
12:52 paul (but it's free for a boss ;-) )
12:52 paul I remember you told me that already
12:53 kados ahh
12:53 paul and NPL is your 1st contract iirc
12:53 paul but still living in Athens anyway ?
12:53 kados not 1st actually ... in fact, latest :-)
12:53 kados yes still in athens
12:54 paul no plans to move ? because Athens is quite far from airport, and US is business area is large if I don't mind
12:54 kados yea, it's definitely something I've thought about
12:54 kados being closer to an airport would be nice
12:54 kados but I don't have any plans yet :-)
12:55 paul be quick, or you'll find a wife in Athens and never move :-D
12:55 kados hehe
12:58 paul ... for the best happiness I hope ;-)
12:58 owen So far so good :)
13:04 kados thanks :-)
13:05 owen ...succumbed to the wife-in-Athens-never-moving. But also to the charms of Liblime ;)
13:05 kados hehe
13:05 paul you mean you're one of the sub-contractors ?
13:06 kados yep
13:06 paul katipo is as well... seems i'm the only one that isn't for instance...
13:06 kados hehe
13:08 kados[…]&numpg=10&id=1469
13:08 kados it's called 'CoBrowse'
13:09 kados might be nice for conference calls and webinars
13:09 paul wow, it's really great plugin it seems !
13:09 paul we give it a try now kados ?
13:09 kados I've tried it ... works well
13:10 kados let me give you my ip
13:10 paul (I need it too or no ?)
13:10 kados no
13:10 paul (the plugin I mean)
13:10 kados after installing, restart firefox
13:10 kados then, put this into your 'CoBrowse Server' bar:
13:10 kados and click on 'connect'
13:11 kados anyone else can try it too
13:11 paul so I need the plugin or not ?
13:11 kados yes, you need it
13:12 paul done, but seing nothing for instance
13:12 kados how about now?
13:12 paul seeing now !
13:12 kados pretty neat eh?
13:13 paul yep.
13:13 kados hehe
13:14 paul do you know a way to reorganize firefox to avoid so many toolbars ?
13:14 paul i have 30% of the top of the screen used by toolbars
13:14 paul (webdev, cobrowse...)
13:15 kados yep ... view->toolbars :-)
13:16 paul I mean another way that hiding/showing the toolbar : having it minimal/maximal)
13:16 kados uncheck the unwanted ones
13:16 kados ahh
13:16 kados no ... not offhand
13:16 kados maybe in 'customize'?
13:17 kados nope
14:18 shaun Hey all - kados around?
14:18 paul hello shaun.
14:18 paul was here 1 hour ago.
14:18 paul and I leave now ;-)
14:19 paul bye & read you later
14:24 thd kados: I am awake again.  Are you there?
14:47 kados shaun: I"m here
14:47 kados thd: missed your email last night :-)
14:51 thd kados: I was having so much fun looking at opencataloger that I could no longer stay sufficiently awake enough to write it at 4 AM.
14:52 kados hehe
14:53 kados yea it's a fun bit of code
14:53 thd kados: I could not determine how opencataloger sets the Z39.50 search target.  What database is being searched in the demo?
14:53 kados it's NPL's catalog :-)
14:54 kados but eventually, it'll be selectable
14:54 thd kados: I guessed that but failed to notice where that was being set.  How is it set?
14:54 kados that's actually server-side at the moment
14:55 kados but the goal is to do a client-side srw/sru query (using POST)
14:55 thd kados: Where is the call to the server for the present implementation?
14:55 kados then, all we need is a client-side (javascript) MARC library :-)
14:56 kados thd: it's in the server-side script that you can't see
14:56 kados thd: because it's server-side :-)
14:58 thd kados: I mean that something I can see must be calling the server side script.  I examined main.js and the xsl files.  I did not look at the JavaScript library files but I assumed they would be just standard for the JavaScript library used.
14:59 kados there's an XMLHttpRequest
14:59 kados that grabs the XML from the server
14:59 kados I think ideally, the way to go with this is XUL for the next class
15:00 thd kados: and that is called from main.js (not having the code in front of me now)?
15:01 kados I'd have to look to be sure, but probably
15:03 thd kados: Is the current class with all new people working toward debugging extending the team 42 work with all new people?
15:05 kados all new people, yes
15:06 kados not sure if they will be debugging or not
15:06 kados might start fresh with XUL
15:06 kados the class doesn't start for a few months
15:07 kados here's some javascript MARC libraries:
15:07 kados[…]1/MARC2XMLjs.html
15:08 thd kados: so you and the instructor are the ones providing continuity for perfectly understanding the code.  It did not seem hard to follow but seemed a little short of comments.  Yet, I cannot see all the code.
15:08 kados yep, me and the prof
15:09 thd kados: was code from the University of Arizona used?
15:09 shaun kados: sorry, I timed this badly - I'll send back an email or talk tomorrow.
15:11 kados thd: for our project? not that I know of
15:11 thd kados: where can I see the rest of the code?
15:11 kados thd: it should be on sourceforge somewhere
15:11 kados :-)
15:11 kados CSS 456 or something
15:12 thd kados: under the name opencataloger?
15:12 kados nope
15:12 kados it's a class sourceforge project
15:12 kados for all of CSS 456's projects thusfar
15:12 kados don't have a url ... sorry
15:13 thd kados: I found no whois record for
15:13 kados prolly hasn't propogated yet
15:13 kados just bought it yesterday
15:13 kados :-)
15:13 thd kados: Is the next class in the summer
15:13 thd ?
15:14 kados spring I think
15:14 thd kados: a one quarter class or one trimester?
15:20 thd kados: paul had know sense of how long until Yaz 2.1.11 yet if it is not merely a few days it is likely to delay the projected time for a Koha 3.0 release.
15:21 thd s/know/no/ :)
15:24 kados I'm sure they'll get it out in short order
15:24 kados ID is very responsive
15:28 thd kados: Oh yes, I forgot about the promise of solving all problems and remaking the world in 10 days :)
17:26 thd kados: searching for Ohio helped
17:45 thd kados: what is the relationship between team42 and teamIPG?
17:54 kados thd: competing teams within one class ... separate codebases
17:54 kados unfortunately not optimal for us
17:54 kados but it's one of the professor's requirements
17:54 thd kados: only one of which was successful in producing working code? :)
17:58 thd kados: definitely not optimal for Koha as compared to cooperating teams where everyone ought to have had working code even if some parts would be less complete than others there would be more parts or more debugging.  People often do better competing against themselves than competing against others.
18:51 chris hi audrey
18:51 audrey hi chris
18:51 audrey what's the url for the koha archive?
18:52 chris the mailing list archive?
18:52 audrey yes.
18:52 audrey Is that the address in the topic line?
18:52 chris
18:53 chris or
18:53 chris the second one is searchable
18:55 audrey thanks from Audrey and Rosalie
18:55 chris :-)
19:09 thd chris: hello,  now that might New Jersey court troubles are over, I need to make a claim in a formal proposal,, about normal acquisitions in Koha 3.0.  How confident are you about having a sufficiently abstracted version working in 3.0.  Independently, what might you charge to have a US hard coded shortcut as opposed to a NZ hard coded shortcut for 2.X?
19:10 chris you'd have to talk to russ about that, he schedules my time .. 3.0 will have a working full acquisitions (budgets and bookfunds) tho .. 2.x not likely
19:14 thd chris: so I should ask russ about what charge might be possible to suggest in case this person wanted a fallback in 2.X?  Should I also ask russ about your schedule for working on acquisitions in 3.0?
19:15 chris yep, he's the man to ask, drop him an email
19:16 thd OK, thanks chris
21:02 amanda hello
21:03 amanda Jose, are you around?
21:04 amanda Jose, do you want to join us in the Katipo Lobby?
21:05 amanda
21:43 amanda Jose?
21:54 thd russ: I just sent you an email
21:55 russ righto
21:56 thd russ: If you had time to give any reply tonight it would be very helpful to me.  Thanks.
21:57 russ righto - it hasnt come through yet - i'll see what i can do
22:21 thd kados: I forgot to ask this morning about the apparent lack of provision for indicators in opencataloger.  Their absence .was immediately obvious but had there been a plan for treating them in a special manner?
00:03 audrey Chris, hi.  the fixes that you were doing with Jo yesterday on the daily cash report appear to be related to a question from an engineer in India--
00:04 audrey Priyanka Mishra, who wrote a question now located in the archives--His question was never followed up on, as far as I can tell from the archives.
00:05 chris who/what/where?
00:05 chris got a url of the message?
00:06 audrey The question is labeled "Problem with circulation report of Koha" from 19 December 2005 at 11:37
00:06 chris ahh i was on holiday
00:06 chris i think its probably different
00:06 audrey the url I am looking under is ""
00:06 audrey because he uses a different version?
00:07 chris circulation report is a different report, the daily til report i was fixing for jo, isnt in the main koha bit yet
00:07 audrey ah, yes.
00:07 audrey Well, that is good to know.
00:07 chris but we have a bug lodged from rangitikei library about the circulation report
00:07 chris so it should get fixed soon
00:08 audrey That's good.  I am new to reading the bugzilla and the archives log.  Hopefully I will not have too many questions :)
00:09 chris questions are fine :)
00:09 chris its the same question repeatedly asked that gets annoying :-)
00:12 chris off topic audrey .. whereabouts in Ohio are you from?
00:12 chris kados (joshua) is in Athens Ohio
00:13 audrey I am from Alliance and Newton Falls and Akron Ohio; it all depends on when in my life we are talking about.
00:13 chris ahh
00:13 audrey Athens is about 3-4 hours (not sure about the miles) away
00:13 chris i havent visited any of those places ... ive been to Athens, Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo
00:14 audrey but my brother Nathaniel has gone to university in Athens at Ohio University
00:14 audrey Cleveland is closest
00:14 chris cool
00:14 chris there is a museum in Cleveland that was using Koha .. not sure if they still are
00:14 chris i want to say the natural history museum
00:14 chris but ill check that
00:14 audrey that would be quite cool.
00:15 audrey many museums circle the university circle area
00:16 chris i went to an NFL game .. and the rock and roll hall of fame when I was there, and got lost on a bus somewhere too
00:16 audrey I got to drive through the area frequently during a recent internship
00:17 audrey I've never been to the rock and roll hall of fame but would like to go
00:17 chris Jennifer Wilms, Librarian, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
00:17 audrey WOW
00:17 chris im not sure if they used Koha in the end but I had quite a long email conversation with her
00:18 chris do you have an email address there? I can forward you the latest email .. maybe you could make contact when you get back ?
00:19 audrey I have two email addresses, which I am using now and back and
00:19 chris cool, ill forward her latest email to the first one
00:20 chris ohhh Kent, ive heard of that university
00:20 audrey Thanks. Jo and I will be talking koha presently so I will be a bit occupied
00:20 chris i sat next to a girl from kent on the bus to cleveland
00:20 chris ok, ill leave you to it, and ill get back to work
00:28 audrey Chris, back to the question from the Indian engineer. Jo thought that the second part of his question "I also need the transaction details for the specific period of time as this is important from the audit point of view." is actually about cash reports because of "audits".  Which would make yesterday's fix relevant to him, maybe in a sideways manner.
00:28 audrey What do you think?
00:30 chris could well be, when the daily cash reports are all working properly (we are pretty close) then ill commit them, and they can come it either 2.2.6 or in 3.0 .. and that oughta fix his problem
00:31 audrey great
05:09 osmoze hello world :)
05:41 _hdl_ hello world

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