IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-24

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20:07 Genji hiya all.
02:31 hdl hi.
02:58 osmoze bonjour :)
03:36 hdl hi.
07:44 Sylvain hi
07:45 Sylvain I'm trying to bulkmarcimport a .mrc file and get some problems. If I set KOHA_CONF to an olf .conf (2.2.1), everything gets right but if I set KOHA_CONF to new .conf (2.2.3), I get : Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /home/koha/2.2.3/intranet/modules//C4/ line 1265
07:45 Sylvain does anyone have an idea of the problem  ?
10:01 thd slef: "still ?? requests to go"
10:56 slef thd: good morning to you too.
10:57 slef chris: where's a photo of you, Mr Camera Evasive?
10:57 slef thd: that's broken. :-/
11:09 thd slef: z39.50 searches are currently broken?
11:09 sylvain re
11:21 hdl thd : which version are you working on ?
11:22 hdl 2.2.3 seems good.
11:23 hdl If z3950 daemon is lanched.
11:23 hdl ;)
11:24 thd hdl: now 2.2.3 but with the files slef updated 20 June.
11:29 thd hdl: processz3950queue and were updated for 20 June.
11:31 thd hdl: I had lanched the daemon but I do not seem to be able to find the running process for the daemon.
11:35 thd hdl: slef wrote "thd: that's broken. :-/" in response to "slef: "still ?? requests to go""
11:38 thd hdl: slef seems to be away from his computer.
11:38 thd hdl: as I will also be soon

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