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00:02 koha-jenkins Project Koha_20.11_U20 build #230: SUCCESS in 54 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_20.11_U20/230/
00:13 fridolin dcook: an occasion one
00:13 dcook fridolin: ?
00:14 fridolin dcook: Where did you get a Nintendo 2DS?
00:14 fridolin its a second hand
00:14 dcook Ah ok. I've bene thinking about finding a second hand one as well for my kiddo.
00:14 fridolin with mario kard 7 inside so soe years old
00:15 fridolin yep the battery is good and its a very simple gamplay, my kid is only 5
00:15 fridolin i was even looking for a GameBoy XP :)
00:23 dcook That's awesome that the battery is good
00:23 dcook We picked up a knock off device and the battery hasn't been very good. Luckily it handles AC power well.
00:23 dcook Btw, fridolin, have you ever compiled Zebra?
00:27 fridolin dcook: ahhh nope
00:28 fridolin mmm in fact my collegue Laurent did one
00:28 fridolin to install in /opt
00:28 dcook I think we used to do it a lot on openSUSE but that was a long time ago
00:28 dcook I've managed to configure and compile it but their "make install" step doesn't look like it works...
00:29 dcook Reported it but still
00:29 fridolin ich
00:29 fridolin log time ago also for us
00:30 fridolin you compiled on which OS ?
00:30 dcook Tempted to try a bit of simple development and troubleshooting
00:30 dcook Ubuntu
00:30 dcook Ubuntu 18.04 as that's the Docker image I had to hand it seems
00:30 fridolin Bionic ? Jammy ?
00:30 fridolin Xenial
00:30 fridolin maybe libc too old there
00:30 dcook Bionic isn't it? or is that 20.04?
00:30 fridolin jammy is 22.05, Bionic 20.04
00:30 dcook Ah yeah bionic phew
00:31 dcook Nah bionice is 18.04
00:31 dcook VERSION="18.04.4 LTS (Bionic Beaver)"
00:31 fridolin ahhh indeed 20.4 is focal
00:31 dcook Way to make me feel crazy ;)
00:31 fridolin 16.04 is Xenial
00:31 dcook I think it's an issue with their linking
00:31 fridolin ^^ sorry for that
00:31 dcook It's actually kind of tempting to try static linking it and then running it in a Docker container..
00:32 * dcook is always just trying to stir up trouble hehe
00:32 fridolin why not using package ?
00:32 fridolin you hack it ?
00:32 dcook I'm annoyed with the facets and so I'm wanting to hack on it a bit yeah
00:32 dcook If only so that I can say more exactly what the problem is
00:32 dcook I did that with Apache httpd once
00:32 dcook Now that is a mess to compile...
00:33 dcook I couldn't make sense of the httpd internals well enough to code the patch, but I could work out the problem
00:33 dcook Then someone from Redhat fixed it up quickly when I was able to give them all the details
00:33 dcook Some bug in mod_cgi/mod_cgid I think
00:33 dcook Few years ago now maybe..
00:34 dcook I have been thinking a bit too about how it would be cool to run Koha with Zebra in a different container...
00:34 dcook I suppose the zebraidx would just need a shared volume for the indexes..
00:35 dcook I'll stop rambling haha
00:36 tuxayo hi folks :)
00:51 dcook allo allo
00:51 dcook The "make install" step doesn't really seem necessary for development anyway so I'm not going to worry about it for now. Indexdata might have an answer for that one anyway
00:55 dcook Ohh if a person did statically link a dev version they could in theory just plunk it onto an existing server...
00:55 dcook Point it at an existing Zebra database and boom..
00:55 koha-jenkins Project Koha_20.11_D9 build #214: SUCCESS in 1 hr 8 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_20.11_D9/214/
00:56 * dcook thinks that people are scared off Zebra sometimes because it's written in C
00:56 dcook I mean I know I found that intimidating at first...
00:56 dcook Even now sometimes I guess although it's mostly just its internal conventions that are off putting..
01:14 fridolin Zebra on a different container should be no problem. as long as you keep connexion via unix sockets
01:14 fridolin more performant thant via TCP/IP
01:25 dcook Yeah the Unix sockets are more idea than the TCP sockets for sure
01:25 dcook Although I think the bigger problem is the indexing
01:25 dcook Technically, a person could put a HTTP wrapper around zebraidx...
01:25 dcook I'm kind of surprised that Indexdata didn't (or that we haven't noticed it if they did..)
01:26 dcook Just made my first change to Zebra hehe. Just added some logging but still...
01:35 fridolin ah an REST HTTP API ? would be great
01:36 fridolin bah lets goto Elasticsearch :D

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