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14:32 thd kados: are you present?
14:33 kados thd: I'm here
14:33 kados thd: you scared off paul :-)
14:33 thd kados: I tend to do that :)
14:33 kados heh
14:34 paul_away no, it's just that it's 6:30, and time to go back home
14:34 thd kados: you had a question a few days ago but maybe it was about misconfigured z39.50?
14:34 paul_away but hello thd & kados.
14:34 paul_away & read you tomorrow if you're around
14:34 kados thd: that's fixed
14:35 kados paul_away: ok ... another light meeting then :-)
14:35 thd kados: I saw that you fixed that
14:35 thd good evening paul
14:35 thd paul: will you be at the meeting today?
16:01 kados if anyone is around
16:01 kados sorry ... this weeks announcement went out _way_ too late
16:01 kados and I don't think we have that much to discuss
16:02 kados if anyone has news to share, please do
16:02 thd Is chris here?
16:04 thd kados: I have done more work with z39.50 clients and character sets.
16:05 kados cool
16:05 thd kados: There is an odd issue where the page can have only one overall character set yet it may draw upon multiple sources.
16:05 kados want to elaborate?
16:07 thd kados: It seems to require a test to see whether it can be converted into ISO-8859 for the browser or must be returned in UTF-8 because the characters cannot be translated.
16:08 thd kados: I am continuing my earlier work in PHP and will port to Perl after asking Mike some questions.
16:10 thd kados: At least if I stay in PHP for now I will avoid the problems that afflict the early stage of Perl Zoom to just have a functional test.
16:12 thd kados: Other issues are the need to set targets on a per session basis, as appropriate to the material being catalogued.
16:15 thd kados: I think people need to have more frequent reminders of a weekly Koha 3 devel meeting that demonstrates the importance or it may be just you and I next time as well.
16:16 thd kados: An announcement ought to signify the value of such meetings else they may be ignored.
16:17 thd kados: are we alone with logbot?
16:18 kados looks like it :-)
16:18 kados 's ok ... not much to discuss this week
16:18 kados I'll make sure to announce next weeks meeting well in advance
16:19 thd kados: I am sure there would be things to discuss if there were people here to discuss them :)
16:20 thd kados: People are liable to have something more important to do unless you make a persuasive case for the value of a weekly Koha 3 devel meeting.
16:22 thd kados: I think the presence of an agenda helps signify the importance but I know that is more work for you :)
16:22 kados yep, I'll definitely do an agenda for next week
16:31 thd kados: Do you know Eric Begin in Montreal, he registered
16:31 kados nope
16:33 thd kados: hdl had asked about what was on the koha-devel list.
16:40 thd kados: Oh, I left out the important bit.  Automated preferred record selection from multiple targets possibly followed by record building from multiple targets.
16:41 thd kados: I should just finish the message I started to send you months ago about that.
16:42 kados yea, do that :-)
16:42 thd kados: Automated preferred record selection is not especially difficult if the tests are simple.
16:42 kados or send the partial message :-)
16:43 kados or I may die of old age before seeing the solution :-)
16:43 thd kados: Even partial is long enough.  You might see an implementation before a description ;)
16:46 thd Is the meeting between kados, thd, and logbot adjourned?
16:48 kados heh
16:48 kados I'd say so
16:48 kados you're free to go about your business :-)
16:50 thd kados: just to be clear, as I have not sent the partial message yet, proper automated record selection, and certainly record merging is too big a task for Koha 3.0.
16:51 thd kados: Automated record merging needs funding like everything else in the world :)
21:28 kados chris around?
21:29 chris yep
21:29 kados chris: you should be able to nab some MARC records from
21:29 chris but without items attached?
21:29 chris i wonder how i get some with item info
21:29 kados ahh ... you need items
21:29 kados k
21:29 kados I'll see what I can dig up
21:29 chris excellent thanks
21:29 kados might not have _just_ 100 :-)
21:29 chris 2 will do :)
21:30 chris ./
21:30 chris <usmarc><020><  ><a>0028614755</a></  ></020><245><  ><a>The age of fable</a></  ></245><260><  ><b>Macmillan</b><c>1997</c></  ></260><300><  ><f>BN</f></  ></300><440><  ><a>The illustrated Bulfinch&apos;s mythology</a></  ></440><650><  ><a>MYTHOLOGY, CLASSICAL</a></  ></650><700><  ><a>Caselli, Giovanni</a></  ></700><852><  ><k>292.130000</k></  ></852><090><  ><c>3</c><d>3</d></  ></090><952><  ><b>C</b><d>L</d><p>L01826452​</p><r>12.82</r><u>63987</u>
21:30 chris my search routine seems to be working ok
21:37 kados nice
21:37 kados chris small.mrc
21:37 kados should be about a hundred records there
21:38 chris thanks heaps
21:38 kados np
21:38 kados ping me if you need the 9XX fields translated
21:38 chris Tue Feb 14 13:34:25 2006] [error] Can't call method "field" on unblessed reference at /usr/local/koha3/intranet/modules//C4/ line 627.\n
21:38 kados huh
21:39 chris cos im running mod_perl with -T
21:39 chris i think its an error in MARC::Record or MARC::File
21:39 chris handing back an unblessed object
21:39 chris or it might be in
21:40 chris ill find it .. it wont bite ppl unless they are running in taint mode
21:44 kados right
21:44 chris at least i think it wont :)
21:44 kados :-)
00:19 audrey In koha2, a keyword search hunts in which fields?
00:36 audrey kados: In koha2, a keyword search hunts in which fields?
00:36 chris he'll probably be asleep audrey its gotta be late at night in ohio
00:37 chris ill just find out for you
00:38 audrey Thanks!
00:40 chris pretty much everything is the answer
00:41 chris i think it tries to search the entire record
00:43 chris is there something you think it should be finding that it isnt?
00:43 audrey yes
00:44 audrey Sandra was having some problems with getting the notes that she was entering into the group notes field to actually stay there.
00:44 audrey The notes kept disappearing.
00:44 chris right
00:44 audrey Not sure if this is related to bug 3842.
00:45 chris i think there is a bug about notes
00:45 audrey was going to give it more thought and some tests before reporting it as a bug
00:45 audrey yeah 3842 is about notes
00:45 audrey group notes becoming biblio notes
00:45 chris yep
00:45 audrey not sure how that fits in with today's situation
00:45 chris what id check
00:48 thd audrey:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3842 reports "Bug #3842 does not exist."
00:49 audrey it's a katipo bug. does that make a difference?
00:49 chris yeah thats the official koha bugzilla
00:49 chris it wont show up in there, its in the katipo bugzilla
00:50 audrey sorry about the confusion
00:50 thd chris: you have different bugs at Katipo?
00:50 chris we sure do
00:50 chris its the general katipo bugzilla
00:50 chris not just for koha bugs
00:51 chris for all the work we do
00:53 thd Is this bug unique to non-MARC Koha?
00:53 audrey sorry, thd.  I thought that I was asking a general question, then I got specific with the situation, which I need to think about
00:53 chris its unique to their templates/setup thd at least i think it is
00:54 chris if its not, we'll commit the fix to the koha cvs
00:54 thd chris: well I hope it is :)
00:58 thd chris: Are you designing searching for MARC Koha for version 3?
00:58 chris working on it yep
01:00 thd chris: does a search for author Fred Smith find biblio by Jack Smith and Fred March as joint authors?
01:01 chris should it?
01:02 thd chris: It does in Koha now, but it should not.
01:03 thd chris: However, an index that mushes everything together indiscriminately, as Koha does now, can be much faster.
01:03 chris i dont think it will, its not far enough along to see
01:07 thd chris: have you had a chance to look at my proposal for multiple SQL database flavour placeholding code?
01:08 chris yep it sounds good in theory
01:08 chris i think we have to investigate how we can do it, i think there are ways to make DBI handle most of it for us
01:09 thd chris: There is already some code for DBI but DBI does not address all problems.
01:10 chris yep, i have to admit its very low on my priority list
01:10 chris but if someone else wants to do it, i have no problems with that
01:11 thd chris: Two problems that complicate DBI are back quotes in MySQL and schemas in Postgres 8.
01:11 chris right
01:12 chris im happy to let someone who wants to run it on postgres to have a go at doing it :)
01:13 thd chris: The point is not to have it running on Postgres immediately, but to provide a placeholder for less work later.
01:14 chris yep good in theory, in practice i probably wont be doing much of it, since i dont plan to have to right much new sql and i wont be touching the existing stuff unless i really have to
01:14 chris right=write
01:14 thd chris: If I committed the placeholding code, would you be inclined to use it, ignore it, or do you have an alternate suggestion?
01:15 chris i might use it, if it gave no performance degradation and wasnt a huge pile more keystrokes
01:16 thd chris: I guess my presumption was wrong about about much SQL being rewritten or newly written for V3.
01:16 chris there shouldnt need to be
01:17 chris a lot should be going away
01:17 chris and not much new created
01:17 chris as zebra is going to be doing a big pile of stuff instead of sql
01:18 thd chris: keystrokes would involve yanking some lines from the previous use and copying them again.
01:20 thd chris: The more important keystrokes are using MySQL back quotes on identifiers so that the SQL does not tread on reserved words that are already or may yet be used in MySQL 5+
01:22 chris right, im certainly willing to do that
01:23 thd chris: yes, with zebra doing much of the work it should be easy to apply something to the newly introduced or changed SQL for the small set of tasks remaining :)
05:34 osmoze hello :)
06:29 |hdl| hello
06:29 paul hello aussi
06:47 osmoze roh, les francais se reveille en meme temps :)
06:47 osmoze paul, as tu eu mon mail il y a deux semaines
06:48 paul ouaip, et faut que je m'en occupe...
06:48 paul je suis d'accord que je suis pas très rapide !
07:11 osmoze c est pas un reproche, c est juste une verification, en fait, ceci nous sert pour faire les retour a la bdp
07:11 osmoze :)
07:20 osmoze paul, par tout hasard, t aurais le telephone portable de Francis Biscontini ?
07:23 paul je ne sais même pas qui c'est !
07:23 osmoze (Saint antonin)
07:24 osmoze c est toi qui m a mis en rapport avec ;)
07:24 paul ah, je ne me souvenais plus de son nom de famille
07:24 osmoze :)

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