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13:39 owen Paul: are you still around?
13:39 paul of course
13:39 paul 'morning owen
13:39 owen Hi
13:39 owen I'm looking at the report the translator gave after Joshua ran the NPL templates through it
13:40 owen It's giving warnings about things that don't look broken to me
13:40 owen For instance:
13:40 owen acquire.tmpl: line 82: Strange attribute syntax: ="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="gst" -->"
13:40 owen This is the whole line of HTML:
13:40 owen <input type="hidden" name="gst" value="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="gst" -->" />
13:41 paul mmm... strange, you're right. I don't know why it's incorrect.
13:41 paul maybe the trailing / ?
13:41 paul (that is XHML valid, I know)
13:41 paul but is the problem reported on every closing /> ?
13:42 owen No--the report would be huge if it had!
13:44 owen paul: I'll go through the whole report and fix the things that I know are really problems, then I'll see what's left and get back to you.
13:44 paul ok, best solution probably.
14:22 _hdl_ owen: what you could look for is whether it raises a warning as soon as you have an HTML tag parameter that is provided by a TMPL_Var.
14:22 _hdl_ I think it is the culprit.
14:23 _hdl_ Indeed, it is not a common use to have HTML tag  (would it be comment) nested inside HTML tag
14:23 _hdl_ thd: pls, tel owen to read those line when he comes back.
14:24 _hdl_ I am leacing.
14:25 thd hdl_away: I will when I see that he is back
14:30 thd owen: are you now present again?
14:30 owen yes...connection went down for a moment there
14:31 thd hdl: asked me to inform you of his last posts to #koha for you
14:34 owen Got it.  Thanks thd
14:36 thd owen: your welcome
16:34 kados chris around?
16:36 kados chris: I've got two questions for you:
16:36 kados chris: 1: how would I create utf-8 .po files for translation ... would I simply replace the character encoding in the existing templates?
16:39 kados chris: 2: did you read paul's latest mail -- we need to do some kind of benchmarking script that tests write speeds when lots of reads are happening
16:39 kados chris: as in, when we've got 30 simult queries, how fast can we do circ?
17:01 kados thd: are you there?
17:01 thd yes kados
17:07 thd kados: ?
17:15 chris there are tools for benchmarking web applications kados
17:15 chris we need to get circulation working with zebra
17:16 chris then use one of the tools to simulate a ton of circ traffic
17:16 chris and see how it goes
17:38 kados sounds like a good plan
17:38 kados chris: were you thinking of the apache benchmarking suite?
17:39 kados [jmf@gandalf z3950daemon]$ ./
17:39 kados standard in must be a tty
17:40 kados weird message
17:40 kados or if I do it as root:
17:40 kados # ./
17:40 kados [root@gandalf z3950daemon]# This account is currently not available.
17:41 kados and it doesn't drop into the background
17:41 kados like it should
17:47 kados heh
17:47 kados chris: just got an interesting email
17:47 kados chris: has been successfully subscribed to LibLime-news
17:47 kados btw: fixed the z3950 prob ... I had the wrong account listed in my options file
17:47 kados imagine that :-)
06:25 hdl_away chris are you there ?

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