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11:42 paul kados around ?
11:42 paul (hello world)
11:43 paul shedges : appears you choose the steelers wisely ;-)
11:43 paul hdl ?
11:44 shedges paul: did you watch the game?
11:44 paul not yet, i recorded it.
11:44 paul but could not see it yet, as I was not at home yesterday or monday.
11:50 paul was it a nice match ?
11:50 kados paul: I'm here
11:51 paul hello joshua.
11:51 kados hi
11:51 paul a good news :
11:51 paul i've sent a mail to koha-devel, you should recieve it in something like 2 hours.
11:51 paul a very discouraged one, about zebra problems.
11:51 paul with cc to adam.
11:52 kados still! that's too bad :(
11:52 paul what was nice is that he helped me (direct mail), and now, it works.
11:52 paul what is a shame is the nature of my main problem.
11:52 kados everything works?
11:52 paul read :
11:52 paul zebra.cfg must contains :
11:52 paul recordId: (bib1,Identifier-standard)
11:52 paul and NOT :
11:52 paul recordId: (bib1, Identifier-standard)
11:53 paul (where is the difference ? 1$ question ;-) )
11:53 kados heh
11:53 kados one space :-)
11:53 kados picky picky
11:53 shedges #($*^*&^@#(*)&!!!!!
11:53 paul (fortunatly, Adam agrees it's a shame, and will fix this in source immediatly. But I loosed something like 3 days with this space !)
11:54 kados yikes!
11:54 paul the good news is that now I can :
11:54 paul * index data
11:54 paul AND
11:54 paul * search & find data
11:54 paul (unfortunatly, where I had time last week to work on HEAD, i have no this week :-( )
11:55 paul (& I should be able to find few time in the rest of februray to have something working correctly. Hopefully)
11:55 kados right ... but if you commit the fixes, chris should be able to start working on things
11:56 paul of course i'll do it today. I planned to do it in fact.
11:56 kados excellent ... great news paul!
11:56 paul another question : I saw your commits
11:56 kados sure
11:56 paul do you realize you have commited on rel_2_2 ,
11:56 paul ?
11:56 kados yes ... I hope it's ok
11:57 paul (not a problem for me, i'll look carefully if that was what you expected to do, to be sure you won't break anything)
11:57 kados it shouldn't break anything for default at all
11:57 paul right, but the best would be to ADD things for ppl who want to ;-)
11:57 paul even with default/css theme
11:58 paul another question : i'll have a student that will work with me for 2 months in march/april.
11:58 paul seems really interested & good dev.
11:58 kados excellent :-)
11:58 paul (& may stay with me during summer)
11:58 kados neat
11:58 paul what would be the more useful for 3.0 ?
11:59 paul I thought he could work on a "multi-database querying" feature
11:59 kados interesting
11:59 paul ie : having z3950 servers queried in OPAC // to our internal database & merge the results & show them to the user merged.
12:00 paul something like opensearch
12:00 kados right
12:00 paul or a new MARC editor, because I really need it for Koha 3.0
12:00 kados hmmm ...
12:01 kados bbiab ... phone
12:01 paul or something else if you think you'll have resources for opensearchportal & opencataloger.
12:13 kados could we have a brief IRC meeting with him?
12:13 kados you, me and him?
12:13 kados I'd like to discuss his ideas about these two projects
12:13 paul not yet, but I could ask him when it could be possible for him.
12:14 paul i'll send him a mail in english, cc to you.
12:14 kados does he speak english well?
12:14 paul enough
12:14 kados great
12:14 paul he already DL koha, installed it, show it to his parents (that I personnaly know)
12:14 kados so I have some ideas about both of these projects (as you can imagine :-))
12:14 kados (excellent)
12:15 kados for the marc editor, I think we should do the interface in XUL
12:15 paul last question : do you have a timeline for WIPO ?
12:15 kados no :(
12:15 kados they are quite slow about responding
12:15 kados I will ask again today ... we may need to just pick a date
12:15 paul hoping they will be as slow when requesting the work to be done ;-)
12:16 kados then tell them ... we will be there on X date for the training
12:16 kados (hehe)
12:16 paul as far as possible.
12:16 paul something like may ?
12:16 kados sounds good
12:16 kados go ahead and make plans
12:16 kados dont worry about WIPO
12:16 kados I will make sure to align the visit
12:16 paul may, 1st is closed date for us.
12:17 kados whatever you think is best for EU librarians/hackers
12:17 paul mmm... I have a problem with 15-21 week...
12:17 kados I'm available anytime ...
12:17 paul ok, i'll send a mail to you/chris/jean pierre
12:17 kados sounds good
12:17 kados as far as intern ... what's his name?
12:18 paul ???
12:18 _hdl_ hi all
12:18 paul hello hdl
12:18 paul (you should read today logs)
12:19 kados paul: the student who will work on Koha ... whats's his name?
12:19 paul Antoine Farnault
12:20 kados ok ...
12:20 kados so perhaps we can talk next Monday? or sooner?
12:20 paul we will see his mail ;-)
12:20 kados ok ... sounds good
12:20 paul (hopefully sooner)
12:20 kados paul: do you want me to commit changes to default/css templates for new features I added?
12:21 paul pls, that would be very nice !
12:21 kados ok ... I will try this week
12:45 slef can someone remind me what opensrf is?
12:47 slef OpenSRF is an enterprise class Service Request Framework
12:48 slef bloody article authors that don't explain terms on first use and don't link to an explanation
12:48 slef we've not all got brains the sizes of planets :-/
13:38 kados slef: it's RPC based on Jabber
13:38 kados slef: developed by the PINES folks
13:38 kados slef: very nice framework ... very stable and scalable
13:39 kados uses JSON as a container
13:39 kados so it's got all the benefits of XML without the transport overhead
13:55 _hdl_ kados : BANG BANG you're dead... :)
13:55 _hdl_ I tried opac.
13:56 _hdl_ And opac-detail donot workany longer (AMAZON and links)
13:56 kados heh
13:56 kados you mean for default templates?
13:56 _hdl_ You use XML::Simple. And do not tell ppl they must install them.
13:56 _hdl_ no (css)
13:57 kados ahh ... good point
13:57 kados sorry about that
13:57 kados perhaps I should put the 'use XML::Simple' inside the if clause
13:57 kados so it's not called unless AmazonContent is enabled
13:58 kados _hdl_: what do you think of this solution?
13:58 _hdl_ To me it is a good solution.
13:58 kados _hdl_: ok ... I'll commit it right now
13:58 _hdl_ not pretty but good.
13:59 kados and send a mail to koha-devel
13:59 kados explaining the problem
13:59 _hdl_ Anyway, i installed XML::Simple.
14:00 _hdl_ PLS list all the packages you used for the latest devs you committed.
14:01 kados I will
14:04 kados _hdl_: fixed in cvs, mail sent
14:05 _hdl_ many thx. You are as fast as ligthning. ;)
14:20 _hdl_ good evening.
14:24 kados owen: translation tool seems to be working for NPL templates now ... just a warning message:
14:24 kados Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to ISO-8859-1
14:24 kados Removing empty file po/npl_opac_dh_DH.po
14:24 kados msgmerge: po/npl_opac_dh_DH.po: warning: Charset "CHARSET" is not a portable encoding name.
14:24 kados                                         Message conversion to user's charset might not work.
14:24 kados msgmerge: /tmp/NOrK92kb5x: warning: Charset "CHARSET" is not a portable encoding name.
14:24 kados                                    Message conversion to user's charset might not work.
14:25 kados ............................................... done.
14:25 kados The create seems to be successful.
14:26 owen I don't really know what it's looking for...
14:27 kados hmmm ... still some errors for the intranet-tmpls
14:27 kados I'll email them to you
14:27 kados (I'm not sure what its looking for either)
00:05 russ hi jo
00:05 russ just in a meeting
00:05 russ about 30 mins
00:05 Jo no worries. I'll email you - its not hat important.
06:52 paul non ;-)
06:52 paul (on s'appelle ?)
06:57 paul (au tel)
06:57 paul (je suis au tel)
06:57 |hdl| pb with remote sound device.
06:57 |hdl| C'est toi :)
10:12 |hdl| kados : °(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
10:12 paul ???
10:13 |hdl| [Thu Feb 09 14:12:39 2006] [error] [client] Execution of /home/hdl/Koha/Code/savannah/koha-2.2/koha​/authorities/ aborted due to compilation errors., referer: http://localhost:8089/cgi-bin/[…]es/
10:15 paul flooder !
10:15 _hdl_ Ouups, I flooded.
10:17 paul ce que tu voulais dire, c'est que le commit de joshua est buggué c'est ca ?
10:17 _hdl_ in fact, your modifications caused failure in
10:18 _hdl_ When selecting an authority, where it wordked fine, even thouhg not so pretty, now, an Error 500 page pop-up comes out ...
10:18 _hdl_ WOW.
10:48 kados looks like a comma is missing he?
10:51 _hdl_ kados : in
10:52 kados _hdl_: fixed in cvs
10:52 kados _hdl_: sorry about that
10:52 kados _hdl_: typo ... missing comma
10:52 _hdl_ We are all sorry.
10:53 _hdl_ A shame that we donot have a clear test plan for ALL features. that could be run before committing whole site modifications.
10:53 kados that would be very nice
10:53 _hdl_ Or a perl script that could do the work.
10:53 kados yep
10:54 _hdl_ This would prevent us from such BAD suprise.
10:54 kados yep
10:55 _hdl_ ATM, the only way is to test, test, test, test... and test. But Koha begins to be a big boat.
10:55 _hdl_ Did you ever try Xtreme programming ?
10:56 _hdl_ Seems a test plan guided way to code.
10:56 _hdl_ I have never ever try.
10:57 kados yes, I have done some of that
10:57 kados it's fun :-)
10:58 _hdl_ Is it efficient ?
10:58 kados it can be ... sometimes not

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