IRC log for #koha, 2006-01-28

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12:11 paul hi shedges.
12:11 shedges hi paul
12:11 paul nice to read you here.
12:12 shedges trying out a new irc client
12:12 paul it works;-)
12:12 shedges yeah!
12:14 paul what's new in Athens county ?
12:14 shedges a little snow, but not very much
12:14 shedges is it cold there?
12:14 paul snowy day too in Marseille.
12:14 paul except that there is snow less than 4 hours every 3 years.
12:15 paul so everybody keeping fingers crossed.
12:15 paul childrens wanting snow, adults wanting NO snow.
12:15 paul (because when there is snow, everything/body get in trouble in Marseille)
12:15 shedges they should move the Winter Olympics there!
12:15 paul hehe
12:17 shedges what is the name of Rachel's baby boy?
14:53 kados wow ... check this out:
14:53 kados[…]aq/default.htm#23
14:54 kados they're using Koha's deep linking as an example of how to set up deep linking with openworldcat
14:57 shedges huh!  Wonder who at OCLC has been messing around with Koha?
14:58 owen That's the old syntax, though, isn't it?  I don't think that example search would work anymore.  Still, nice to be an example!
15:03 kados shedges: that chinese document looks great!
15:04 kados shedges: docbook sure was the way to go!
15:04 shedges I like docbook, but I don't think  it was involved in this document.  I suspect that Anthony worked directly from the html instead of the xmml source.
15:05 shedges I may try to go back and put his translation into docbook.
15:05 shedges all he had was an html file
15:05 kados ahh
15:06 shedges (did you like the flag solution?)
15:07 kados yep :-)
19:02 kados owen: error:
19:02 kados koha:/home/kohatest/cvsrepos​/2.2.x/koha/misc/translator# ./ -r -i /home/kohatest/cvsrepos/2.2.x/koh​a/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/wlpl/en -s french.po create             Warning: Can't determine original templates' charset, defaulting to ISO-8859-1french.po: Output file already exists
19:03 kados wait ... that's not it
19:03 kados I suspect wlpls not up to date
09:36 osmoze hello
09:37 osmoze paul_away>  es tu dans les parages dans l apres midi ? Nous avons saint antonin qui vient et je me sentirais rassuré de te savoir par la :)

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