IRC log for #koha, 2006-01-27

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14:44 owen Hey shaun, how's it going?
14:44 shaun hi owen
14:45 shaun quite well, thanks, although i'm being a bit overworked i have to say
14:46 owen I wondered how you were doing today when I read the message to the Koha list about devs in the UK
14:48 shaun do you know where the lists are being logged now? I'm only on -devel and -cvs
14:51 shaun actually, don't worry, I've found it
14:54 shaun hdl: I like some of the things you have done to the design on your new but would I be correct in saying that there are a few CSS bugs which need to be squashed?
15:01 osmoze hello all
15:34 kados paul_away: you around?
15:37 shaun (whoops, my message was for paul_away
18:53 pate-lurk chris, congrats on being a star :)
19:15 owen chris is a star?
19:15 chris heh
22:48 kados hey owen
22:48 owen Hi
22:48 kados this z3950 daemon's driving me nuts
22:49 kados we definitely need to redesign this in 2.0
06:35 _hdl_ paul_away : are you there ??? :))))
06:36 paul vivi
06:36 _hdl_ petit skype ?
07:41 osmoze bonjour
07:43 paul salut
07:45 osmoze petite question, dans les bilans ( et poui c est le moment) je n ai rien qui s inscrit dans le choix des localisations, es ce normel, es ce moi, es un bug ?
07:45 osmoze (bilan, catalogue)
07:46 paul "localisation", c'est le champ items.location
07:47 paul est-ce qu'il est bien rempli chez toi ?
07:47 paul si oui => yabug
07:47 paul si non => yapabug
07:47 paul ;-)
07:47 paul (il est habituellement relié au 995$e)
07:47 osmoze je regarde :)
07:49 osmoze yapabug, par contre, je ne comprend pas la diff entre holdingbranch et location alors
07:50 paul holdingbranch = le SITE (vazerac, loubéjac)
07:50 paul location = la PIECE
07:50 paul genre : salle lecture | archives | sous-sol | 1er étage
07:51 osmoze ahhhhhh
07:51 osmoze :)
07:52 paul bon, je m'absente jusqu'à 14H à tout à l'heure
07:52 osmoze ok
07:52 osmoze ++
10:14 kados paul: you're doing constraints in the db? well done!
10:14 paul hi joshua.
10:14 paul no, i'm not doing.
10:14 kados paul: afternoon :-)
10:14 paul ... I have done ;-)
10:14 kados excellent!
10:15 paul I think it's almost complete. Maybe some foreign keys to add, everything to test, but it's 90% done.
10:15 kados constraints are something we can brag about in our marketing materials :-)
10:15 paul what we still have to do is, in Perl code, manage RESTRICT constraints
10:15 paul ie : if you try to delete a branch, for example, mySQL will throw an error that we still have to deal with in .pl
10:16 kados right
10:16 paul (if we do nothing, the script will just show that nothing has been done, but the librarian will ask why ?)
10:16 paul note that there are only a few RESTRICT constraints
10:17 paul but we should improve mySQL error handling.
10:17 kados yep

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