IRC log for #koha, 2005-12-09

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13:29 kados mornin owen
13:29 owen Hi kados
13:32 thd kados: I did not receive a copy of a my own reply to koha-devel.  Has list behaviour changed?  Should I still be expecting a copy of my own post back?
13:45 thd kados: Nevermind, I guess.  The Savannah mailer seems to be down or have a long delay presently.  I had hoped such problems had gone away after moving from Sourceforge.
23:08 micks hello everyone
23:11 micks I came across a trivial problem in koha which i'm not able to solve, but surely someone here will be able to help ;)
23:12 micks when adding a new book item which does not have a ISBN, what is the correct thing to enter in the ISBN field (as it's obligatory)?
23:24 micks ...
06:40 jamesa Hello everyone, does anyone know if the Z39.50 search can be run from more than one browser when searching for marc records as we convert our library from cards to koha ?
06:40 jamesa or can only one person be doing the search and adding the biblio ?
07:54 osmoze hello :)

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