IRC log for #koha, 2005-12-03

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16:14 chris morning
16:18 owen Hi chris
16:19 chris hiya owen
16:19 chris hows things?
16:19 owen Not bad.
16:20 chris ohh cool
16:21 owen Unfortunately I'm behind on the whole object-oriented stuff
16:21 chris its a fad
16:21 chris :-)
16:21 owen :)
16:22 owen I have a feeling my current coding practices are less efficient than they could be
16:22 owen Perl has the whole CPAN thing, so I'm trying to get to know PHP's PEAR
16:23 chris yeah, cpan is the best thing about perl
16:39 thd chris: I would really like that fad be over, but it seems to be endorsed in Perl 6.  OOPS code looks like procedural code written backwards unless I wrote it when I needed to use Python.
16:40 thd chris: Do you know of any prospects for that fad winding down?
16:40 chris thd: invent a new one :-)
16:41 chris when I went to university the fad was Abstract Data Types .. OO is just a level of obfustication over that as far as im concerned
16:46 thd chris: I should start a fad for code that aborts with an error if it is incompletely commented.  "Compilation error not enough comments line 60."
16:46 chris heh
16:46 chris good idea
16:47 chris "Warning insufficient POD"

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