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11:01 thd paul: First should never be important.  Doing a good job at something that is a little distinctive should be important.
11:13 thd paul: As GPL 2 stands now, if Follett wanted to offer Koha as a web service they could disguise it as a Follett service on their own server.  They would not need to acknowledge Koha or contribute back their code.
11:15 thd paul: The latest prospective time for work on drafting GPL 3 to start is January.  RMS is in no hurry to fix the problems.
12:10 kados paul: you around? ... I'm adding the usmarc dir in misc/zebra
12:10 paul hi joshua. Yes i'm here
12:10 kados paul: I'm thinking we should restructure the dirs though
12:10 paul 'morning
12:11 kados paul: I'd like to take zebra out of misc and put it in main tree
12:11 kados paul: and have within it a 'tab' dir
12:11 paul maybe/probably. my proposal was just for head/dev.
12:11 kados paul: for explain.att, etc.
12:11 kados which usmarc and unimarc will share
12:12 paul (some news from zoom Perl ?)
12:12 kados not yet ... hopefully released this week
12:12 kados I think mike works on the difficult 'update database' feature now
12:13 paul update database ? you mean "update record in database" ?
12:13 kados yep
12:13 kados well ... it will allow 'create' 'add record' 'edit record' and 'delete record'
12:14 kados and 'delete database' i think
12:18 thd kados: you had been setting up a koha server based on head?
12:18 kados thd: yep ... that's one thing I'm working on today :-)
12:19 thd kados: Would that not be guaranteed to be broken?
12:20 paul yes that would ! and that's exactly why joshua watn to set it up : to continue working on 3.0 !
12:21 thd paul: I understand the good reason to do that.
12:22 thd kados: Yet your reply to me email seamed to suggest that you were doing that as a substitute for a 2.2.4 LibLime demo.
12:23 kados thd: nope
12:23 kados thd: don't worry about it :-)
12:31 thd kados: yesterday you had confused subject headings in 6XX with the classifications in 050, 082 etc when paul and hdl were describing a classification browsing feature for Koha.
12:40 thd kados:  A very good feature.  However, look at the #koha log from earlier today to see my caution about the potential hazard to Koha from OCLC lawyers.  That should not stop the feature if some due caution is observed for Koha suffering legal action for what would really be an individual library doing something that OCLC did not like.
12:48 thd kados: The proposed implementation as described by hdl would not readily support LCC but LCC would require much more work for any depth.
00:24 russ mason - have you busted the calendar again
00:24 russ poor mason - not a good day for you and the bucket
07:52 paul_away hello world

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