IRC log for #koha, 2005-10-26

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11:01 timing yes I can
11:02 timing can you send we a list of questions and I will get them answered
11:02 kados timing: sure
11:02 kados timing: email?
11:02 timing
11:02 kados timing: k ... I'll try to get to it today ;-)
11:03 timing I have a 10:00  meeting I will be back soon
11:03 timing ok
21:56 rach
21:56 rach anyone seen/played with this?
03:54 paul hi rach (el)
03:54 paul about emilda : I know that they use zebra as backend, and it's written in PHP.
03:54 paul otherwise, /me don't nothing on it.
04:04 osmoze hello
04:22 chris heya paul and osmoze
04:22 paul hello chris
04:22 chris searchalso is really cool, nice work paul
04:22 paul there is no spyware in Koha, so you can play with it without harm... unlike a game you like(d ?)
04:23 paul ;-)
04:23 chris heh yeah
04:23 chris ive cancelled my subscription for wow
04:23 paul because of the spyware or for another reason ?
04:25 chris well that was the final straw, i wasnt playing it much anymore, didnt have time
04:25 chris plus the spyware
04:30 si chris: play nethack
04:30 si it's all you need
04:30 chris :)
04:36 chris and author search, searching additional author also
04:37 paul good work ;-) (maybe not as fun as wow from a 3D pov...)
04:37 chris :)
04:37 chris probably more satisfying though :)
04:38 chris how are things going for you?
04:38 paul quite well.
04:39 paul a new contract to migrate a math library asap.
04:39 chris excellent
04:39 paul (+ another one waiting for funds but that said it want Koha in 2006 Q1)
04:40 chris no shortage of koha work eh? we seem to be getting plenty at the moment too, which is good
04:40 paul no shortage of koha work ???
04:41 chris lots of koha work
10:01 osmoze paul, are you here ?
10:01 paul vivi
10:01 osmoze bonjour :)
10:02 osmoze dans un de tes mails tu me dis : modifier la grille de catalogage et virer le thésaurus 700/701/702 (laisser les zones en "saisie libre") je delete tout simplement ?
10:04 paul tu as modifié la grille de catalogage ?
10:04 paul ca convient à sandrine ?
10:05 osmoze non, elle vient de me dire qu elle avait un peu de temps a consacrer pour les test, j ai installer koha, remplacer la base, upgradé, mais maintenant il reste justement la configuration de la grille de cataloguage
10:06 osmoze ou, justement tu m ecris ce ci-dessus
10:06 paul et bien : Koha >> paramètres >> grilles de catalogage >> sous champs >> 700 >> modifier >> virer le "" s'il est encore là
10:06 paul idem sur le 701 et le 702
10:07 paul et hop, les zones sont en saisie libre !!!
10:09 osmoze ok :)
10:09 osmoze merci, donc plus que les pret et je peux la faire tester
10:09 osmoze ?
10:14 osmoze (ps: dans le A propos, la version est 2.2.3, je sais pas si c est normal mais je previens ^^)
10:17 paul tu as fait une install de la 2.2.4 ou une mise à jour ?
10:17 paul (depuis une 2.2.3 je veux dire)
10:19 osmoze install depuis une 2.0 :)
10:20 paul mmm... zarbi, je regarderai à l'occasion.
10:20 osmoze :)
10:29 paul hi owen.
10:29 owen Hi paul
10:29 paul you PROG templates seems to work now.
10:30 paul (but they are really awful. imho...)
10:30 owen Awful in what way?  They're not supposed to be pretty or usable.
10:30 paul (i find harder to work with them than with default ones.
10:30 paul )
10:30 paul I know.
10:30 paul but programmers needs to have something usable at least, isn't it !
10:31 owen It's an experiment.  If they prove too difficult to use we don't have to keep them.
10:32 paul I think we should speak of this in koha-devel. Because we need to have something stable and useable for devs.
10:32 paul and having "dead end" pages is a problem, i think.
10:33 paul maybe just adding a small menu could be enough.
10:33 paul (on top of each page, like the menu in koha 2.2.4)
10:33 owen I struggled with the question of whether to include links on 'dead end' pages
10:33 owen I wanted to leave as much as possible up to the template-writer
10:33 owen Otherwise we're just designing a new set of full templates
10:34 paul did you saw katipo new design ?
10:39 owen I'm assuming they plan to commit their new templates?
10:39 paul I think yes. chris told me it's 100% official koha, just specific templates
10:39 paul (except for 2 script in circulation, that he should commit too)
10:40 owen 2 new script additions?
10:43 paul yep.
10:56 owen paul: I'd be happy to take discussion of the programmer templates to koha-devel.  I still think they're a good idea, but then again I'm not a programmer--I'm a template-writer.
10:56 owen I also don't have a lot of time right now to update and maintain them, so it's hard for me to promise much
10:57 paul don't hesitate. the more ideas there are, the better the solution ;-)

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