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10:14 timing Are the koha masters in the house
10:14 timing needing to kno if any K-12 school districts are using koha
10:15 paul hi timing.
10:15 paul what is a K-12 school ?
10:15 paul (/me french, sometimes don't understand US-isms)
10:15 timing Kindergarten thru 12th grade
10:16 paul (and 12th grade is what ?)
10:16 timing Senior last grade before a student graduates High School
10:17 timing Public school goes from Kindergarten 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
10:17 paul (how old ? I know that specifically in schools, terms does not have the same meaning. For example, in france, High School means "school for >18 years old students)
10:17 timing then off to college
10:17 paul (and the most famous ones)
10:17 paul (while college is for childrens between 10 and 14 !)
10:18 timing wow
10:18 timing Ok 12th is 18 at the most
10:18 timing Kindergarten is 5yrs
10:18 timing old that is
10:20 paul in France there are some schools for sutdents >18 that uses Koha. But none that I know for smaller ones.
10:21 paul Koha is too complex to install for small schools (I mean without system admin and pro librarian)
10:21 timing Well we use Follett on 11 schools right now
10:22 timing and we do not have a unified database
10:22 timing we are looking for a solution to put them all together
10:23 timing but when a students searches the data or marc records he/she gets that school first
10:23 timing then gets a choice to search on other campus's if not at their campus
10:23 kados morning folks
10:23 timing morning
10:24 kados timing: there's a K-12 in Seattle using Koha IIRC
10:24 kados timing: let me find a link
10:24 timing alrighty then
10:28 kados shoot ... the Koha world map still hasn't come back online
10:29 paul ('morning joshua)
10:29 paul (do you have some news from the "super MARC editor" project ?)
10:30 kados paul: nothing just yet
10:30 paul means "nothing has been done" or "nothing to announce" ?
10:30 kados nothing to announce yet ;-)
10:30 kados we're hoping to have a demo running within a couple weeks
10:31 kados timing: Coast Mountains School District
10:31 kados timing: it's in BC
10:32 timing OK not link
10:33 timing I can look it up
10:33 timing I think what you guys called what I need a consortium
10:33 kados yep
10:33 timing and you would be willing to work on it for a cost maybe
10:33 kados absolutely! ;-)
10:33 timing I might have you a job if the price is right
10:34 kados timing:
10:34 kados timing: that's the Koha world map (finally found it ;-))
10:34 kados timing: there are a few K-12 schools listed there
10:35 timing alrighty then
10:36 kados timing: note that Steve Tonnesen has dropped off the map
10:40 timing So back to the pricing for consortium for 11-15 libraries
10:40 kados ok
10:40 kados well the first step is to define exactly what we need
10:41 kados so how many libraries are we talking about?
10:42 timing we have 11 right now but will be adding 2-3 in the next few years
10:42 kados ok ... and these are all school libraries right?
10:42 kados and the schools are separate?
10:43 kados morning owen
10:43 timing yes
10:43 timing all schools and all seperate
10:43 kados timing: ok ... so what will they want to share and what will they want to be locally defined?
10:43 timing 2 high school 2 middle schools 7 elementaries
10:44 kados i.e., will they share patrons?
10:44 kados (students)?
10:44 kados share the catalog?
10:44 timing no share of students just books
10:45 kados share in cataloging ?
10:45 kados how about reports, etc?
10:45 timing well we have a messed up system right now and lots of questions from me to
10:45 timing the librarians
10:46 timing I will have to get some more details from them
10:46 timing I understood us to want a single database
10:46 timing with all schools in it
10:47 kados right
10:47 timing but when a student searches for a book at Kerr Middle School
10:47 timing he sees kerr middle school first and then gets a option to search others schools
10:48 timing but we don't want for a student to search and see all schools first
10:49 kados edsu: right
10:49 kados timing: right
10:49 kados autocompletion woes ;-)
10:50 kados timing: what about cataloging?
10:52 timing ok what exactly are we talking about with cataloging like marc records
10:52 timing we use follett with opac right now
10:53 paul hello owen
10:53 kados timing: yes MARC records
10:54 kados timing: so do you have a cataloger in each library?
10:55 timing yes we have all 11 libraries with separate catalogs
10:56 kados ok ... so if you move to a single system those catalogs will likely become merged ... and the cataloging practices of each library will need to be normalized
10:56 kados unless you want to keep them independent
10:57 kados i.e., we need to decide exactly what things they will be sharing (like searching) and what things they will still do separately (like borrowing)
10:58 kados timing: it's good that they are all on Follett now
10:59 kados timing: as that means the migration will be smoother
10:59 kados timing: and they are likely to have similar workflows
10:59 kados timing: did you say you were meeting with the librarians soon?

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