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14:58 kados paul: you around?
14:59 kados jdtysko: how goes the cataloging project?
15:12 jdtysko the project is progressing
15:12 jdtysko one snag, though
15:13 jdtysko i can't figure out how to update a server with the modified MARC record
15:29 kados jdtysko: if you're still there
15:29 kados jdtysko: the ability to update records isn't a feature of the Net::Z3950 module
15:30 kados jdtysko: we're working on a new Perl-ZOOM module
15:30 kados jdtysko: that will replace Net::Z3950
15:30 kados jdtysko: but I don't think that will ready for about a month or so
15:30 kados jdtysko: maybe to months ;-)
15:30 kados jdtysko: two even
15:31 jdtysko so is there any way to update a z3950 server then?
15:33 kados jdtysko: not in perl ;-)
15:41 kados jdtysko: not in perl I think :-/
15:41 kados jdtysko: got a demo I can try out?
15:41 jdtysko not really
15:42 jdtysko just a simple perl script that pulls in a search, modifies it and converts back to binary form
15:43 kados sweet
15:43 kados sounds like a good start ;-)
15:43 jdtysko ok, so should the project be able to add/modify records then?
15:43 kados eventually yes ...
15:43 kados I think for now we should focus on searching for records
15:43 kados and allowing a cataloger to view the record and modify it
15:44 jdtysko i did whip up a quick test interface
15:44 kados and then save the resulting MARC file in one of the 'reservoirs'
15:44 jdtysko so how permanent should the resivoirs be?
15:44 jdtysko page-only, session-only, etc
15:45 kados well I would make them 100% permenant
15:45 kados if they are server-side in a db that's the easiest way to do it
15:45 jdtysko ok, we can do that
15:45 kados so picture a MySQL db with a table for the reservoirs
15:45 jdtysko ya
15:46 kados maybe a 'recordstring' 'reservoirtype' 'timestamp' 'recordid', etc.
15:46 kados tables
15:47 kados so you can specify maybe three reservoir types: 'unfinished', 'finished', 'working'
15:47 kados and 'working' has a lock on it or something
15:47 kados it's really a shame we don't have Perl-ZOOM done
15:47 jdtysko and then some administrator takes the "finished" table and sends it back to the server?
15:48 kados yea ... well he exports all the 'finished' records as a single ISO2709 (MARC) format file
15:48 kados and then can import using the ILSes built-in tools
15:48 kados too bad we can't just use Z39.50 for everything :-(
15:48 jdtysko ok i see
15:48 jdtysko yeah really
15:50 kados jdtysko: if you're interested, I think there's PHP ZOOM code around somewhere
15:50 kados jdtysko: which would allow that
15:50 kados jdtysko: but it would have to be ported when Perl-ZOOM is released
15:50 jdtysko ok thanks, i'll look into that
15:50 kados jdtysko: so that's kinda yucky ;-)
15:51 jdtysko yeah, php is a bit different
16:08 jdtysko ok, well thanks for all of your help. i have to go to a meeting with my group now
16:09 jdtysko i'll tell them what i learned, and we may stop by here later on
16:37 russ kados are you around?
16:43 kados russ: yep
16:45 russ hi - sounds like we are about to do some similar work on serials?
16:46 russ wondering if there might be an oppurtunity to pool resources?
16:46 kados yea ... for sure
16:46 russ we are at the speccing phase that the moment
16:47 kados us too
16:47 russ our new library consultant is compiling the requirements for our client
16:47 russ do you have a deadline/timeframe for your doc?
16:47 kados well ... this year ;-)
16:47 russ sweet
16:48 russ that is similar to us
16:48 kados it'd be nice to included it in 3.0
16:48 kados include even
16:48 russ oh yeah for sure
16:49 kados so should we use a wiki for the spec doc?
16:49 russ that could work
16:49 kados is available
16:49 kados if you like dokuwiki ;-)
16:50 russ we don't use wikis all that much
16:50 kados so it's pretty easy to use ... it's just an editable website
16:51 kados so to add a new page you click on 'Edit this page'
16:51 kados then you use the wiki syntax to create a new item (using CamelCase)
16:51 kados then you click on the new item and edit that page to put in the content
16:51 russ right - we are preparing a word doc for starters (clients request
16:51 kados k ...
16:52 russ but assuming we can copy and paste
16:52 kados but I bet if you could show the client how easy dokuwiki is to use they would prefer it ;-)
16:52 russ maybe
16:52 kados cause they can put comments directly in the document
16:52 kados it's the ultimate collaboration tool ;-)
16:53 russ the main thing will be trying to come up with a way
16:53 russ to manage different requirements
16:53 kados right
16:54 russ we are just about to go off and have our staff meeting
16:54 russ so i will catch up with amanda (our library person then)
16:54 kados sweet
18:33 russ kados you still there?
18:53 kados russ: yep
18:54 russ hi - amanda says that she should be finished her first draft of the spec today
18:55 kados cool ... any chance she could post it to the wiki? or send me a copy (I'd be happy to put it up on the wiki)
18:55 kados might be nice to get the general KOha community's opinion too
18:56 russ i'll meet with her this avo
18:56 russ if it is ready we'll post it
18:56 kados cool ... thanks
20:37 rach I think going out wider would be good
20:38 rach although design by committee can be bad, but I think this lot are used to that by now :-)
07:56 kados hi everyone
07:56 kados paul: you around?
07:57 paul yes.
07:57 paul hello joshua
07:57 kados paul: I was wondering what the status was on 2.2.4 ... released today?
07:57 kados paul: (just curious ... no pressure ;-))
07:57 kados paul: ha!
07:58 paul (& mail sent to koha-devel / koha / koha-announce)
07:58 kados paul: serves me for not checking ;-)
07:58 paul ;-)
07:58 kados congrats!
07:58 paul your welcome.
07:58 kados and thank you ;-)
08:02 kados paul: I will be updating the LibLime demo later today
08:02 kados paul: with 2.2.4 ;-)
08:02 kados paul: but now I must get some coffee ;-)
08:16 Sylvain hi
08:17 paul coucou
08:17 paul (mon mail d'annonce de la 2.2.4 est il arrivé sur la liste ? je ne l'ai pas reçu...)
08:18 Sylvain vu
08:19 paul bon, va savoir pourquoi moi je l'ai pas reçu...
08:19 Sylvain euh en fait après réflexion vu mais pas sur koha-infos
10:41 paul hi owen.
10:41 owen Hi paul
10:41 paul a quick question : could you sent me your php script that lists all pending reserves ?
10:43 owen It is two parts, really: one part grabs the reserves and puts them in a separate table.  The other part queries that table.
10:43 owen The part that grabs the reserves is a script Stephen wrote.  That's probably the more important part

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