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18:08 thd kados: are you present?
18:33 thd chris: have you seen any posts to koha-devel after your reply to Sylvain and Joshua where you recommend creating additional biblioitems "Re: [Koha-devel] Itemtype and MARC21 Quandry" Date: 01/10/2005 08:57:37 +1200 ?  I posted after afterwords and I believe Joshua did as well but I see no more messages on the list.
18:40 thd chris: my test message to koha-devel has also vanished.  There is no administration activity announcement about mail delays that I can see.
18:40 chris hmm nope
18:41 chris ive seen messages but i think thts because i as cc'd
18:41 chris i was even
18:41 chris theres nothing waiting in the admin queue for approval
18:43 chris joshua replied to me, and i replied to that
18:44 chris but i dont think either of them have come through yet, they didnt get bounced though
18:45 thd chris: I wrote a lengthy reply to the itemtype thread and recently a test message.
18:45 chris id wait a bit
18:46 chris might be a big queue of mail at sourceforge
18:46 thd chris: Was not Joshua's message to you from 8 hours ago?
18:47 chris dunno i was asleep
18:48 chris if it hasnt bounced, and it hasnt made it to mailman, my guess is its queued somewhere
18:48 thd chris: I believe that it was because I spoke to him on telephone after he said that he sent it.
18:50 thd chris: Are queues for 8 hours or more unusual on Sourceforge lists?
18:50 chris yes
18:51 chris but it moves an insane amount of mail
18:51 chris so its not inconceivable, specially with all the crap tricks spammers use
18:53 thd chris: perhaps there is some admin work being done but they should post an announcement of that :)
18:55 thd chris: well I guess you will see my message eventually and I will see Joshua's reply to yours.
18:55 chris and my reply to that
18:56 chris :)
18:57 chris there has no archive been made for october yet
18:57 chris i suspect they are having 'issues'
19:00 thd chris: If more biblioitems were created to accommodate different circulation rules for different items,  Wouldn't there be additional unwanted records appearing in the OPAC?
19:00 chris no
19:01 chris biblioitems != biblio
19:01 thd chris: only different biblios appear as different records?
19:02 chris exactly
19:03 chris[…]
19:03 chris 1 biblio, 3 biblioitms, 6 items
19:05 thd chris: where do I see the ISBN for the talking book?
19:06 chris you dont in those templates
19:07 chris its up to the library to decide what info they want to display
19:07 thd chris: nor the publication date?
19:07 chris[…]
19:08 chris you can display whatever you want
19:08 chris if a library wants the publication date, its literally a 5 min change
19:10 chris everythng is passed through to the template
19:11 thd chris: In your last example, is Bloomsbury the publisher of the videos as well as the books?
19:12 chris hmmm thats an error
19:12 chris its displaying the publisher as if it was part of the biblio
19:12 chris but its not, its part of the biblioitem
19:13 thd chris: Should that be in the section below with the holdings?
19:13 chris yep
19:14 chris as the talking book is sometimes a different publisher too
19:15 chris broken templates ..... the bane of my life :)
19:16 thd chris: What would happen to the readability of the display if there were was very significant information for each biblioitem, such as the complete table of contents, reviews, etc.?
19:17 chris id make them links
19:18 chris thats what i did with my proof of concept for reviews
19:19 chris illl find the screen shots, (its behind auth)
19:20 chris[…]eviews/6.JPG.html
19:21 chris its just a big website (all of koha) just have links to more pages if you need them :)
19:26 thd chris: Do you have more examples of Koha being well integrated with the rest of a website so that you hardly know that it is Koha?
19:26 chris hmm lemme look
19:27 chris sorta is
19:27 chris[…]ha/
19:28 chris[…]ha/
19:30 chris[…]ch/catalogue.html  
19:32 thd chris: The first one was closest to what I had in mind,  The beautiful graphics serve to hide Koha and several links to areas outside the OPAC are always visible.
19:32 chris yep
19:32 chris even
19:34 chris thats the kind of work we at katipo have been doing lately, integrating koha
19:34 thd chris: Lianza does the same thing it is just not as pretty.
19:34 chris yep
19:35 chris something kinda cool with lgnz is this
19:35 thd The Koha default template should be as beautiful as the one for LGNZ
19:35 chris
19:36 chris the library latest column is fetched straight from koha
19:37 chris yeah, id love for koha 3.0 to come out with pretty default template
19:37 chris s
19:37 chris hopefully we at katipo will be able to help out with that
19:38 chris ideally it will go into a feature freeze early enough, so that the designers can pretty it up
19:38 chris the problem with trying to do nice templates on a work in process, is the templates keep getting broken :)
19:39 chris lgnz is done with koha + kea
19:40 chris kea to handle the uploading pdfs, triggering them to the live site etc, and koha to catalogue them
19:40 thd chris: Do you have other sites with both Koha and Kea?
19:41 chris lianza
19:41 chris of course our staff koha, where we store all the rfp's, quotes, estimates
19:42 chris it wouldnt need to be kea either, you can make it work with any of the opensource cms systems
19:42 chris but we use kea, cos we know it best
19:44 chris oh, hlt use kea to manage their website, but its not so integrated with koha in that instance, they just manage all the templates and static pages with it
19:44 thd chris: The biggest problem with 3.0 development seems to be the absence of immediate funding for rewriting Net::Z3950 so the Zebra integration can begin.
19:45 chris yep
19:45 chris i suspect a serious amount can be done before that as well, my problem is time
19:46 chris im now married, got two dogs, etc ... my time outside of work isnt so free anymore
19:47 chris plus as i get older, im working more regular hours
19:47 chris and not so inclined to do more work after work :)
19:48 chris otoh, we seem to be getting some more koha based work, so i will have a chance to work on koha more again which is good, ive been pretty quiet the last year
20:02 chris ok, im heading how
20:02 chris home even
20:03 thd good evening chris

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