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21:18 Bnonn well...gidday, I'm Bnonn
21:18 Bnonn I'm just gonna sit in the corner here, kay?
21:27 rach hi
21:27 rach it's very quiet today
21:27 Bnonn it is (:
21:27 Bnonn you must be Rachel
21:29 rach yep
21:29 Bnonn nice to meet you and all that
21:29 Bnonn I'm sort of interested in maybe contributing a bit to Koha, although I'm not certain how helpful I'll be
21:29 Bnonn but I figured I'd come here and nose around
21:30 rach what are your interests? techy or library or library techy?
21:30 Bnonn well, my mum works at the Hamilton public library, so I'm sort of vaguely interested in that side of things, but I'm more a writey/designy person
21:31 Bnonn I think programming is very cool, but unfortunately haven't the mind for it
21:31 Bnonn I rather suck (:
21:31 rach ditto :-)
21:31 Bnonn I can deal with HTML though...I'd link you to my website but er...well, we're on dialup at the moment because Telecom sucks
21:31 rach fair enough
21:31 Bnonn well, I know XHTML and CSS /moderately/ well...that's it
21:32 Bnonn I'd like to learn PHP or Perl since it will be handy as my website expands
21:33 Bnonn hard finding time though (not to mention lazy)
21:33 Bnonn ta for advice...tell me, do you know of many Linux-oriented companies in NZ?
21:34 Bnonn I'm getting a bit frustrated working at a Windows support company
21:34 rach yep depending on how linux oriented you're after
21:34 rach I'm in wgtn, so mostly i know ones here
21:34 rach the isp
21:34 rach isp's would all have linux guys
21:35 rach the biggest place would be catalyst - they always want perl guys
21:35 rach n gals
21:35 chris and python
21:35 rach all the big oursourcing places I think have a linux group now - so infinity definitly does, synergy I imagine does
21:36 chris they are currently looking for perl programmers, and python programmers
21:36 rach yeah that's true
21:36 rach check out your local linux users group if there is one
21:37 Bnonn yeah, I'm a member of the WLUG
21:37 Bnonn ...Waikato that is
21:37 Bnonn I'm thinking of moving to Wellington probably late 2006 or early 2007, so...yeah, probably time to start learning Perl (:
21:38 Bnonn basically I just find Windows makes me feel kind of like clenching my fists and beating people with short lengths of hose pipe
21:38 rach well depends what you're wanting to do
21:39 rach if you're wanting to do webdesign, php might be better
21:39 Bnonn at the moment I work in a helpdesk/service coordination role
21:39 rach if you're wanting to be a programmer, then you'll need something else
21:39 Bnonn my main talents lie in writing, some amount of design, taking disparate bits and putting them together...that sort of thing, so I'm not actually sure /what/ I'm looking for
21:40 Bnonn I guess I'm kinda looking at what people are offering and seeing if I can fit myself into it
21:40 chris koha needs lots and lots more writers
21:40 Bnonn but I figured that getting involved in a project like Koha would probably be a good start in terms of expanding my skillset
21:40 rach sounds like you should look at project management
21:40 Bnonn could work (:
21:41 rach well - as long as you're organised :-)
21:41 Bnonn I'm good at being organized...not so good at being motivated (;
21:41 Bnonn but if it must be done, it must be done
21:42 Bnonn should I perhaps drop an email to the Pat mentioned on your website?
21:42 rach hmm now where is pat mentioned?
21:42 chris hmm
21:42 Bnonn
21:42 Bnonn > Writer
21:42 Bnonn We are always keen for people to write articles about Koha for publication in anything from a school newsletter to national papers and magazines.
21:42 Bnonn Contact and Pat will help you.
21:42 rach doh, honestly I should change that :-)
21:42 Bnonn heh
21:42 rach drop it to kaitiaki, but actually it will come to me :-)
21:43 rach but we are still keen on people to write stuff for us certainly
21:43 Bnonn is er... that your default interface?
21:43 rach and to read things that others have written and point out the glaring omissions etc
21:43 Bnonn I'm good at that
21:43 rach um no, that's liblimes one - so a particular company that supports and develops koha
21:43 Bnonn right
21:43 rach the default one is much worse
21:43 Bnonn oh dear
21:43 Bnonn coz that one is kinda..ugly
21:44 Bnonn how much flexibility is there in the interface?
21:44 rach sad but true - I fight a loosing battle against ugly
21:44 rach um sort of a lot
21:44 Bnonn ok
21:44 rach basically if you do an install, you can then change it to your hearts content
21:45 Bnonn do you have any kind of HIG for it?
21:45 Bnonn ooh, install, how do I do that?
21:45 rach see -[…]ha/
21:45 Bnonn ta
21:45 rach to see how much it can change
21:45 Bnonn right
21:45 rach BUT new features are being added all the time, and that tends to be a bit random
21:45 Bnonn it looks broken in Firefox (:
21:45 rach and end up v ugly
21:45 Bnonn mm, indeed
21:46 Bnonn programmers suck at interfaces?
21:46 rach really - I use firefox looks ok - what oS?
21:46 Bnonn Windows
21:46 Bnonn Firefox 1.07
21:46 Bnonn maybe it's meant to look funny
21:46 rach possibly
21:46 Bnonn the top bars don't seem to line up vertically
21:47 Bnonn I can post a screen capture if you like
21:47 rach sure
21:48 rach anyway, once you have your own one, you can change the pages - html::template files - to suit your own taste
21:48 russ that lgnz page looks sweet to me
21:51 Bnonn mm, maybe I /can't/ upload a screen capture
21:51 Bnonn what has Orcon done to its ftp server...
21:51 Bnonn vexing
21:52 Bnonn I could email it
21:52 Bnonn 169 kB
21:52 Bnonn depends how much you want it (:
21:58 Bnonn working on the assumption that feedback is good, I sent it to
21:58 Bnonn mm, late lunch
21:58 Bnonn bbl
22:06 rach ta I got it - it looks pretty close to what it should look like
22:24 Bnonn mk
03:38 osmoze hello
10:48 hdl_away hi all
10:53 owen Hi hdl

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