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20:32 Jo hiya Russ - can you come to #hlt
04:02 Sylvain hi
04:03 Sylvain kados, are you there ?
06:12 thd Sylvan: I expect it is yet a little early for kados in UTC/GMT -5 hr. :)
06:13 thd Sylvain: where has hdl gone these past couple days?
06:17 Sylvain dunno thd, I think he is at work because he has replied today to the french list if I'm not wrong
06:17 Sylvain maybe forgot irc client
06:17 Sylvain and for kados I'm a little bit lost with timezones :)
06:19 thd Sylvain: Do you know why seems to frequently reset itself to English?
06:23 Sylvain if I remeber correctly, the demo-site resets itself every night, maybe default conf is set to english
06:25 thd Sylvain: Should not French be the proper default for
06:39 Sylvain yes it should, I think it's a mistake
06:43 thd Sylvain: Can you correct the default setting so that it uses French?  It is distorting the results for the Koha Analytical Feature List and Documentation Index with Demonstration and Example Implementation Links, which I have been finishing.
06:44 osmoze hello
06:44 thd hello osmoze
06:47 thd Sylvain:  I have tried to use demonstration links in French as well as English for the analytical feature list that I have been preparing, but they do not appear as French after the French demo resets itself to English :)
06:48 Sylvain :)
06:49 Sylvain to answer your request, I don't have acess to default settings
06:49 thd Sylvain: Who does have access?
06:56 Sylvain hdl and paul I think
06:56 Sylvain they own the server
06:56 Sylvain I don't work with them in fact
06:59 thd Sylvain: I am sorry, whom do you work with?
07:08 Sylvain I'm working with doXulting, a firm of "consultants" (not sure of english word) specialized in IT for libraries and we have some customers using koha
07:11 thd Sylvain: consultants is prefect English.  English is a half French Germanic language.
07:23 Sylvain :)
07:32 thd Sylvain: I find no reference to Koha by name at .  The only reference I notice is to some libraries using Koha.  No particular products, solutions, or services are referred on the website at all.
07:34 thd Sylvain: Is DoXulting completely agnostic about systems and services?
07:34 Sylvain completely agnostic ?
07:35 thd Sylvain: agnostic: without belief.  I mean does DoXulting have a preference for one system over another?
07:35 Sylvain no, really depends of the needs of the customer
07:36 Sylvain we have 2 customers using koha
07:37 Sylvain and for one, they start using it (librarians) next week !
07:37 Sylvain up to now it was only tests ...
07:38 thd Sylvain: Koha is not a popular choice then yet for your customers :)  Maybe it is not yet suited to most of them.
07:39 Sylvain yes, most of the customers are big universities or things like that, not ready yet to jump into "free software"
07:39 Sylvain but we have more and more questions from ppl who want to know moreabout koha
07:40 thd Sylvain: Koha is not ready to jump into big university libraries.  That is something that Koha has to remedy :)
08:21 kados Sylvain: did you want to ask me something?
08:22 Sylvain I found a mail on a list where you were talking about a doc you wrote : "Optimizing koha", did you finishit ?
08:22 Sylvain hi, between
08:22 kados hi ;-)
08:22 kados I never did
08:23 kados recently I've gotten stuck trying to get mod_perl2 and Koha to be friends
08:23 kados the other sections of that doc were about optimization of mysql and apache
08:23 kados so mainly tweaking conf files and such
08:24 kados the two most critical things are:
08:24 kados mysql < 4
08:24 kados oops >4 i mean ;-)
08:24 kados and the 'query_cache'
08:24 kados in mysql ...
08:25 Sylvain ok, I'll be careful with that

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