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12:07 hdl_away hi kados.
12:08 hdl Sylvain... I'm back.
12:10 hdl But you are away
12:18 shaun kados: not yet, it's not in a state that i would want to show around but it will be within the next couple of days - i will share it with you and russ as soon as it's looking good across browsers
12:23 owen Hi shaun, how's it going?
12:24 shaun hi owen: both great thanks - me and the site
12:39 owen Heading back to school shaun?
12:41 shaun not quite yet, i've got a week and a half of holidays to go and i'm making the most of it
14:22 genji hey kados, im going soon.. so heres an idea for the modify flags page. Why not option buttons. One option button labeled Deny, one option labeled Allow, and the one that is inherited, gets an additional label (inherited) or (default) .... a new borrower based on a group, inherits its groups permissions.. and after that, there is no linkage.
14:23 genji thoughts?
15:05 hdl owen around ?
15:05 owen Yes
15:05 hdl I received you email.
15:06 hdl asking for explanations.
15:06 hdl I answered.
15:06 hdl But I can answer on live.
15:07 owen So this is for libraries where the branches act independently of each other
15:10 owen Thanks for reposting Paul's message.  I thought someone had posted information about it, but I didn't see it today when I looked.
15:27 hdl exactly.
07:49 shaun kados around?
07:49 kados shaun: sure am
07:50 kados shaun: what's up?
07:50 shaun kados: i'm finishing off the homepage content and need some phrases for the title bar, introductory paragraph and meta description
07:51 kados ok ...
07:51 kados title: Koha Open Source Integrated Library System
07:52 kados intro I'd stick with what's on the current site:
07:53 kados meta description:
07:54 kados <meta name="keywords" content="Koha, Koha Library System, Koha Integrated Library System, Koha Open Source, Koha ILS" />
07:55 kados <meta name="description" content="Koha s the first open-source Integrated Library System and offers a full-featured ILS including a catalog, OPAC, circulation, cataloging and administration components." />
07:55 kados oops ... 'Koha is' for the first bit of that second one
07:55 shaun yep
07:57 shaun ok thank you, but i would like to make the first paragraph a little shorter - maybe even a single sentence if possible
08:00 kados well ... how about the main heading on that page:
08:00 kados koha, the first open source integrated library system
08:02 shaun and btw i believe we agreed on international english so it would be "catalogue" and "cataloguing"
08:06 kados right :-)
08:17 shaun is there a difference between the catalog and cataloging components?
08:18 kados of course ;-)
08:19 kados I guess 'a catalog' is a bit redundent though
08:19 shaun "a catalog component" is alright though, i would say
08:19 shaun one or the other?
08:19 kados how about
08:20 kados offers a full-featured ILS including OPAC, circulation, cataloging and administration components
08:20 kados (spelt correctly though ;-)
08:20 kados bbiab
08:21 shaun bye
09:23 kados hey owen
09:23 owen Hi
10:13 shaun kados: for the homepage, is the following ok with you?
10:13 shaun &Koha is a [full-featured] [open-source] &ILS. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd and first deployed in January of 2000 for [Horowhenua Library Trust], it is currently maintained by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe.
10:14 kados shaun: sounds good
10:38 shaun and: "Koha at Sourceforge" instead of "Koha Sourceforge Homepage"?
10:39 kados sure ...
10:39 owen I like that option better too, shaun

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