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12:00 thd Owen: we need to look at some demos to so what the existing implementations do on the librarian's side.  It is easy to see what is happening with all manner of OPACs on the internet.  The rest is not so easily accessible.
12:01 thd s/so/see/
12:02 thd Owen: Is there a library science teaching department at a university near you?
12:02 owen Unfortunately no
12:03 owen Although there's probably several vendor demos at the upcoming Ohio Library Council  annual meeting
12:03 thd owen: One has to travel outside Athens county to get an ILS degree?
12:04 owen The only way to do it in Athens County is to participate in a long-distance learning program through Ohio University here locally.
12:05 thd owen: you should be able to obtain some demos to experiment with there, in addition to whatever you might see on the show floor.
12:06 owen I don't know if I'll be going, but kados will.  Maybe he can pick some things up.
12:07 thd owen: will kados be exhibiting there?
12:08 owen No, but he'll be presenting, I think
12:09 thd owen: Are there trade exhibits at that conference?
12:09 owen Yes
12:10 owen Open Source and Technical Services: Do They Fit Together?
12:10 owen Stephen Hedges, Nelsonville Public Library
12:10 owen Joshua Ferraro, Nelsonville Public Library
12:10 owen That's kados' presentation
12:11 thd owen: I am sure that presenting is more fun than exhibiting most days.
12:11 owen Yeah, unless exhibiting lands you a high-paying account ;)
12:13 thd owen: money is just a cheap thrill :)  Although, a necessary one.
12:17 thd owen: Koha does not have all the pieces for the technical services puzzle yet :)  I t cannot test the fit for the pieces that are not there yet.
12:26 thd owen: hdl understands quite correctly that Koha needs a demanding serials customer for whom to develop serials support.  However, not thinking about how that might be done in advance might be likely to end up on a mistaken path, for lack of full consideration, similar to putting MARC into a relational database instead of a text indexing database.
12:31 thd owen: with any luck, kados now has the right prospective customer to start better serials support for as well.
16:44 chris morning morning
16:44 owen Hi chris
16:45 chris yay owen is here
16:45 owen for 12 whole minutes!
16:45 chris quick question, do you know if koha has a report to list all the items currently on reserve?
16:46 owen Maybe
16:47 chris ohh sounds likely
16:47 owen Looks like an older script, but might be working
16:47 chris i was just tooling round in a 2.2 install and couldnt see any link to anything .. ill go see if i can get it working and put a link in the template
16:47 chris thanks
16:48 owen and maybe move it to the reports directory
16:48 chris yeah
16:50 chris hehe
16:50 chris thats my measure of koha's success actually
16:51 chris when ppl know more about it than me
17:32 jo chris - are you about
17:33 chris yes jo
17:33 jo hey, foxton and shannon can not connect to levin
17:33 jo was working, extremely slowly.
17:33 chris yeah then you all fell off the interent
17:34 jo do you something we don't know
17:34 chris levin came back, the other two didnt
17:34 jo coz I can access the internet
17:34 jo ok.
17:34 chris thats all i know
17:34 jo How did you know that already. how do we fix it.
17:34 chris i knew that because we have something that monitors whether you are up or not
17:34 chris as for fixing it .. pass
17:34 jo cool
17:34 jo ok.
17:35 chris i can ask philip if he has any ideas
17:35 jo so is their anyone at katipo who might know, given that Simon is away.
17:36 chris they dont still dial in do they? they have their own dsl connections now?
17:36 jo yep - thats right.
17:37 chris i guess they could try a reboot
17:37 jo done that - no good.
17:37 chris is there anything on the dsl router/modem thingys that tells you if its got a connection?
17:38 chris i know on my cable modem i get lots of flashing lights
17:38 jo power light is green
17:38 chris right, there is no connection light?
17:38 jo adsl light is green
17:38 jo internet is red
17:39 chris i wonder what that means
17:39 chris i guess red=bad
17:39 jo i think it means that dsl is on all the way to the opc
17:40 chris that sounds plausible
17:40 jo red on ethernet light though .... dunno. means a lan problem ?
17:40 jo cable not plugged in right?
17:40 jo fxt rebooting now.
17:40 chris could be, tho it would be odd they would both go down at the same time
17:40 jo indeed.
17:40 chris well all three, but only levin came back
17:41 chris hmm
17:41 chris i guess you could power cycle the adsl routers
17:41 jo and odd that they came up ok afterwards.
17:42 chris i wonder if there is a dsl outage
17:42 jo i have checked orcon site - but nothing reported that i can see
17:43 chris right, nothing on xtra either
17:44 chris hmmm
17:44 jo i am ringing orcon now
17:44 chris ill give si a bell too
17:48 jo orcon engaged ... just got through to a queue now, but 6 minute wait
17:49 jo should probably switch over to hlt
17:49 chris have you tried power cycling (rebooting) the dsl modem/routers
17:49 chris true, see ya there :)
23:05 genji chris, you available?
04:49 Sylvain hi
06:32 osmoze hello
08:03 Sylvain does someone have an idea of what I can do when I see in logs : "Premature end of script headers" ?
08:09 Sylvain arg, corrected my problem, but don't really know how :)
10:32 Sylvain hdl_away, really away ?
10:37 Sylvain seems :)
11:53 kados :-)

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