IRC log for #koha, 2005-08-21

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12:00 thd Owen: The MARC-8 character set would seem to be the likely origin of the problems Koha has in displaying some NPL records containing characters with diacritical marks.
12:02 thd Owen: What do cataloguers at NPL do differently now to avoid the appearance of the MARC-8 character set when copy cataloguing records?
12:03 owen No idea. :)
12:03 thd Owen: Would you enquire for me?
12:04 owen Certainly
12:07 thd Owen: I understand that diacritical marks are not extremely common in the NPL collection.  I would like to know if cataloguing at NPL preserves the MARC-8 character set in ITS MARC for Windows MARC 21 records or if you do something else to avoid the issue.
02:53 osmoze hello

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