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12:10 thd hdl: Would I be correct in assuming that you have no character set problems in UNIMARC records like those with the MARC-8 charter set in MARC 21 records?
12:43 thd hdl: perhaps I am too late to ask questions to France today :)
19:51 Irma g/day all
19:53 Irma Chris...i am doing some liteirature searching re open source ILS used in schools...K-12...
19:54 Irma any Koha in New Zealand and possibly a contact name?
19:54 Irma just got a visitor at the door, will return shortly
19:56 Irma a quick clarification: public schools in NZ
20:01 chris i think there are some, but not many ive had dealings with
20:01 chris there are certainly a lot more in North America, the US and Canada
20:02 chris have a look here
20:02 chris and here
20:02 chris[…]hp?page=KohaUsers
20:03 chris id also email rachel and richard, i think rachel has been talking with some schools in nz lately,
20:04 chris and richard has been talking with a kindergarten (or group of kindergartens) who are evaluating koha
20:39 Genji hiya chris! long time no chat. how goes? hows Katipo without rach?
22:16 Irma Thanks Chris for the info.  Enjoy the w/end!
01:37 osmoze hello
06:57 osmoze hello
06:57 osmoze do you know how i can count the number of item in a file with a lot of item ?
06:58 osmoze is there a script for this ?
07:23 kados osmoze: grep is what you're looking for i think
07:23 kados osmoze: maybe grep with 'wc'
07:24 osmoze i want to count the number of book in a unimarc file, i am trying with dumpmarc, but, for me, marc definition is not important
07:24 osmoze just the number of book
07:25 osmoze purhup s grep is ok, but i don't know what "greping" :)
07:26 osmoze do you understand my poor english kados  ? :/
07:38 kados ahh ... yes i understand
07:38 kados hmmm ... let me think
07:38 kados have you imported the unimarc into Koha?
07:38 kados (then you could do in mysql: select count(*) from items;
07:40 osmoze it's for compar the two, file and what i ve import in koha
07:41 osmoze one day, i ve import a file in koha (one years ago)
07:41 osmoze and i want to compare with my actual koha
07:42 osmoze in fact, is it possible to not dump the marc file but just count item
07:42 osmoze ?
07:43 osmoze or modify dump marc to count every start of unimarc definition
07:43 osmoze i m not developper ^^
07:43 osmoze but i love koha ;)
07:44 kados :-)
07:44 kados it would be possible
07:44 kados but complicated to implement
07:47 osmoze ok, it's not very important, i ve just a crazy director 's librairy
07:47 osmoze ^^
09:45 thd kados: are you still pulling wires?
11:45 thd owen: Did NPL's previous ILS use the MARC-8 character set?
11:47 owen No idea.

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