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20:07 thd kados: ping
20:38 kados thd: what's up>
20:38 kados thd: I'm super busy as usual ;-)
20:39 thd kados: you need Automate::Proposal :)
20:39 kados hehe ... not writing proposals this time
20:41 thd kados: do you have your submission for the forthcoming issue of Computers in Libraries?
20:43 kados i don't really understand the question
20:43 kados I submitted answers to a questionair
20:44 kados koha will be reviewed alongside other ILSes in the next edition
20:44 kados that's all I know ;-)
20:44 kados I don't subscribe to CIL myself
20:44 thd kados: exactly, I thought the questionare and your answers might help guide me in preparing a Koha features list for
20:45 kados well ... probably :-) except i don't have the url ;-)
20:45 thd kados: you completed it online?
20:45 kados yep
20:46 thd do you have an email invitation archived?
20:50 thd kados: I mean of course, have you archived an email invitation with a blank questionnaire attached, or containing the URL?
20:51 kados thd: yes but the url is no longer accessible
20:51 thd :)
20:52 thd kados: well, I will have to search elsewhere for an ILS feature list starting point.
20:54 thd kados: I had started rewriting a Z39.50 client using PHPYAZ until I discovered I could not install my work on OSX in any of the usual ways :)
20:55 kados thd: :-)
20:55 thd kados: nothing short of recompiling Apache and PHP is likely to solve that issue for OSX.
20:55 kados bummer
20:58 thd kados: Until the Perl bindings for Zoom come Python may be the best cross-platform solution that I can work with if I rewrite my PHP code.  The Python bindings are a little incomplete, undocumented, and difficult to follow.
20:59 thd kados: The PHP was easy until I tried to install it elsewhere :)
21:00 thd kados: What problems were you having with inappropriate matches for your LCC gathering attempt?
21:03 thd kados: Before I forget, PHPYAZ allowed persistent connections which is the right solution for the connection timeout problem that you were having.  Will Perl Zoom allow persistent connections?
21:03 kados thd: I think so ... ask on koha-zebra ;-)
21:05 thd kados: You had mentioned difficulties with your LC Class number gathering.  What had been going wrong with the results retrieved?
21:06 thd kados: After you stopped querying databases for GRS-1 records instead of USMARC, of course :)
21:13 thd kados: were you using author-title queries?
21:13 kados thd: yes
21:14 thd kados: and were you getting back seemingly unrelated matches?
21:14 kados thd: yep
21:15 thd kados: did the matches at least include the relevant record somewhere?
21:15 kados thd: not sure ... I was just pulling out the first record
21:17 thd kados: you were expecting perfect results :)
21:17 kados thd: :-)
21:18 thd kados: the problem is that the BIB-1 attribute set specifies the form of the query but not which field indexes the query will be run against.
21:20 thd kados: Implementers of Z39.50 services, in their wisdom, want to make sure you get as many results as possible.
21:21 thd kados: I will tell you how to trick them tomorrow or whenever you may be available.
02:05 osmoze lo
09:49 hdl hi owen.
09:49 owen Hi hdl
09:50 owen hdl, did you help write the serials scripts?
11:54 hdl kados around ?

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