IRC log for #koha, 2005-08-16

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17:05 chris hi irma
17:05 Irma goodday chris, ready for the week?
17:05 chris for the password it is a capital i
17:06 chris not an l (like in long)
17:06 chris so an I
17:06 chris yep, just about to start staff meeting
17:06 Irma will try quickly new p/w
17:15 Irma well here we it's ok...I read it as including the word sail for sailing ...silly me!
17:15 chris ahhh yes, that would do it
17:16 Irma thks and have a good one.
17:16 chris you too
19:33 dan hi there, I'm having some trouble generating barcodes in koha, when I try to do it i get an error that says "Can't locate object method "barcode" via package "PDF::API2" " in my koha-error_log
19:33 dan has anyone seen that before?
19:33 chris yep
19:33 chris unfortunately its a known problem that we havent fixed yet
19:33 chris its to do with the version of PDF::API2
19:34 dan oh, okay, so there's no way around it?
19:34 chris yep, if you can install PDF::API2 version 0.3r77
19:34 chris it will work
19:35 chris we are going to rewrite the barcode generator so it will work with the latest version, but we havent done that yet sorry
19:36 dan oh, no problem, thanks a lot for telling me what's up
19:36 chris it should get fixed in the next month or so, i have a few people asking for it :)
19:37 dan right on... i just finally got a laserprinter set up here and thought i'd start in on making labels
19:38 chris excellent :)
19:40 chris have we spoken before? (sorry I talk to so many ppl about koha im always forgetting who is who :-))
19:41 dan yeah, you helped me a few weeks ago with some problems i was having
19:41 chris ahh cool
19:41 chris yay me then :-)
19:41 dan i was having problems w/ the z39.50 daemon
19:42 chris ahh thats right
19:42 dan btw, is there anyway to change the librarian login / password from within the program or do you have to edit the database manually?
19:42 chris thats another thing that will be rewritten i think, but that wont be before the next major version .. the barcode generator should be fixed well before that
19:43 chris ahh heres what you do dan
19:43 chris you go to members
19:43 chris and you add a new member
19:43 chris then you go to that users page
19:44 chris and choose change password
19:44 chris set a username and password for it
19:44 chris then you choose modify user flags
19:44 chris and if you select superlibrarian
19:44 chris then that user can do everything and you can login and out as them
19:44 dan ah... okay, i figured there had to be something like that, just couldnt find it
19:45 chris or you can just select circulate, etc
19:45 dan awesome
19:47 dan do you know off the top of your head anywhere to download that older PDF::API2 version?
19:48 chris hmm now thats a good question
19:48 chris its out there somewhere
19:49 chris I also successfuly installed the PDF:API2-0.3r77 to generate the barcodes,
19:49 chris do we need to update the ./installer or ./update command to implement it.
19:49 chris Kanwal
19:49 chris that came through on the 9th .. so ill go look around a bit
20:40 dan hey chris you still around?
21:51 kados chris: I built my first .deb today :-)
21:56 chris congrats kados
05:30 osmoze hello
11:38 owen Shoot... Paul's out of town for a couple weeks, isn't he?  I was hoping for another authorities lesson.
11:46 thd owen: I will be experimenting with authorities later this week :)
11:46 owen Good luck.  I hope you have better success than I
11:47 thd-away owen: I am going to experiment in UNIMARC Koha to see how it is really supposed to work.
11:48 owen paul says it shouldn't matter if you're using MARC21 or UNIMARC
11:50 thd-away owen: Yes, it should not matter, but it is not set up for MARC21 by default.  It is set up for UNIMARC in UNIMARC Koha.  In MARC 21 Koha, you have to the setup yourself.

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