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12:34 osmoze hop :)
15:46 shaun does anybody here have experience of running apache and mysql on different servers?
15:58 si shaun: we do at Katipo from time to time
16:04 shaun si: any comments on the performance or requirements?
16:07 si not particularly
16:07 si it won't be as fast as on the box, OTOH, if the box is loaded doing other stuff, you could stillget peroformance improvements
16:07 si make sure your firewalling is right, so the machines can see each other
16:08 si otherwise, it doesn't give us any particular trouble
16:09 shaun it's in a big-network environment - all the mysql is on one server, running ldap, the cms and koha, so either apache runs on there and the DMZ server runs mod_proxy, or apache runs on the DMZ box and connects (just port 3306) to the internal server
16:10 si but isn't koha in apache?
16:10 si is there any concept of running koha remote from the box with the webserver?
16:11 si koha isn't a standalong application, it needs a web server to sit on
16:13 shaun yes - it's mainly a security concern; there are two sides to it, DMZ and firewalled, only one server can reside in the DMZ and that will certainly run apache, it's just whether it runs mod_proxy to grab the apache stuff from the internal server, or whether it doesn't run mod_proxy and instead grabs the database from the firewalled server
16:14 shaun s/grabs the database/connects to the database
16:14 si I'd tend towards the http proxy
16:15 si but the mysql approach maybe easier
16:15 si depending on how fast the intervening network/firewall is
16:15 si your third option, of course, is mysql replication
16:15 si if the external view is mainly readonly
16:15 si for an opac, for example
16:16 shaun the external view will run the intranet as well, so i dismissed that
16:16 si so you're going to have two boxes running the intranet?
16:17 si from a locking POV
16:17 si I guess it'll be ok
16:17 shaun it's all gigabit+ inside - i would say security is much more of a concern than speed though
16:27 shaun i have to go, thanks for the advice
03:08 osmoze hello from france :)
09:04 thd kados: are you lurking?

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