IRC log for #koha, 2005-08-13

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18:20 thd kados: ping
20:22 thd kados present is?
03:03 hdl salut
03:03 osmoze yop hdl  :=)
08:44 kados hi all
08:44 shaun kados: hi
08:45 paul hi kados.
08:45 paul do you want a good news ?
08:46 owen Good news?
08:47 kados paul: yes!
08:48 kados great!
08:48 kados I will try it this weekend
09:06 owen kados, did you say you were going to an NCIP meeting yesterday?
09:07 kados yep ... it was a conf call
09:07 kados interestingly there are only a few sites using NCIP
09:07 owen Relating to Koha, or in general (if I may ask)?
09:07 kados so if Koha had NCIP support and NPL was using it we'd be neck-and-neck with Sirsi, Dynix, TLC, etc.
09:08 kados as they only have one site each
09:08 kados I'm now a voting member of the NCIP Implementor's group
09:08 kados so it's a general NCIP group
09:09 kados very soon there will be some news about an NCIP toolkit sponsored by LibLime
09:09 kados sometime next week I hope ;-)
09:11 owen Neat!
09:12 owen After seeing a frustrated patron using the biblio basket yesterday I was wishing for a sponsor for a basket-to-reserves toolkit
09:27 kados yea ... NCIP should allow that pretty easily
09:49 kados hehe
10:27 paul owen, leave immediatly : the feature to get reserves from the book basket is not ready...
10:27 owen :)
10:53 thd kados: what do the non-few sites use that is not NCIP?

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