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12:00 kados thd: so shouldn't we just have an extensible cataloging page?
12:00 thd kados: you should not need javascript.
12:02 thd kados: a good set of defaults where even the standard common use fields are fetched as separate pages.
12:02 kados I can't think of another way to allow dynamic creation of repeatable subfield entries
12:02 kados what I think we want
12:03 kados is a tool that grabs a marc record
12:03 kados and displays all the populated tags/subfields
12:03 kados in editable fields
12:03 thd kados: a non js link or button should be able to do the same as js if it fetches again from the server
12:04 kados thd: perhaps ... but those page reloads take a long time
12:04 kados thd: it's much better to do it client side
12:04 kados thd: for browsers that support that function
12:04 kados thd: and for those that don't reload the page
12:04 kados thd: I believe in using javascript for improving interfaces
12:04 kados thd: while leaving support for non-compliant browsers
12:05 kados thd: as a fail-safe measure
12:05 thd kados: you need js for client side :)
12:05 kados yep ... hence I believe in using js ;-)
12:06 kados before I left for ALA I had a three hour meetin with the NPL cataloging team
12:06 paul thd : in fact, in librarian interface, in 2.2.x, you need mozilla/firefox. IE does not work well.
12:06 kados and I got some really good ideas for how to improve the tools that they currently use
12:06 paul acceptable need, because the librarian interface is used by a limited & known number of ppl
12:07 thd kados: There was a complaint about js in the intranet recently where someone needed remote access over ssh for administration but that probably had nothing to do with cataloguing.
12:07 kados I'll be explaining the desired functions in my 2.4/3.0 roadmap
12:08 kados for now I've got to get back to ALA lead card stuff
12:08 kados :-)
12:08 kados My goal is to have a draft of the roadmap ready for the middle of next week
12:08 thd kados: do you have any leads who want to sponser a catloguing module to die for?
12:09 kados thd: I have a couple of clients I've talked to about it
12:09 thd :)
12:09 kados thd: NPL may also be interested
12:10 kados thd: Stephen and I have a presentation on using open source tools for technical services later this year
12:10 kados me gets back to work ;-)
12:11 thd kados: to prove it by coding we shold have a supporting model for zebra and MARC::record first.
12:11 thd kados: ok, go back to work.
15:19 ryanbisd howdy guys..
15:23 thd ryanbisd: hello
15:23 ryanbisd know much about samba?
15:23 thd ryanbisd: not me :)
15:27 thd ryanbisd: /join #samba
15:27 ryanbisd yeah, Im on there  :)
15:27 ryanbisd you guys are a little more friendly though...  :)
15:28 thd ryanbisd: It can be difficult on heavy traffic lists to have any attention
15:29 thd ryanbisd: Ask very specific questions that someone finds interesting and you can get answers even with heavy traffic
15:30 ryanbisd cool...
15:30 thd ryanbisd: research the questions well in advance though
15:31 ryanbisd yeah...
15:31 thd ryanbisd: if you ask when the US traffic jam is asleep you can get more attention
15:31 ryanbisd Im pretty new to this...
15:31 ryanbisd so, I dont really know how to word the questions right sometimes..
15:32 thd ryanbisd: the wrong wording will not get good answers from google or listserves either
15:32 ryanbisd I know.... haha...
15:33 thd ryanbisd: you have to experiment with possible terminology
15:33 ryanbisd im slowly figuring things out...
15:33 thd ryanbisd: we need a good thesuarus of thechnical description. Its a basic LIS problem.
15:34 ryanbisd haha..
15:35 thd ryanbisd: and then finding someone like me using 'thechnical' when you searched for 'technical' is difficult.
15:36 ryanbisd haha... just noticed that..
15:37 thd ryanbisd: I am also relatively new to using IRC and have not investigated a spelling checker for my posts.
15:45 thd ryanbisd: be careful about asking questions, especially on heavy traffic lists or channels, without making the best attempt to find the answer in documentation or Google first.  You might find yourself ignored when the IRC channel or listserve is your only source for an answer later.
15:46 ryanbisd yeah...
15:46 ryanbisd my problem is.... the docs or man pages are cryptic to me...
15:46 ryanbisd but, im learning to rely on them more too
15:48 thd ryanbisd: paractice or experiment on a machine where it does not matter if you break some software.
15:48 ryanbisd yeah....
15:48 thd ryanbisd: You have to be fearless :)
15:48 ryanbisd im pretty excited about getting koha up and running...
15:48 ryanbisd I am going to set up one school.... and show my boss.
15:49 ryanbisd and hopefully that will persuade him to let me do them all.
15:52 thd ryanbisd: koha is very good and kados will be making an announcement any day now about how it will soon be much better.
15:52 ryanbisd awesome...
15:52 ryanbisd hopefully we can helpout in whatever
15:52 ryanbisd haha... that was vague..
15:54 thd ryanbisd: as kados suggested supporting features you want helps.  Koha will get them eventually, they just happen faster and better when there are particular users behind them.
15:55 ryanbisd see, and there is a programmer that works with me, that can help out for that too..
15:56 ryanbisd if his code is good, and you guys wanna use it
15:56 thd ryanbisd: fantastic, that is even better
15:56 ryanbisd we're a school district..... not a lot of money to use....
15:58 thd ryanbisd: it need not necessarily take a lot when everyone pools their resources.
15:59 ryanbisd right...
15:59 ryanbisd i need to get 1 school up and going online, then maybe  I could convince the boss man.
16:04 thd ryanbisd: koha does not have very many regular progmmers but does have very large user pool willing to help.
16:11 thd ryanbisd: you might have missed the koha users list if you had only seen the sourceforge lists .
16:20 thd ryanbisd: another hint for IRC is to use to find a less heavily trafficked channel for asking questions.  There may be fewer people to answer as the heavy traffic lists when the US users are asleep but you can attract more attention to your question and maybe nicer people, when the friendly people in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania are awake.
18:36 thd ryanbisd: Did you solve your samba problem?
18:36 ryanbisd I havent been to the office yet...
18:36 ryanbisd this is for a job I do part time...
18:36 ryanbisd I changed from a windows file server to fedora..
18:37 ryanbisd I can get to the share..
18:37 ryanbisd it just makes me "login" to the share, when I have it configured to not do that..
18:39 ryanbisd I think its because the 2000 server that it was using, was also the pdc for the other, eventhough they login to themselves, there is nothing controlling them anymore
18:39 thd ryanbisd: If it makes you then there may an additional configuration overriding your configuration.  But I do not know samba.
18:40 thd ryanbisd: Did you see my post about
18:40 ryanbisd yeah...
18:43 thd ryanbisd: I have found people in Germany or wherever will help on a channel with fewer members when people in the US are too busy or have too many messages flashing by to notice.
18:45 ryanbisd cool...
19:04 ryanbisd if I want a service to start on startup, i do 'chkconfig service add' correct?
19:07 thd ryanbisd: If that is fedora question I would not be much help to you either : /
19:07 ryanbisd haha.... cool.
19:31 kados "
19:31 kados ryanbisd: check out ntsysv
19:33 ryanbisd ?
19:33 ryanbisd I am having a problem with my samba shares......
19:33 ryanbisd If I take a windows 2000 pdc out of the network, will that cause Samba to ask for the username and PW or not let the samba shares work correctly, if the clients are stll logging into the domain?
19:38 ryanbisd the computer and share sometimes show up in the network neighborhood... sometimes not
19:38 ryanbisd and time out when I click to them
19:39 ryanbisd BUT... if I connect to the coputer via \\ip-address\sharename  it allows me to connect to the share, but I hav e to enter a username and PW
19:39 ryanbisd eventhough I have security = share
19:39 ryanbisd and allow guests
20:17 kados huh ...
20:18 kados ntsysv will help you decide which programs to start when you're booting
20:18 ryanbisd ohhh... I was explaing a problem I was having with samba...
20:18 ryanbisd sorry
20:18 kados haven't used windows for a while
20:18 kados so no idea on that one
20:23 ryanbisd thats cool..
20:23 ryanbisd I hate windows too...
20:24 ryanbisd but, the part time work I do, they have a hard enough time with windows, I couldnt imagine switching them over to something else
20:33 ryanbisd here is what a librarian told my director.. he sent it to me in an email
20:33 ryanbisd I looked briefly at this website/software.  I found a couple of things that got my attention. Such as, patrons may not do a linked subject search.  Ex: I look up the title of a book I loved and the subject shows as "friendship." I can then link to all other books in the library on friendship (very useful to the students!).  Also, when I looked up reports, they only have two options which are "daily reports."  All others that we rely on so m
20:33 ryanbisd uch do not exist.  Ex: monthly circulation reports, overdue book reports,  and reports that help us "clean up" our records.  I think this is great for organizations that do not have the circulations or collections (nor the need for a multi-purpose powerful system) we have, but I honestly think that it does not meet our needs.  I believe it would be taking a giant step backward from where we currently are.  Sorry!  the price is certainly rig
20:33 ryanbisd ht.  Maybe in the future, it will become a more viable option.
20:34 chris ahh they didnt look hard enough
20:34 chris perhaps they arent aware of the fact its running 4 public libraries already
20:34 Genji yup. that linked subject search is in the cvs head, right now.
20:34 Genji my sidebar implementation in css/en
20:35 ryanbisd huh?
20:35 chris im assuming they are talking about koha ryan?
20:35 ryanbisd so, it can do all those things?
20:35 ryanbisd yes.
20:35 chris sure can
20:35 Genji[…]
20:36 ryanbisd link doesnt work
20:36 Genji[…]
20:36 Genji sorry.
20:37 chris or
20:37 chris[…]
20:37 chris where you can just click on a subject
20:38 chris the original Koha install has been running for 5.5 years now ryan
20:38 chris and has done
20:38 chris 2188689 issues
20:39 chris at least
20:39 chris renewals are only being counted once
20:40 chris so probably closer to 2.4 million
20:40 chris with reports ... there is built in reporting tool
20:40 chris and some useful reports, like overdues, daily stats
20:41 chris but heres where koha comes into its own
20:41 thd ryanbisd: What example of the "website/software" did the librarian look at?
20:41 ryanbisd the one on the koha website
20:41 ryanbisd the testdrive
20:41 chris the problem with the testdrive is that people can play with it
20:42 chris so they monkey in systempreferences and make a mess :)
20:42 thd ryanbisd: That one is very old and has not been configured correctly for years :)
20:42 ryanbisd haha
20:42 chris its not that old, but the not configured is true
20:43 chris ppl keep swithcing to old templates
20:44 chris we should probably just kill it, and have screen shots instead
20:44 ryanbisd where is the map, with eveyone who is using koha?
20:45 chris
20:45 thd ryanbisd: Thr example at has not been mucked up badly yet, although, kados disabled Z39.50 searches on the demo.
20:49 thd chris: rather than killing the demo, just reset the configuration values at some announced interval.
20:49 chris ppl put claggy data in as well
20:49 chris probably should just drop the db and reload
20:51 thd chris: exactly, the demo convinced me Koha was well worth watching years ago, despite misconfiguration and fewer features at the time :)
20:53 ryanbisd whats the big library thats using koha?
20:53 thd chris: there sould be a demo configured for marc and a demo configured for unimarc as long as we cannot have both in one
20:55 thd ryanbisd: the Nelsonville Public Library in Ohio
20:55 ryanbisd how many books?
20:55 thd ryanbisd: circa 350,000
20:56 thd ryanbisd: I am conspiring with kados for doing something with a library more than an order of magnitude larger.
20:57 ryanbisd wow...
20:57 ryanbisd do you guys do the mambo thing?
20:58 thd ryanbisd: ask kados about mambo he had been busy with his ALA convention contacts earlier
21:01 chris would be good to have one with marc turned off too
21:01 chris (its all still stored in marc, it just doesnt bombard the librarians with it)
21:02 ryanbisd how much do you guys charge to convert and setup a sytem?
21:03 chris who katipo?
21:04 ryanbisd yeah
21:04 ryanbisd I mean... just a general figure.
21:04 chris ummm
21:04 chris i dont think we have one .. it all depends on the size of the library
21:05 ryanbisd ahh...
21:05 thd thd: I have no such services, chris, you are the only one paying attention to ask.
21:06 chris i dont actually know myself
21:06 rach I'm not sure how big your library is - but we start around $5000 NZ for a smallish private library
21:06 chris the project managers deal with that ;)
21:06 chris and heres one now :)
21:06 rach which is about $3500 mabe US at current exchange rates
21:06 rach that generally includes some customisation or a server
21:07 ryanbisd right.
21:07 rach[…]koha/pricing.html
21:08 rach if it helps
21:10 ryanbisd cool..
21:12 Genji hiya ythere rach!
21:12 rach hi - I'm just passing through - on a deadline for a quote at the moment
21:45 thd chris: how compete is the map at ?  I do undrstand that there is no reporting obligation for using Koha.  How much do you think is missing?
21:45 chris hard to know
21:45 chris my guyess is lots
21:45 chris since if you google around .. you find koha opacs that arent listed
21:46 chris i think we have *most* of the ones in production
21:46 chris as people tend to be proud and report those
21:46 thd chris: as well they should be :)
21:50 thd chris: I was suprised to find so few in absolute terms on your map near New Zealand.
21:51 chris new zealand itself needs to be updated
21:52 chris one we are working on now .. but there are 2 other libraries that run koha that arent on that map
21:52 chris at least
21:52 chris problem is .. they are all in wellington :)
21:52 chris no room for any more dots
21:53 kados hopefully the new website map won't be limited in that way ;-)
21:53 kados howdy chris
21:53 chris we might need to zoom in even more
21:53 kados yep
21:53 kados maybe using google maps
21:54 thd spot the building with the koha server :)
21:54 ryanbisd Kados...
21:54 chris we are doing the second public library in NZ at the moment
21:55 kados ryanbisd: yea?
21:55 ryanbisd I did you see the email I posted earlier?
21:55 kados ryanbisd: title?
21:55 chris which should help more nz libraries see the benefits
21:55 chris they tend to be pretty cautious :)
21:55 ryanbisd title?
21:55 kados ryanbisd: I dont' see an email from you today
21:56 kados ryanbisd: on koha-devel?
21:56 ryanbisd ohh... I posted it in here
21:56 kados nope ... didnt' see it ... not up with the logs ;-)
21:56 thd chris: what are NZ libraries cautious about?
21:57 chris change :)
21:57 chris thats probably being a bit harsh
21:57 thd chris: thats a universal caution for everyone :)
21:57 chris yep
21:57 chris i think there is a bit of the too good to be true element
21:58 kados ryanbisd: hmmm ... about the circ reports
21:58 kados ryanbisd: the reports visible are just a fraction of the reports possible
21:58 kados ryanbisd: esp with the new report module
21:58 chris the other thing that koha has .. is that we dont hide the data
21:58 kados ryanbisd: Koha can probably generate reports your current ILS couldn't even imagine doing ;-)
21:59 ryanbisd is there anyway you could email me a list of what all is possible with koha.... so I can answer and nip in the bud any doubts they ahve
21:59 ryanbisd we're using follett
21:59 kados ryanbisd: also ... doing linked subject searches is very possible ;-)
21:59 chris so anyone who knows a bit of sql,and has the access .. can build any report they want
21:59 kados ryanbisd: Koha is much more advanced than follett in every way ;-)
21:59 ryanbisd Im already sold...
21:59 kados ryanbisd: (maybe a bit of an over statement ;-))
21:59 ryanbisd its the other people..
22:00 kados ryanbisd: I don't have a comprehensive list of features that I can just pull out of my ass unfortunately
22:00 ryanbisd hahahahaha
22:00 chris we probably should write one
22:00 chris and try and keep it up to date
22:00 kados yep
22:00 chris we need more volunteer writers
22:01 chris lord knows you dont want me writing stuff
22:01 kados heh
22:01 kados just code chris ;-)
22:01 chris heh
22:04 thd perhaps a comparison chart with other ILS systems, to show the equivalence of Koha
22:04 kados thd: coming in the Feb issue of Computers in Libraries ;-)
22:05 thd kados: so you have the preprint?
22:05 kados thd: not yet ... but I filled out the survey
22:06 kados thd: and was guaranteed that Koha would be listed
22:06 thd kados: do they do such a survey regularly?
22:07 ryanbisd oh yeah, Kados...   is Mambo comparable to First Class?
22:07 kados thd: they've been doing a bunch of surveys on thing in libraries
22:07 kados thd: the Feb thing is ILSes ;-)
22:07 kados ryanbisd: First Class? never heard of it
22:07 kados ryanbisd: there are so many CMSes out there
22:07 kados it's impossible to keep up
22:07 ryanbisd
22:07 ryanbisd its what we use.... I think is pretty much school oriented
22:08 kados last year I did a sort of survey of ILSes and found that Mambo was the best one in terms of functions and community support
22:08 kados as well as add-on modules
22:09 kados at first glance I'd say Mambo has quite a bit more to offer
22:09 thd not all information is complete or up to date
22:10 kados yea ... like firstclass isn't even listed ;-)
22:11 ryanbisd I hate it..
22:11 ryanbisd its the worst
22:11 kados :-)
22:11 kados ryanbisd: have you seen LibLime's Mambo demos?
22:11 thd kados: they do have more than a few, there are just so many now, as you said
22:11 ryanbisd yeah, I looked at them today
22:12 ryanbisd I sent the link to the boss man..
22:12 kados what'd you think?
22:12 kados ahh
22:12 ryanbisd looks good..
22:12 kados cool ... we have been focusing so much on Koha and not so much on Mambo
22:12 kados but Mambo's really a solid choice for CMS
22:12 kados and would be a great way to run a website for a library
22:13 kados as well as a staff intranet
22:13 kados the modules we've got running on LibLime are just a sampling
22:13 kados there are some really cool modules for mambo
22:14 kados we use Mambo internally for our intranet as well as our customer support center
22:14 ryanbisd thats cool, I know we still have a year left with the firstclass people..
22:14 kados gotcha
22:14 kados do they host it for you?
22:15 thd kados: have you used zope?
22:15 ryanbisd BUT... since me and and another guy started in the dept... we've switched over to a lot of linux solutions
22:15 kados thd: that's one of the ones I compared with Mambo a while ago
22:15 ryanbisd so, one piece at a time...
22:15 indradg hi
22:15 kados at the time it's features were comparable
22:15 ryanbisd we've installed asterix
22:15 ryanbisd or.. however you spell it.
22:16 kados but the modules weren't nearly as comprehensive and the community wasn't as supporte as well
22:16 kados ryanbisd: sweet
22:16 kados ryanbisd: asterix is the shit of a PBX system, etc.
22:16 ryanbisd yeah...
22:17 ryanbisd we're setting up lines for all teachers
22:17 ryanbisd its pretty cool...
22:17 ryanbisd we have squid and dansgaurdian..
22:17 kados squidguard too?
22:18 ryanbisd not squidguard
22:18 ryanbisd its called dansgaurdian
22:18 kados squidguard's good for blocking by URL
22:18 ryanbisd probably similar
22:18 kados yea I know dansguardian
22:18 kados it blocks by content
22:18 kados completely different methods
22:18 ryanbisd right..
22:18 kados but useful when used together
22:19 kados discriminet uses both
22:19 ryanbisd we were using something called websense...
22:19 ryanbisd which was both expensive, and a POS
22:19 kados yea
22:19 kados I wrote discriminet for NPL because we've been using IPrism
22:20 thd kados: do you know if mambo has expandable tree views for supporting tree browsing as in Ovid's Medline/PubMed front end tool?
22:20 kados which costs like 1.5K per year
22:20 ryanbisd wow..
22:20 kados we've got one box deployed as a test site
22:20 kados and we'll have the whole system running on Discriminet in about a month
22:21 kados (license with IPrism expires in 60 days ;-))
22:21 ryanbisd all I know is, follett quoted us around 100k to upgrade our system, and renew the license we have with them
22:21 kados then I'll do a public release of the software
22:21 kados heh
22:21 kados how many items?
22:21 kados annual circ?
22:21 ryanbisd Umm... im not sure...
22:21 ryanbisd 7 schools
22:21 ryanbisd 2 of those are middle schools and 1 highschool
22:22 indradg kados, anything major happening on #koha in the last couple of days?
22:22 kados indradg: well ... nothing major in the last couple of days
22:22 indradg i just got back from yet another sales trip
22:22 kados indradg: but stick around ;-)
22:23 kados indradg: we're getting ready for some intensive Zebra discussions
22:23 kados I'll be making an announcement pretty soon
22:23 indradg nice
22:27 ryanbisd later guys
22:28 thd kados: well I just found a tree view for mambo.
22:28 kados thd: :-)
22:28 chris 100k US ... thats money for jam
22:28 kados Genji: you around?
22:29 kados chris: 100K?
22:29 chris <ryanbisd:#koha> all I know is, follett quoted us around 100k to upgrade our system,
22:29 kados ahh
22:29 kados yea ;-)
22:30 kados chris there's a new FRBR algorithm just published by OCLC
22:30 kados thought you might be interested
22:30 kados as it's kinda like the original Koha tables
22:30 chris heh
22:30 chris yeah i saw that
22:31 kados did you have a look at the PDF?
22:31 kados[…]rbr/algorithm.htm
22:31 kados if you reg you can download it
22:31 kados it doesn't look to complex to implement
22:32 kados basically a method for matching MARC records to each other to build the levels of FRBR
22:33 thd kados: I am looking for tree displays like the one described as tree display at[…]s/user_guide.html
22:34 thd kados: how did the orginal koha tables support FRBR?
22:34 kados thd: well the didn't support FRBR ... they predated it
22:34 kados but they basically (still) consist of
22:34 kados biblio, biblioitem, and item
22:35 kados which is very similar to FRBR's scheme
22:35 kados biblio being the work
22:35 chris its a much more normailised version of storing the data
22:35 kados biblioitem being one manifestation of the work
22:36 kados and an item being the physical item in the library
22:36 chris its what happens when you let a compsci graduate design a library system
22:36 kados :-)
22:36 kados it's really tough to normalize a MARC record
22:36 chris yep
22:37 thd kados: OCLCs early experiments showed that the bibliographic information in their database only allowed for reliable identification at the work rather than the edition or manifestation level if I remember correctly.
22:37 kados yep ... sounds right
22:38 kados hi there mason
22:38 thd kind of disappointing to not have better reliable identification out of all the information in MARC records
22:39 mason hey kados, we havent had time to chat yet aye?
22:39 kados nope ;-)
22:42 thd kados: xisbn is an incomplete model because of the recency of ISBNs if for no others.
22:43 kados mason: so chris tells me you've got a library background
22:43 kados thd: yep
22:44 kados thd: PINES has a somewhat FRBRized method for deriving a super-record
22:44 thd kados: but since OCLC has all that good data, you could build something on top of the results fetched from XISBN after fetching the matching records
22:44 kados thd: based on adding the numeric value for the ascii string of title and author and comparning it to other records ...
22:46 thd kados: is that the normalised title and author?
22:46 kados yea
22:46 kados from what I understand -- I haven't looked at the code
22:48 mason kados: yup about the library background
22:49 kados mason: ever hang out on #code4lib?
22:49 kados mason: good group of hacker librarians there
22:50 thd kados: how much of PINES is C++, a language with which I have no experience?
22:50 kados thd: 42.934% by my last count ;-)
22:51 thd :)
22:53 thd kados: they have tied it tightly to mozilla using XUL.
22:54 chris yep
22:54 chris i reckon you could do a XUL koha circulations pretty easily
22:55 kados yea ... just the staff interface is tied to XUL
22:55 kados which in my view is fine
22:55 thd chris: I hope for more open and flexible adaptable solutions than XUL
22:55 kados since you can control staff browser usage
22:55 mason kados: ive havent been on irc in ages, but i will have a look, thanks for the info
22:56 kados thd: proposals for how to lower the html overhead are welcome
22:56 thd kados: circulation is not my area of expertise
22:56 chris i really should finish my curses interface again
22:56 kados :-)
22:56 chris its issuing
22:56 kados chris: it's one of those things we've been talking about for like three years ;-)
22:57 chris yeah
22:57 chris
22:57 kados I tried to pass the buck to the ohio university students
22:57 kados but they never pick up that project ;-)
22:57 chris :)
22:57 thd kados: to be honest, actually selling the items in the collection is my background
22:57 kados :-)
22:57 kados selling library books is a crime where I live ;-)
22:58 kados course that never stops some people ;-)
22:58 thd kados: it should be
22:58 kados hehe
22:58 thd kados: I have been a bookseller for almost two decades
22:58 kados I think we recently discovered that something like 40% of our AV sollecction is longoverdue or missing
22:59 thd kados: not library books
22:59 kados thd: :-)
22:59 kados by 'our' I'm referring to Nelsonville's
22:59 kados and by sollecction I mean collection ;-)
23:00 thd kados: of course some places, like the famous case of the San Francisco Public library move just destroy books without examination or trying to sell them
23:01 kados ok ... now it's officially a holiday ... I'm out ;-)
23:01 chris cya kados
23:02 thd kados: happy holiday :)
23:23 thd does anyone have a copy of the Evergreen cataloging demo?
23:27 thd "(Update: April 5, 2004. This demo has been discontinued. The next demo is due out in Mid-May. )"
23:28 thd May has not happened yet in Georgia :(
02:39 paul hello francoisl
02:39 FrancoisL SAlut Paul ! Ca va ?
02:40 paul yes. J'étais supposé etre en vacances, mais j'ai reporté de 3 jours.
02:40 paul je pars mercredi
02:40 FrancoisL :)
02:40 FrancoisL Grosse réunion au SAN jeudi...
02:40 paul trop de travail, même avec super hdl qui vient de pointer le bout de son clavier par ici.
02:40 paul ;-)
02:40 paul quel genre la "grosse réunion" ?
02:41 FrancoisL Tout le monde + Roux-Fouillet
02:41 FrancoisL Analyse de la "matrice", organisation des développemnts...
02:41 paul tout le monde sauf moi ;-)
02:41 FrancoisL ... ils plippent un peu !
02:41 FrancoisL (flippent)
02:41 paul comme c'est inattendu...
02:41 hdl bonjour tout le monde ;)
02:41 FrancoisL Sauf toi si ce n'est de coeur :)
02:41 paul tiens, chtite remarque : il y a certaines choses faciles, et d'autres difficiles.
02:42 paul mettre les faciles au début.
02:42 FrancoisL Tout à fait d'ac'
02:42 FrancoisL QUe penses-tu de la dernière version du plan de dév' ?
02:42 FrancoisL Réaliste ?
02:43 FrancoisL A coté de la plaque ?
02:43 FrancoisL Drôle ?
02:43 paul rien à en redire. par contre, je vais envoyer un mail sur koha-devel avec ce que hdl et moi allons développer soon.
02:43 FrancoisL OK - je suis avec attention...
02:43 paul drole, pas vraiment, mais tu n'es pas muriel robin...
02:43 FrancoisL Oh, lui !
02:43 paul in pierre palmade si tu préfères cette comparaison.
02:44 paul ni mimi matthy
02:44 paul => [] sort en courant par la fenêtre
02:44 FrancoisL Ni Lafesse
02:44 FrancoisL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
02:44 paul ah, lui je le trouve de temps en temps excellent, mais j'ai du mal avec le fait de rire de quelqu'un qui ne sait pas qu'on se moque de lui.
02:44 FrancoisL C'est tjrs gentil...
02:45 FrancoisL ... et bien observé !
06:15 hdl hi
10:28 hdl hi shaun
10:44 shaun hi hdl
10:45 hdl how are you ?
10:45 shaun excellent thanks, exams all over, should be able to do some kohaing tonight, you?
10:47 hdl health is ok... But my love's at 3000 miles away, and my computers are in trouble
10:48 paul both computer ?
10:48 hdl Unfortunately. One had a freeze. The other can't start X server.. Font problem.
10:50 hdl Now the new one is ok without wifi... But I had many troubles with Internet connection and wanad@@@@!!! who uploads new configuration without noticing users.
10:50 hdl 2hrs with hotline this morning.
10:51 hdl In the end, the woman asked.... Are you angry ???
10:51 hdl Can you imagine ???
10:54 shaun hdl: and i thought i was having a tough time with my long distance relationship of 23 miles... O_o
10:56 paul the good news for hdl is that he's wife will come back in 1 week with a baby ;-)
10:56 paul (note that it makes waiting even harder...)
10:58 paul adoption is an english word ?
10:58 shaun yep
10:58 paul so adoption ;-)
10:58 shaun ok, that makes more sense :-)
10:59 paul (sorry hdl if you didn't want to speak of this. But having 1 year old baby is hard to explain in 2 weeks ;-) )
10:59 paul (having a 1 year old baby in 2 weeks is hard to explain)
11:04 hdl No problem

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