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13:18 slef  Recipient address:
13:18 slef  Original address:
13:18 slef  Reason: Over quota
13:18 slef help!
13:40 owen Maybe this one?
13:40 owen (used to post to Koha list on 5/25)
15:11 owen slef was aparently trying to contact you, indradg
15:13 osmoze_ thx to report owen :)
15:14 indradg owen, thanks
15:14 indradg slef, ping!
15:24 osmoze_ good night
17:03 Genji morning all.
18:50 thd indradg: I cannot reach .
19:10 hdl hi thd... Dos your z3950 client work OK now ?
19:16 thd indradg: I am installing koha on a debian system to compare now but it is still broken on the OSX system.  Do you know of working installs on FreeBSD or OSX?
19:16 hdl FreeBSD yes...
19:17 thd hdl: What version of the Event module was used?
19:20 hdl But I was told there were some issues at install... on FreeBSD solved in a kohadocs.
19:20 hdl The latest one I think.
19:21 hdl But maybe 6 months old.
19:21 thd hdl: Where is kohadocs?
19:21 hdl
19:27 thd hdl: I see docucumentation for Debian, Fedora, and Windows installs but I do not find anything for BSD.  Is there some part of kohadocs that I am missing?
19:29 hdl No. It should have been commited. But I didn't see either.
19:33 thd hdl: Google can only find "Server operating system:   Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MacOS X, or any other Unix"
19:33 thd hdl: for bsd | freebsd
19:34 hdl ther was a discussion on koha-devel on the 20 of June about installation on freeBSD. That's why I dreamt of a kohadoc.
19:41 thd hdl: someone wants to write a koha port for the FreeBSD ports system.  There was another discussion that I forwarded from an abandoned koha list discussion about removing the -s switch from the su command as that switch is not available in BSD versions of su.
19:54 thd hdl: I have not made much progress with the z39.50 daemon.  My major acomplishment today, if it could be described as an accomplishment, is formally reporting bug #997.
20:02 hdl So It is you that commited that bug. GRRRRRR ;)
20:02 hdl thd : I removed the -s switch in koha2.2.4 coming up soon ;)
20:03 thd hdl: GRRRRR?
20:04 thd hdl: I certainly offer to make whatever small contribution I can to fixing that very big bug :-)
20:06 hdl Yes. But It seems to me that we can't manage to cope with this unless major changes in database would be made.
20:06 hdl Anyway, Zebra will probably solve some problems ;)
20:07 hdl maybe you could get docs on this and play with its configuration.
20:07 thd hdl: true, but how can libraries cope with having their old data corrupted if koha is to become widely deployed?
20:32 hdl hi.
20:32 thd hdl: reading the irc logs over the weekend I noticed that kados had been speaking with the Index Data people at the ALA convention.  The relevant section follows.  There are some undocumented issues with Zebra that Index Data would help with for Koha.
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:27:51+-5<kados:#koha>and today we talked extensively with indexdata
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:27:54+-5<chris:#koha>been taking photos?
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:27:57+-5<chris:#koha>ohh thats good
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:27:59+-5<kados:#koha>I"m having dinner with sebastian tonight
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:28:06+-5<kados:#koha>ya ... photos galore
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:28:11+-5<chris:#koha>cool
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:28:18+-5<kados:#koha>I'll post them when I get a chance
20:32 thd 27/06/05 11:28:30+-5<kados:#koha>sounds like we should let indexdata integrate koha with zebra ;-)
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:28:42+-5<kados:#koha>there's lots of internal stuff that's not well documented
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:28:55+-5<kados:#koha>and after they saw the koha demos
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:29:03+-5<kados:#koha>they were interested in getting involved
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:29:08+-5<chris:#koha>excellent
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:29:30+-5<kados:#koha>sebastian and I are chatting about it tonight
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:29:38+-5<chris:#koha>cool
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:30:03+-5<kados:#koha>not much of a vacation I'm afraid ;-)
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:30:22+-5<kados:#koha>not used to standing for this long - -my feet are killing me ;-)
20:33 thd 27/06/05 11:34:54+-5* kados:#kohaheads to dinner
20:33 thd 27/06/05 13:25:56+-5* slef:#kohachuckles at kados getting his trade show feet :-)
20:33 hdl Anyone working on css version 2.2 ????
20:33 hdl thd : thx
20:35 thd hdl: I try to use css 1 only for compatibility with older or under implemented css in current browsers
20:45 thd rebuilding kernel shutdown
22:49 indradg thd, hi
22:50 indradg thd, i can access ... perhaps it was a temporary borkage due to the fact that we are overhauling the site
22:50 indradg hi all... good morning!
23:42 thd indradg: just a temporary issue for accessing
02:10 osmoze hello
02:10 indradg hi osmoze
02:36 hdl hi...
02:38 hdl thd : I questioned becaus I saw many files deleted from CVS under cervisia. And I wondered what happened. ;)
02:56 thd hdl: "questioned" ?
02:57 hdl sorry, I asked.
02:57 thd hdl: what did you ask?
02:57 thd hdl: maybe I missed the question
03:13 hdl thd : this question Anyone working on css version 2.2 ????
03:13 indradg �?
03:13 hdl hi indradg
03:13 indradg oops... sorry wrong window
03:13 indradg hi hdl
03:14 thd hdl: not me :)
03:16 hdl ;)
03:16 indradg hdl, that was prolly Genji.... was having some problems with CSS
03:17 hdl I didn't want to scare anyone nor blame. But that frightened me.
03:20 indradg lol
03:20 indradg ;)
11:15 thd hdl: I have had the z3950 daemon running on Debian since last night and have been experimenting with improvments in adding fields to the search results for better selecting a pre-ISBN record where the title and author of results are the same.
11:18 hdl yes... And then ?
11:19 thd hdl: Enhancements to be continued later,
11:21 hdl thx.
11:26 thd hdl: I noticed that USMARC and UNIMARC were the two z39.50 server options in my 2.2.2b original and upgraded to 2.2.3 install on OSX.   A new 2.2.3 install on Debian has MARC21 and UNIMARC options for the same field not USMARC.  Is there an issue there for my z39.50 problem on OSX?

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