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12:53 slef indradg: did you see my comment about the CD?
12:57 indradg slef, u mean this -> slef indradg: sourceforge upload completed. Needs an admin to unhide kohacd package :-( ?
12:58 indradg slef, did u try to run the CD urself?
12:58 indradg i've not yet heard from kados whether it ran properly?
13:11 slef indradg: no, not yet. I can burn it once the burning machine is switched on again
13:22 indradg slef, ok... thanks for the help :)
18:27 kados #koha even
18:27 chris heya
18:27 chris hows ALA?
18:27 kados going great!
18:27 chris excellent
18:27 kados we've had quite a lot of exposure
18:27 chris sweet
18:27 kados and today we talked extensively with indexdata
18:27 chris been taking photos?
18:27 chris ohh thats good
18:27 kados I"m having dinner with sebastian tonight
18:28 kados ya ... photos galore
18:28 chris cool
18:28 kados I'll post them when I get a chance
18:28 kados sounds like we should let indexdata integrate koha with zebra ;-)
18:28 kados there's lots of internal stuff that's not well documented
18:28 kados and after they saw the koha demos
18:29 kados they were interested in getting involved
18:29 chris excellent
18:29 kados sebastian and I are chatting about it tonight
18:29 chris cool
18:30 kados not much of a vacation I'm afraid ;-)
18:30 kados not used to standing for this long - -my feet are killing me ;-)
20:26 slef kados: can you unhide kohacd on sourceforge? I don't think I can.
20:26 chris i probably can
20:26 chris ill go try
20:26 slef yes, I think you can.
20:26 slef Trust me to ask the one who's not here! Thanks chris.
20:26 chris :)
20:27 slef back later
20:33 chris done
23:10 indradg hi... morning
23:10 chris heya indradg
23:11 chris just out of interest, what city in india do you live in again?
23:12 indradg chris, Calcutta -- these days rechristened as Kolkata
23:13 chris[…].163765&t=k&hl=en
23:13 chris there we go :)
23:13 chris hmm i see a cricket ground i think
23:14 indradg lemme see... image loading
23:14 chris[…].081882&t=k&hl=en
23:14 chris zoomed in a bit
23:17 indradg chris, btw thanks for unhiding the LiveCD :)
23:19 chris no problem
23:20 chris thanks for making it :)
23:25 indradg It still requirs spit-and-polish.... and serious QA/test... typos galore! had to upload it in a hurry to so that Joshua could hand it out at ALA
23:25 chris right
23:25 chris ill try one out one evening this week
23:26 indradg thanks... I'lll look forward to ur feedback
23:26 indradg I think I'll setup a form on our site
23:26 indradg for ppl to report back errors
23:28 chris thats a good idea
02:23 indradg hdl, thanks for the ftp space... it all worked out... kados d/led it... slef uploaded it  to Koha site and chris unhid it and so now its http://prdownloads.sourceforge[…]veCD.iso?download
02:24 indradg couldn't have done it without all you guys helping out
04:33 Genji any html'ers around?
04:45 indradg Genji watsup?
04:54 Genji can you look at the source of[…] and tell me why its wierd?
04:56 indradg CSS not working?
04:56 Genji dunno.
04:56 Genji i only know tables.. not css.
04:56 Genji so i used a two column table.
04:57 paul Hi Genji
04:57 paul why do you use <table> ?
04:57 paul remove it, add <div id="bloc20"> or div id=bloc"60" and that will do the job automatically.
04:58 Genji every single web browser uses css these days?
04:58 paul yes & no.
04:58 Genji so.. where do i put the bloc20 and bloc60?
04:58 paul the one that don't use them won't show your table correctly anyway.
04:58 paul like lynx.
04:59 paul but lynx is usefull for blind ppl for example, with speech synthetisor.
04:59 paul just before & after the "bloc" you want to show
04:59 Genji so how do i do that?
04:59 paul if you want something so precise, you need another css rule.
04:59 Genji what is bloc20 and what is bloc60?
05:00 paul don't bother on it for instance, you can do it at the end.
05:00 paul probably something like :
05:00 indradg #bloc20, .bloc20 {
05:00 indradg        float:left;
05:00 indradg        border:1px solid #000000;
05:00 indradg        margin-right:20px;
05:00 paul .sidebar {
05:00 indradg        margin-bottom:20px;
05:00 indradg        padding-right:20px;
05:00 indradg }
05:00 indradg #bloc60, .bloc60 {
05:00 indradg        float:left;
05:00 paul float:right}
05:00 indradg        border:1px solid #000000;
05:00 indradg        margin-right:20px;
05:00 indradg        margin-bottom:20px;
05:00 indradg        padding-right:20px;
05:00 indradg }
05:01 paul I repeat to avoid code mixing :
05:01 paul .sidebar {
05:01 paul float:right}
05:01 paul will put the sidebar on the right.
05:01 paul you could add some properties to make it 70% mandatory.
05:01 paul something like :
05:01 paul margin-left : 30%;
05:02 paul you should learn.
05:02 paul no, you MUST learn ;-)
05:02 Genji but im a perl programmer... its the html designers job, not mine.
05:27 Genji #leftbloc {
05:27 Genji float:left;
05:27 Genji width:30%;
05:27 Genji border:0;
05:27 Genji }
05:27 Genji #rightbloc {
05:27 Genji float:right;
05:27 Genji width:30%;
05:27 Genji border:0;
05:27 Genji }
05:27 Genji so..... why does the rightbloc show below the left block?
05:27 Genji errr... sorry...
05:27 Genji #homebloc {
05:27 Genji float:left;
05:27 Genji width:60%;
05:27 Genji border:0;
05:27 Genji }
05:28 Genji so i got homebloc, then rightbloc.
05:28 Genji why is rightbloc showing below homebloc?
05:40 Genji nevermind.
09:38 paul 'morning owen
09:38 owen Hi
09:38 paul do you know who wrote #koha title ?
09:38 paul as I don't know what is "koha 2.2.3 live CD on" ???
09:40 owen According to the log, it was indradg
09:40 owen http://prdownloads.sourceforge[…]veCD.iso?download
09:40 owen "26/06/05 00:00:36+-5<osmoze:#koha>paul_away, quand tu reviens, tu peux me donner l adresse exacte du LiveCD donner en titre du chan, je ne le trouve pas "
09:42 paul thanks, so it's not on but on sourceforge...
11:14 slef Any katipoids alive?
11:24 hdl yep.
11:24 paul hdl is not a katipoid !!!
11:24 paul (or i missed something ;-) )
11:24 paul (& montpellier is in New Zealand...)
11:24 slef It surprised me, so I just did /whois
11:25 hdl Sorry. I read Kohaman... A little tired ;)
11:25 slef hdl: c'est quoi, "fraud" en francais?
11:25 slef ;-)
11:25 paul fraude
11:25 paul !
11:26 slef anyone tested the live cd yet btw?
11:26 paul not me
11:27 slef cool, I'll try burning one then
11:31 slef "Bother," said Pooh, "Eeyore, ready two photon torpedoes and lock phasers on the Heffalump. Piglet, meet me in transporter room three. Christopher Robin, you have the bridge."

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