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12:02 kados hdl: i just followed the instructions here:
12:02 kados[…]hic/ecbdldrd.html
12:02 kados hey stephen!
12:02 shedges hey joshua!
12:02 kados what's up?
12:02 shedges finally got my eMac to connect to irc  woo-hoo!
12:03 kados great! what client are you using?
12:03 shedges chatzilla\
12:03 shedges not sure why it worked now when it didn't work before
14:34 Ben rach, did you mean UTC, or did you mean UK time?
14:56 chris 10pm for you ben, 9am for me :)
15:01 owen So you NZ'ers don't even have to get up early!
15:01 owen Now it all makes sense... ;)
15:03 chris 9am friday is early for me :)
15:04 chris right, off to a meeting i go
15:04 owen Well don't let the folks in India hear you complain ;)
15:05 chris yeah they got the shortest end of the straw
16:07 rach in my defence that was Pauls choice of time - he said not before 11pm
19:53 rach
20:04 kados looks good rach
20:04 pate-work yes, it does look nice
20:33 rach thanka guys
20:33 rach is it the kinda thing anyone other than me want's do you think :-)
20:37 rach and I've been backing away from having "sideways" navigation once you get into an activity
20:47 rach[…]h_ideas_details_2
20:47 rach with a book cover - the ultimate :-)
20:47 rach not the right book cover, but you can't have everything
20:48 chris npl have book covers had you seen rach?
20:48 rach I havne't seen one with one
20:49 chris http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]
20:49 chris http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]ntains&value=fish
20:49 chris pretty cool
20:50 chris u dont?
20:50 chris weird
20:50 chris i do
20:51 rach nope - joshua if you chat with owen you might want to let him know - firefox for me isn't showing the book covers
20:54 rosa I can see the covers, and it looks really nice
20:57 rach still not for me in firefox, but I can in IE
21:21 rach[…]_details_3?full=1
21:22 rach try[…]eas_details_3_001
22:24 rach hi jo
22:31 rach try[…]eas_details_3_001
23:33 rach[…]h_ideas_details_4
00:19 rosa oh nice, Rach
00:26 rach thanks rosa
00:36 michael Evening all
00:40 rach hi
00:46 michael Anyone here using SME Server 6. from Contribs.Org?
02:06 chris not that i know of
02:07 chris is it a unix based (like linux or bsd) server?
03:39 Sylvain hi all
03:40 Sylvain I'm juste looking preview screenshots from rachel, and they're really great ...
03:45 hdl Yeah! Sexy. Especially the one with comments on (the last one)...
03:47 Sylvain yes :)
04:26 paul_away sylvain & hdl ?
04:27 rach ta :-)
04:31 Sylvain oui paul_away ?
04:31 paul a propos de ta remarque d'hier sur les lecteurs
04:31 paul il y a un bug effectivement sur les inscription (date & fin)
04:32 paul je l'ai corrigé dans le train hier, je vais commiter ca asap
04:33 Sylvain ok, merci :)
04:33 paul de rien, et à ce soir ici même (mail sur infos@koha* à l'instant)
04:33 Sylvain je comptais m'y pencher sinon mais c'est cool
04:34 Sylvain ok, je vais lire ça
04:41 Sylvain ouais, le programme a l'air chargé, ça va nous faire coucher tard ;)
04:41 michael someone going to translate all that?
04:42 Sylvain all what ?
04:42 paul sylvain, d'habitude, un chat nous prend 3H.
04:42 michael <Sylvain> ouais, le programme a l'air chargé, ça va nous faire coucher tard ;)
04:43 Sylvain erg I say we'll go to bed late tonight due to the meeting
04:43 Sylvain but I was thinking you were michal from France, that's why I didn't understand your request :)
04:43 Sylvain +e
04:44 michael :-)
04:45 paul so you should have another nickname, probably (as well as the other sylvain)
04:45 Sylvain the other sylvain ?
04:45 paul we were talking of the chat
04:45 paul (oups... the other michael... paul tired today ;-) )
04:48 paul a little bit violent ;-)
04:50 ki11er it's my normal IRC nick
04:50 ki11er I can change it back if you want
04:51 paul no, it was just a joke
04:52 paul (but it's a little bit violent. Nothing to say on #warcraftIII channel, but strange on a #koha one)
04:53 ki11er true, I normally hang out on our local LUG channel on our private IRC server
05:03 hdl Thanks paul for members management.
05:04 hdl About items lost, I think I got a clue
05:05 hdl This happens when editing and saving modifications
05:05 hdl Indeed, 995 tags are not saved, since they are not on the edit page.
05:06 hdl It is understandable ! 995 records shoudn't get modified on that page. But, since the marc record is modified and saved, 995 tags should be kept in a hidden place.
05:07 hdl paul
05:11 ki11er night all
05:13 paul hdl, tu m'appelles ? je suis dispo quelques minutes
09:55 owen hi indradg
09:55 indradg hi there owen
09:56 indradg the meeting is at an ungodly hour.... 2:30 AM India time :(
09:57 hdl kados are you around ?
09:58 hdl I think I found the item loosing bug. I am looking for a confirmation.
09:58 owen There doesn't seem to be a time that's good for /everyone/
09:58 owen hdl, can you give me the details?
09:58 hdl It seems that people are sometimes loosing items when using MARC.
09:59 hdl That happens when editing a biblio note.
09:59 owen a biblio note?
10:00 hdl I don't know the english.
10:00 indradg hdl, MARC field 504?
10:01 owen Are you talking about working with  Or
10:01 hdl
10:01 hdl won't take 995 fields into account.
10:02 owen It's not really supposed to, is it?
10:02 hdl And that LOOKS to me to be the root of the item losts.
10:02 owen I don't know... The problem here occurs when we edit an item using
10:02 hdl It should at least report 995 fields into the marc record.
10:03 hdl Do you allow me an access to your parameters ?
10:04 hdl We had here a ghost line problem when editing items. And it vanished when we found that Two Marc fields were linked to a 995 subfield.
10:06 owen I know we've confirmed our parameters--items.itemnumber is mapped to only one subfield
10:07 hdl what exactly is your problem ?
10:08 owen If we try to add an item the item number is not added to marc_subfield_table.  It's only added to the items table.
10:08 owen[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=983
10:15 hdl But When editing a biblio, it *does* preserves its items, doesn't it ?
10:16 hdl Or it throw them away ?
10:16 owen It *does* preserve the items.
10:16 owen It does not throw them away
10:16 owen That would be particularly bad, since you have to click the 'save biblio' button to get to items! :)
10:18 hdl Sure it is, but that is one of My problems °-(. And I don't know WHY.
10:22 hdl But if you don't have the same, it means that MY parameters are to be blamed for this.
10:22 owen It's all very confusing
11:16 Sylvain time to go home, see you in 5 hours ;)
11:18 hdl See you.

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