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12:06 owen paul around?
12:06 paul yes
12:06 owen Hi paul.
12:06 paul writting release notes for 2.2.2 in french
12:06 paul good morning own
12:06 owen we've run into a pretty nasty bug in circulation
12:07 owen It happens when someone checks out an item which is on reserve for another patron.
12:07 paul (my flight ticket for Columbus is in my hand... arriving on Saturday, april, 9 at 7:11PM)
12:07 owen If you override the reserve, but don't cancel it, the item is made waiting for that other patron at the same time that it's being issued
12:08 paul if I understand, it means :
12:08 paul * item is reserved by X
12:08 paul * Y tries to issue it
12:09 paul * the librarian confirm & don't cancel the reserve
12:09 paul * the item is marked "waiting" for X
12:09 owen That's correct
12:10 paul and X comes to the library to get the item, so, you'll have some problems...
12:10 paul you should have some logs
12:11 paul something like FillReserve, Waiting, Reserved
12:11 owen Yes, I've noticed that
12:11 paul then CancelReserve or transferbook
12:11 paul and you have what exactly ?
12:32 owen Reserved at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modu​les//C4/Circulation/ line 846.
12:32 owen transferbook at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modu​les//C4/Circulation/ line 863.
17:06 rach hello
18:31 rach hi rosalie
18:32 rosa hi rach, anyone else watching
18:41 rach dunno - owen and paul were around earlier, but I haven't got time stamping turned on so I can't see how much earlier
18:43 rach hi owen
18:43 rach no one has helped me with my authority file confusion :-(
18:43 owen Authority file confusion?
18:44 rach I can't work out how to actually start/add an authority
18:44 rosa that's two of us
18:44 rach I think I need to do something with the marc mapping
18:44 rach but it's doing my head in
18:44 owen Do you mean an authorized value?
18:44 rach yes
18:45 rach so like "English" for language
18:45 rach it *looks* like you can do it
18:45 rach my question was wether it only worked if you were using unimarc
18:45 rach which is what the docs seem to say
18:46 owen No, I've used them with MARC21
18:46 rach yeah it didn't really seem likely
18:46 owen How far have you gotten?  Have you set up a list of values in 'Authorised values admin'?
18:47 owen Start by going to Parameters -> Authorised values
18:48 rach what is a category?
18:49 owen A category is a group of authorized values, so you might create a 'lang' category for your language values
18:49 rach ok
18:49 rach and what is "lib"
18:50 owen I don't see that.  Is that on the 'add new category' page?
18:50 rach yes
18:51 owen My installation of 2.2 has Category, Authorised Value, and Text as the options.
18:51 rach ok what is text?
18:51 rach is that like the long version of the value?
18:51 owen Yes
18:51 rach so En = English
18:52 rach :-)
18:52 rach Ok so I've got a category = language, auth value = english, lib =English
18:53 rach how do I add more to the same category?
18:54 owen Is there an 'add authorised value' button?
18:54 rach nope
18:54 rach 2 add category buttons
18:55 rach so that might be a template bug
18:55 rach hmm delete doesn't work either
18:55 owen Hmm... Are you working with an up-to-date copy of 2.2?
18:56 rach ah maybe not - 2.2.0RC3
18:57 owen I'm afraid we'll have to pick this up again tomorrow.  I have to leave.
18:58 rach ok ta
18:59 rach ah that's funny, we're doing hte same thing rosalie
18:59 rosa I might have to send someone off to do some MARC training
19:00 chris im fairly sure the geneva convention prevents that rosa
19:00 rach yeah I reckon :-)
19:00 chris cruel and inhumane or something
19:00 rach well unless they have been very bad :-)
19:00 rosa :-)))
19:02 rach did you just delete all those ones rosalie?
19:02 rach ah no I see
19:02 rosa which ones?
19:03 rosa I've got country and language
19:03 rosa as categories
19:03 rach and thought the rest had gone, but it's not the case
19:04 rosa keyword wouldn't be an authorised value
19:05 rosa authorised value is the approved version of something - like the correct spelling and dates for a name
19:05 rach IANAL :-)
19:05 rosa IANAL?
19:05 rach I am not a librarian
19:06 rach usually i am not a lawyer
19:06 rosa wise
19:06 rach um we were thinking of having keywords/subjects as an authority, for our document management bit
19:06 rosa maybe I need to do the MARC thing myself. i must have been very bad in a pst life
19:06 rach so we do that for LGNZ basically
19:07 rosa There you go. I knew there was a quick and dirty way to do authority control
19:07 rosa that didn't invole a thousand headings and who knows how many thousand subheadings
19:08 rach but you can do that if you want rosa :-)
19:08 rosa the MARC training?
19:08 rach no the hierachy of categories
19:08 rach[…]dmin/
19:09 rach maybe we need to go to france rosa, and get training from paul :-)
19:10 chris you only need to go to ohio, in april and meet paul and the NPL there :-)
19:12 kados chris: back?
19:12 chris yep back in cold rainy wellington
19:12 kados howdy! long time no read ;-) how was SF?
19:13 chris i was in fullerton ... so im not sure :-) (down by LA) fullerton was good
19:13 kados hehe
19:13 rach :-)
19:13 rach hmm rosa just reading the marc cataloguing sales pitch "For a non-cataloguer who is adventurous enough to attend this
19:13 rach workshop, you will leave with a better understanding of how cataloguing
19:13 rach rules and MARC records work together to allow patrons to find the materials
19:13 rach that we collect in our libraries."
19:14 chris on a serious note, i wouldnt mind going
19:15 chris i wonder how much it costs
19:15 kados is it in NZ?
19:15 rach $540 including GST
19:15 rach yep it's in hamilton
19:15 chris or christchurch
19:15 rach the most boring city in NZ :-)
19:15 kados :-)
19:15 chris id go to christchurch, rather than hamiltron
19:16 rach true
19:16 rach see the famdamily
19:16 chris ahh 540 for both, or 180 for just MARC21
19:16 chris i guess we'd need to join lianza too
19:17 rach we might get to wangle that
19:17 chris well we are working on their membership database
19:17 chris wouldnt be hard :-)
19:17 rach we could add ourselves in :-)
19:17 chris woo
19:18 chris it cost me 1499$nz return to LAX via sydney
19:18 rach it costs between $900 and $2000 NZ depending on what deals you can get
19:19 rach they were doing $999 to san fran last year
19:19 chris yep, i got that
19:19 chris if you can avoid LAX, id heartily recommend it
19:19 rach but it costs more to go at short notice usually
19:19 rach still sucks then chris?
19:19 kados yea ...
19:19 chris yeah, all big airports suck
19:20 rach later
19:20 kados great to read you guys ... talk later ;-)
19:20 chris cya later
19:22 rosa sorry got called away
19:23 rach almost like you're running a library rosa :-)
19:23 rosa the library is an institutional member. Chris could go as an HLT person. loose affiliation not described
19:23 chris ohh tricky
19:24 chris oh did I tell you rach, i fixed bernadettes copyright date problem, and 3 or for other glitches
19:24 rosa honorary temporary staff or summat
19:24 chris (christchurch reminded me)
19:26 rach yay thanks for that chris
21:19 rosa we're back inbusiness
23:29 indradg chris, hi
23:29 chris heya indradg
23:29 indradg around?
23:29 chris yep
23:30 indradg read the earlier transcript.... u said that u fixed the (c) problem that was being discussed on the list
23:31 chris ahh this problem was just a template bug
23:31 indradg i c
23:31 chris the script was expecting an input with the name "copyrightdate"
23:31 chris the html was <input type="text" name="copyright">
23:31 indradg so its not a shortcoming of the way Koha is managing the Marc tag for copyright
23:32 chris nope, was purely that it was never actually being passed through to any of the subroutines
23:32 indradg got it
23:36 chris my first instinct is to always check the html::template files
23:37 chris its so easy to break things by changing input names, or accidentally deleting the wrong line etc
23:37 indradg yeah, so I learnt lately... after I managed to get over my perl aversion ;)
23:37 chris :)
23:39 indradg I have added a couple of fields to borrowers table for one of my installations.... 1) member's photo (standard passport sized mugshot) and 2) member's/authorised person (incase of inst member) signature
23:40 chris ahh cool
23:41 indradg I'm thinking of tweaking the barcode generator module to print out a bar-coded, photo_id library membership card
23:41 chris that'd be pretty cool
03:47 paul is rach around ?
03:58 rach here
03:59 rach[…]3813_sm.sized.jpg
04:00 rach my nephew - a regular linux baby :-)
04:00 rach[…]Tommy/IMG_3817_sm
04:00 rach that ones nice
04:14 paul rach, about your chat with rosa & chris
04:14 paul my opinion is that the best solution would be to translate my
04:14 paul migrer_ses_donnees.xml
04:14 paul (that is in french only, sorry not to be native english ;-) )
05:05 si paul, are you still around?
05:07 paul yep (11AM in France
05:07 paul )
05:07 paul si
05:08 si rachel was asking if you were about
05:08 si she wants to chat
05:08 si but can't tear herself away from the tv :-)
05:08 paul she can come, i'm here
05:09 paul (working on z3950daemon)
05:18 rach hello
05:19 rach you're talking about our chat about authority files etc?
05:20 rach I could probably get that translated by Regula maybe
05:22 rach
05:22 rach that one?
05:52 hdl hello
05:59 paul rach, you're right.
05:59 paul I was thinking to regula when writing this suggestion ;-)
05:59 paul salut hdl
08:32 indradg_ hi anyone around? paul?
08:32 indradg_ chris? kados?
10:10 sylvain hi all
10:32 hdl hi
11:21 paul sylvain ?
11:21 paul bonjour
11:22 paul tu bosses sur quoi actuellement ?
11:22 paul (pour le point de situation à l'ENSMP)
11:24 sylvain cette semaine j'ai pas trop fait de choses pour l'ENSMP
11:25 sylvain mon prochain truc ce sera les commandes depuis le réservoir
11:25 sylvain et la semaine dernière j'ai fait la séparation des paramètres mais tu dois déjà l'avoir noté j'imagine
11:28 indradg paul, hi
11:28 paul vivi.
11:28 indradg ran into a problem while upgrading from Koha 2.0.0 to 2.2.0
11:28 paul ok, je note que tu bosses sur les commandes depuis le réservoir. Ca va pas être simple simple...
11:28 paul indradg, hello.
11:29 indradg paul, marc search frm Intranet as well as opac isnt working
11:29 paul (on en parle si tu veux, mais demain, parce que vendredi je suis pas dispo, et lundi à la bib buffon pour une démo)
11:29 indradg only  ISBN search seems to be working
11:29 sylvain demain je suis pas dispo ;)
11:29 sylvain retour à l'école ...
11:29 sylvain ça sera la semaine prochaine, j'espère que d'ici la j'aurai avancé unpeu
11:29 paul indradg, do you change opac tempate to CSS and not default ?
11:30 indradg on running koha.upgrade script i'm getting marc_word cannot open... table corrupt
11:30 paul mmm... bad... did you try a mysqldump ?
11:31 paul (to dump & backup the DB)
11:31 indradg I did
11:32 indradg but my backup (based on Koha 2.0.0) already has marc_word table corrupt... cannot read marc_word.MDY
11:32 paul so, your DB is corrupted & you must solve this problem.
11:33 indradg however on rolling back to Koha 2.0.0.. clean 2.0.0 install and installing the db backup (even with the corrupt table) searches work
11:34 indradg shouldn't the corruption of marc_word table affect Koha 2.0.0 search functionality?
11:36 paul no.
11:36 paul many changes in search between 2.0 and 2.2
11:36 indradg ok
11:42 hdl paul : dédoublonnage des authorités : cela suppose aussi de faire une procédure montrant TOUS les doublons ou non ?
11:43 paul amha, dès lors qu'il y en a 1, il y a un pb. En tous cas, c'est comme ca que j'ai traité le pb puor les biblios
11:44 hdl ok
11:58 kados hi all
11:59 sylvain hi and bye kados and all

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