IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-10

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12:17 kados paul two things i would add to your list:
12:17 kados (hi BTW :-)
12:17 kados Fix the search results display for libraries with multiple branches (I wasn't able to do this)
12:17 kados Add reserves to book bag feature
12:18 kados it would also be nice if the virtual shelves were re-written to use an array instead of a hash (again, I wasn't able to do this completely)
13:51 sylvain heyhey time to go home !
13:51 syl_away :)
13:53 paul bye
14:35 kados :-)
17:22 rach woo hoo, I have 4 koha quotes to do, 2 for public libraries :-)
18:14 paul hi rachel
18:14 paul rach, does "quotes" mean "answer to an RFP" ?
18:35 kados paul: it can
18:35 paul thx joshua
18:35 kados also: proposal ;-)
18:35 kados congrats BTW
18:35 paul for what ?
18:35 kados RFP = Request for Proposal
18:35 kados Proposal to do XYZ
18:36 paul (I knew what is an RFP, don't forget Y answered to an RFP from a city called Nelsonville, that is in USA, Ohio)
18:36 kados ;-)
19:24 rach paul - yes
19:24 paul yes what ?
19:24 paul my question here ?
19:24 rach yes it means answer an rfp - but in this case it's updating an a request for proposal from a public library
19:24 paul or yes to question to koha*-manage ?
19:24 paul ok
19:25 rach and some that haven't gone to tender, but have come to us
19:26 rach sorry confused now,
19:26 rach quotes is usually more definite than a proposal
19:26 rach proposal is more "it could cost this much", where as a quote is "it will cost this much"
19:27 rach and your news is very good - congratulations :-)
05:20 sylvain hi
05:23 paul 'lut
05:24 paul (présent par intermitence aujourd'hui, cause enfants et mercredi et épouse à 400km ;-) )
05:24 sylvain pas facile la vie de famille ;)

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