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11:05 paul re...
11:05 paul (on ne s'en lasse pas...)
11:05 sylvain ouais, rerere
11:05 sylvain aujourd'hui c'est particulièrement déconnecté :)
11:06 paul c'est easynet qui est aussi nul ?
11:06 sylvain je pense ouais
11:06 sylvain enfin sinon j'vois pas d'où ça peut venir
11:06 paul et bé... faudrait dire à ludovic de changer de fournisseur...
11:06 sylvain à moins que mon PC ne soit trop lent et de temps en temps galère à répondre au ping
11:06 sylvain c'est peut être ça aussi
11:41 sylvain paul t'es dans le coin ?
11:41 paul vivi
11:41 sylvain il y a un problème on dirait avec la fonction check sur le template acqui/newbiblio.tmpl
11:42 sylvain Cette fonction est apparue lors de ton dernier commit
11:44 paul (dans le head ?)
11:44 sylvain dans le head ouais
11:46 paul le pb est ou ?
11:46 sylvain attends, j'suis en train de voir qu'il n'est pas sur une version copiée de la base, ça vient peut être de mes dernières modifs en faites :(
11:47 sylvain il me met une erreur javascript, peut être une répercussion d'autres choses, j'vais y regarder un peu mieux
11:47 paul oki
12:19 sylvain paul je viens de commiter acqui/newbiblio.tmpl
12:19 sylvain c'est une variable qui n'était pas initialisée
12:20 sylvain ah mince j'ai loupé mon copier/coller :)
12:26 sylvain bon, voilà qui devrait être bon
12:34 sylvain paul, sur le CVS web, les modifs qui n'apparaissent pas tout de suite, c'est qu'il y a une validation par les admins du projet ou c'est à cause de SF ?
12:34 paul c'est SF
12:34 paul il fait la MAJ 1x / 24H
12:34 sylvain ah ok
12:35 paul triste jour ...
12:35 paul
12:35 sylvain argg :(
12:36 kados hi all
12:36 sylvain hi kados
12:36 owen Hi kados
12:39 paul hi kados. a very very bad day in europe...
12:39 paul european commission just validates software patents a few minuts ago...
12:39 kados yep
12:39 kados bummer
12:39 paul[…]en/misc/84021.pdf
12:39 kados well ... join the US ;-)
12:39 paul
12:40 paul the question some ask is : parlament, that is elected refuses them. The european commission, that is NOT elected has validated them
12:40 kados right ... pretty strange
12:40 paul so, what can we do if our votes are so useless ?
12:41 kados the EU is the new US ;-)
12:41 paul a revolution ?
12:41 paul maybe we can vote "NO" to european constitution, that has to be adopted in france on May, 29
12:41 kados well ... personally I say just abolish all nation-states ... but thats just me ;-)
12:42 paul but that would mean : "don't change anything to the actual structure, that is so #@~j{#"
12:42 paul we have too many politicans in all our countries to do this : would increase unemployement...
12:42 owen :D
12:42 paul 'morning owen
12:43 owen Hi
12:45 JYL57 paul hello, what is stored in marc_blob_subfield and how is it linked to other tables ?!
12:45 paul JYL57 => fields that are more than 254 car long
12:46 JYL57 Ok, I imagine Ok
12:47 JYL57 paul ?!
12:47 paul (tel)
12:48 paul enfin, j'était au tel
12:48 paul look marc_subfield_table
12:48 paul field valuebloblink
12:48 paul contains the number of the blob
12:48 JYL57 ok thanks paul !
12:48 paul your welcom
12:48 paul e
12:50 JYL57 Any idea why Newmodbiblio is fetching OLDmodbibitem ?! Is it strictly needed ?!
13:05 paul yes JYL57
13:06 paul otherwise, the non-MARCDB would not be uipdated
13:28 sylvain is there a koha favicon somewhere ? It seems to be called somewhere (appears in error log) but I can't find it
13:30 paul sylvain : le favicon est géré par firefox qui le réclame
13:31 paul pas par koha
13:31 sylvain ah ok, je savais pas
13:32 paul je soupconne qu'il y ait une option pour le désactiver d'ailleurs...
13:32 sylvain bon bein y a plus qu'à faire un favicon avec le logo koha alors ;)
13:53 JYL57 paul, may I bother you again for periodics a few minutes ?!
13:53 paul zyva
13:54 JYL57 My librarian want to offer periodics with barecodes to our readers !
13:54 JYL57 But I wonder if it is foreseen to manage peiodics individually that way ?!
14:44 hdl Good Evening
15:54 kados the query correctly sorts the results
16:44 kados chris around and feel like helping kados with a schwartzian transform? :-)
16:47 chris heh, whatcha trying to achieve?
16:47 kados heh ... well I'm changing a few things with virtual shelves
16:48 kados I made it possible to have private and public lists in seperate loops (and therefore seperate tables)
16:48 kados now i'd like to sort the shelves by title
16:48 kados here's how it's sorted now:
16:48 kados foreach my $element (sort keys %$shelflist) {
16:48 kados I need to sort alphabetically by the value in $shelflist->{$element}->{'shelfname'};
16:49 kados I'm thinking the only sane way is with a schwartzian transform
16:49 kados but I've never done one and the're pretty scary
16:50 chris hmm
16:50 kados (btw: the query returns the results alphabetically sorted by shelfname ... but I think when it's put into the hash that sort is lost)
16:50 chris yep
16:50 kados (too bad really)
16:51 chris i wonder why it returns shelflist as a hash
16:51 chris not an array, or at least a ref to an array
16:52 kados there's actually a comment asking that question ;-)
16:52 kados somewhere in there
16:52 chris hmm it might be more sane to make it return a ref to an array
16:53 chris else we are being pretty inefficient
16:53 chris we have a sorted list, we whack it into a hash, then sort it back into an array
16:53 chris add some microseconds to the runtime
16:54 chris whats the subroutine that returns $shelflist?
16:54 kados GetShelfList
16:54 kados in
16:55 chris ta, ill go have a quick look
16:55 chris seems silly to double up work if we dont have to
16:56 chris that fixme is bang on
16:58 chris i wonder how many places call GetShelfList
16:59 chris cos if u just made it be
16:59 chris my @shelflist;
16:59 chris then in the while go
16:59 chris my %shelf;
16:59 PaulDiner kados/chris, i'm here if i can give some help
16:59 paul ('morning chris)
17:00 chris $shelf{'shelfnumber'}=$shelfnumber;
17:00 owen \bookshelves\, \bookshelves\, \opac\, \opac\
17:00 chris $shelf{'count'}=$count;
17:00 chris etc
17:00 chris then push @shelflist,\%shelf;
17:00 chris and finally
17:00 chris return (\@shelflist)
17:01 chris then ud get back a nice array, ordered by shelfname .. which you could give straight to html::template
17:01 chris or, loop over easily
17:01 chris morning paul
17:01 chris hiya owen
17:01 paul (no, 9PM for me ;-) )
17:01 owen Hi chris
17:02 chris so we'd have to change that module, and probably 4 scripts
17:03 paul kados, why do you need to order by ShelfName ? it's supposed to be already ordered by ShelfName
17:03 chris it would be paul
17:03 chris but it gets stuck into a hash
17:03 chris which loses the ordering
17:04 paul right ! stupid coder ;-)
17:04 chris thats why im suggesting we fix now
17:04 chris before more scripts use it
17:04 chris and it gets harder to fix
17:04 paul seems you're right
17:05 paul note that in fact there are only 2 scripts : they are almost a copy between librarian & opac interfaces.
17:05 chris right
17:05 owen Paul, what do you think about returning two separate loops--one for private lists and one for public/free?
17:05 paul let me know what is your goal with 2 separate loops ?
17:05 chris actually it would maked bookshelves/ much simpler
17:06 owen So that it's clear to the patron which virtual shelves are his and which are not
17:06 owen The list of virtual shelves could get quite large if it's used by lots of people
17:06 paul you're right.
17:06 kados NPL's shelves currently do break it up into two loops
17:07 kados I can commit that change if you like paul
17:07 paul ok kados.
17:07 paul i'm alway open to any improvement ;-)
17:07 kados so chris ... what does this new array do to our scripts?
17:08 chris foreach my $element (sort keys %$shelflist) {
17:08 chris becomes foreach my $element ( @$shelflist){
17:08 chris we lose a sort, thats about it
17:09 chris so easy change
17:09 paul ok, seems you're on a way that can continue without me. I'll leave you, i've other things to do.
17:09 chris night paul
17:09 Paul_Bed thanks. chris, could you answer hdl mail on koha-devel, please.
17:10 chris ah yep, ill go reread it, i drafted a response and didnt finish it
17:10 kados Not an ARRAY reference at /build/cvsroots/production/​koha/bookshelves/ line 97.
17:10 Paul_Bed thanks & have a good day
17:10 chris yeah we havent changed the module yet kados
17:10 chris or have u?
17:11 kados huh ... I did change it
17:11 kados ends with :
17:11 kados push @shelflist,\%shelf;
17:11 kados    }
17:11 kados    return(\@shelflist);
17:11 chris hmm
17:12 chris maybe its looking at another copy of ?
17:14 kados nope ... I tried misspelling the last \@shelflist and it died appropriately
17:14 chris how can it not be an array ref then? weird
17:15 kados now I'm getting: No such pseudo-hash field "HASH(0x8c71524)" at /build/cvsroots/production/​koha/bookshelves/ line 101.
17:16 chris something mental is going on
17:16 kados but that's my fault ... dou!
17:16 kados my modifs
17:16 kados if ($shelflist->{$element}->{'category'} eq 2) {
17:16 kados to seperate public/private ;-)
17:19 kados actually there's quite a bit of hash refs that need to be changed in there ...
17:23 kados woo hoo! it's working
17:23 kados thanks chris
17:23 chris no problem
17:23 owen Yay!
17:23 chris every little optimisation like that, wins us a faster page load
17:31 kados woot!
17:31 kados I'll commit this this afternooon
17:32 kados owen any other pages use that subroutine besides shelves and opac-shelves?
17:32 owen addbookbybiblionumber
17:32 owen in opac and intranet
17:33 kados k
17:33 owen I see my pretty alternating row colors are busted now :)
17:33 kados hehe
17:33 kados chris if you want a laugh check out addbookbybiblionumber
17:34 kados where it calls GetShelfList
17:51 kados huh ... i can also no longer view any items in a shelf
17:52 kados the list links are showing up as[…]f=HASH(0xa797420)
17:53 kados must be related to the recent modifications
17:54 owen There's always something...
17:56 kados the shelfnumbers variable must be different now
17:59 kados right ... instead of 'shelf' it's 'shelfnumber'
18:00 kados I imagine that'll have to be changed in quite a few places
18:01 kados huh ... that's causing another problem
18:01 kados No such pseudo-hash field "30" at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 208., referer:[…]f=HASH(0x904a428)
18:02 kados sigh
18:02 owen Is that not just from the bad link?
18:06 kados nope ... I fixed the link
18:06 kados in one place
18:09 hdl chris : are you there ?
18:10 chris for about 10 seconds
18:10 chris gotta go to a meeting
18:10 chris was that email sensible?
18:10 hdl something annnoy me :
18:10 hdl you are assuming that loan period is always over ?
18:11 hdl That is to say average loan time is loan period.
18:11 kados here's the problem ... end of
18:11 kados shelfname => $shelflist->{$shelfnumber}->{'shelfname'},
18:11 chris nope im not
18:11 chris $delta = DateCalc($returndate,$issuedate,\$err);
18:11 kados so it looks like with the new way we don't have the option of having the shelfname listed at the top of the view shelves screen
18:12 chris im working out the difference between when a book was issued and when it was returned
18:12 owen kados: ?!
18:12 chris all im using loan period for is to work out the date it was issued
18:12 hdl But where do you find out when it was issued ?
18:13 chris right
18:13 chris ok
18:13 hdl Time stamp is changed ?
18:13 chris no
18:13 chris dont use timestamp
18:13 chris $issuedate = DateCalc($due_date,"- $loanlength days ago");
18:13 chris we can work it when it was issued, by looking at when it was due
18:14 chris if its due on the 21/3/2005 say
18:14 chris and the loanlength is 20 days
18:14 chris then it was issued on the 1/3/2005
18:14 kados chris: how do I reword this:
18:15 kados shelfname => $shelflist->{$shelfnumber}->{'shelfname'},
18:15 chris so what the code does is work out the issuedate, then work out the difference between that and the returndate .. giving the length it was out for
18:15 chris sorry gotta go seriously, cant be late for meetings
18:15 kados ahh ... meetings
18:15 kados have fun
18:15 kados thanks for the help
18:15 hdl Have fun Chris
18:15 hdl Thanks
18:24 hdl Bye.
18:31 kados so that must be one reason it's a hash
18:32 kados so the you can grab all the data with one element ... the hash keyed to bookshelf number
18:32 kados now we've got to add another query to grab the bookshelf name for display in 'view shelves'
18:35 kados which is not a problem really ... just not sure if we're saving time now
18:39 kados so owen ... still there?
18:39 kados I've got 'private shelves' working in the opac
18:39 owen For another Hour and 17 minutes.
18:39 kados almost
18:42 kados what is 'modify shelf' supposed to do?
18:43 owen It's supposed to allow you to change the name of your shelf or change the type (public/free/private)
18:43 kados ahh ... so that's working
18:43 kados maybe we should change that to "change name" or something
18:45 kados are you sure that this is the right imput values for the "add or remove shelves button? :
18:45 kados input type="hidden" value="1" name="shelves" /><
18:48 kados huh ... well I've managed to serioulsy destroy our bookshelves :-)
18:49 kados but at least the titles order alphabetically ;-)
18:49 kados course ... noone can actually add new titles or delete old ones ... or modify their shelves in any way ;-)
18:50 kados but that alphabetization is neat ;-)
18:50 owen :(
18:54 kados I'm thinking I'll just roll back to the other scripts ... make my simple modifs for breaking public/private and we'll deal with this alphabetizaion thing some other time
18:57 owen Yeah, I guess so.
19:02 kados when you get a chance could you restore the correct templates? (with my modifs from before but not with my recent changes?)
19:02 kados I'm not quite done yet myself so they won't work ...
19:17 kados ok owen ... the scripts are back to normal save my original changes
19:20 kados looks like some private lists are showing up in the intranet ... your doing?
06:16 sylvain hi all !
06:16 paul 'lut
07:04 hdl hi.
07:23 sylvain re :)
07:27 sylvain paul au niveau intranet, l'accessibilité au navigateurs pour malvoyants a été testée ou pas ?
07:27 paul que nenni.
07:28 sylvain ok
07:28 paul au niveau de l'OPAC, ca devrait marcher (en tous cas, ca marche avec Lynx, et les outils pour personnes handicapées sont souvent interfacés avec Lynx)
07:28 sylvain ouais c'est vrai que l'intranet se limite à FF j'avais oublié
07:28 sylvain d'acc
09:35 paul hdl : tu as oublié de commiter qqc
09:35 paul dans les stats issue & acqui, j'ai un internal server error
09:35 paul annot open included file
09:46 hdl Ca doit être au niveau des droits. Je l'ai commité. Il est sur le cvs.
10:00 hdl paul : il est dans le dossier intranet-html/includes
10:00 paul ben pourquoi je l'ai pas ???
10:02 hdl as-tu fait un update récursif ?
10:05 hdl Il semblerait pourtant qu'il y soit.
10:09 hdl koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes/
10:52 sylvain is there any predefined framework for dvd ?
10:52 paul none that I know.

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