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11:07 kados msg paul sorry ... is that the name of the library?
12:17 kados morning owen
12:17 owen Hi
12:17 kados early today ;-)
12:17 owen Yeah, I had to get dropped off because my car battery died.  So the scheulde wasn't up to me :)
12:18 kados doh!
12:37 kados paul still around?
12:37 paul yes (4PM in France)
12:37 kados I'd like your advice on something
12:37 kados we're trying to get our subtitles to display in initial search results
12:38 kados I'm thinking the best way to do this is to modify the query in catalogsearch around line 340 or so
12:38 kados currently it's:
12:38 kados "SELECT biblio.biblionumber as bn,biblio.*, biblioitems.*,marc_biblio.​bibid,itemtypes.notforloan
12:38 kados                                                        FROM biblio, marc_biblio
12:38 kados                                                        LEFT JOIN biblioitems on biblio.biblionumber = biblioitems.biblionumber
12:38 kados                                                        LEFT JOIN itemtypes on itemtypes.itemtype=biblioitems.itemtype
12:38 kados                                                        WHERE biblio.biblionumber = marc_biblio.biblionumber AND bibid = ?");
12:38 kados (I think this is the query that pulls out the title and author, etc right?
12:39 paul do you want ALL subtitles ? or is the 1st only acceptable ?
12:40 paul if you want all, then you must do another query.
12:40 kados we need to be able to construct a string of subtitles from marc (for instance, 245b, p, etc)
12:40 paul mmm... not a good idea imho. Better to look for bibliosubtitle table
12:41 kados our records store them in different places depending on the type of record (and also where we got it from;-))
12:41 paul yes, but subtitle are handled in differents places depending on MARC flavour
12:41 kados hmmm ... what's the reason we don't return the whole marc record to the initial search results page?
12:41 kados wouldn't that be a simpler process once we have bibids?
12:41 paul it's a perf reason !
12:42 kados really?
12:42 kados it would be one query just like we already have no?
12:42 paul yes. libraries with "complete" marc have BIG MARC biblios
12:42 paul (for example, sociology library i'm migrating at the moment has only 45000 biblios
12:43 paul but marc_word is +200MB !
12:43 kados ahh
12:43 paul in fact, I think we could have a redesign of the DB
12:43 paul and could store the MARC record in iso2709 format in marc_biblio
12:43 paul thus, it would be really quick to retrieve.
12:43 kados not a bad idea
12:43 paul but that's a long term idea !
12:43 kados I think we already do something like that
12:43 paul (like the marc_words one)
12:44 kados right
12:44 kados (that's brilliant ... can't wait for it ;-))
12:44 kados (we would have the fastest searches in the world)
12:44 kados (big selling point)
12:46 paul right owen, but my days have only 24 hours ;-)
12:46 paul (and we have no release manager for 2.4 now :-( )
12:47 kados paul ... can two tags be mapped to biblio.subtitle at the same time?
12:48 paul through the interface no
12:48 paul but through sql command directly, yes
12:48 paul and it COULD work
12:48 paul (note i don't write it should !)
12:48 kados :-)
12:48 kados so the mappings are done with symbolic links?
12:51 paul ???
13:00 paul re bonjour Sylvain
13:55 kados paul:  I've got subtitles working now ... should I commit that?
13:57 paul commit in 2.2 pls
13:58 paul i'll check is it's a right place
13:59 kados ok
14:03 kados ok paul I committed it
16:07 kados chris around?
16:07 kados I've got a tricky problem related to sorting hashes
16:13 kados nevermind ... damn perl for funky shit for text and integer comparisons
17:03 michael michael_sleepy,isnick
17:04 michael ... how sorry just trying to play with my nickname
17:04 michael --help
17:05 kados michael: try /help ;-)
17:06 michael i'm here too :[…]saging/chatzilla/... help is so big !!
17:06 kados hehe
17:06 kados I think you're looking for /nick
17:06 kados yep ... so type /nick michael_away
17:06 michael name michael_geekael
17:07 kados you need the /
17:07 owen Try this one michael:[…]utorial.html#cmds
17:09 owen You run out of characters fast when your name's too long! ;)
17:12 m_deadene oh... deadened is too long
06:00 paul monsieur lemaire, bienvenue (JYL57)
06:06 JYL57 Salut Paul
06:06 JYL57 roulement de tambours chez nous, on ouvre enfin !
06:15 paul ah ! voilà une excellente nouvelle.

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