IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-24

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11:24 Sylvain Hi there
11:26 paul_away salut sylvain
11:26 paul c'est calme à cette heure, il n'y a que des européens. Les "kiwis" sont couchés depuis peu et les américans pas encore debouts
11:26 Sylvain ok :)
11:27 Sylvain je suis en train de regarder un truc sur les acquisitions et je me demandais pourquoi quand on supprimaint un 'order' il était gardé en bd
11:32 Sylvain et j'ai d'ailleurs eu un bug au niveau des acquisitions, je l'ai mis sur bugzilla, j'sais pas si tu as vu
11:53 paul oui, je ne savais pas qui était ce "". Maintenant je sais ;-)
11:54 paul je ne suis pas l'auteur du module des acquisitions. J'essaye de le faire un peu évoluer, mais franchement, il est plutôt rapiécé...
11:54 paul (du pt de vue code)
11:55 Sylvain ouais, je viens de rajouter la suppression d'un order mais j'avoue que ce truc qui fait que ça reste en bd (fonciton delorder) me parait bizarre. Enfin pas temps que ça reste en bd mais qu'après on le voit dans l'historique et que s on clique dessus, on se trouver sur un panier ou l'order n'est plus visible ...
12:00 paul la suppression d'une ligne ou d'un panier complet ?
12:00 kados morning all
12:00 Sylvain d'une ligne
12:00 kados (evening paul)
12:00 paul la suppression d'une ligne, elle peut se faire par un 0 en qté
12:00 paul hello kados
12:00 Sylvain oui paul justement Pascale avait dit que c'était pas top
12:00 paul speaking french on the chanel today again ;-)
12:00 kados :-)
12:01 Sylvain alors j'ai modifié le template pour ajouter la possibilité de supprimer par ligne
12:01 paul c'est bien, je ne sais plus qui m'avait fait la même remarque ;-)
12:01 Sylvain en appelant la mm fonction
12:01 paul tu as le cvs "doxulting" ou un cvs "anonymous" ?
12:01 paul dans le 1er cas, tu peux commiter la modification.
12:01 Sylvain non, matthieu est pas la aujourd'hui, j'attendrai demain
12:01 paul ok, ca peut attendre 1 jour ou 2 ;-)
12:03 Sylvain ouais, j'avais aller essayer de comprendre la raison du maintien en base des orders supprimés
12:03 paul rigolo... la météo dit "neige sur toute la france"
12:03 paul mais quand je regarde ma fenêtre, le ciel est tout bleu.
12:03 paul a croire que Marseille n'est plus en France ;-)
12:03 Sylvain ici ça vient de s'arrêter mais c'est pas encore le ciel bleu :)
12:55 kados morning owen
12:55 owen Hi.  Did you get some rest from Koha over the weekend? :)
12:56 kados yep :-)
12:56 kados (much needed)
12:56 kados you?
12:57 owen Lots of computer work, but none on Koha.
13:00 owen Maybe if paul's around he can help us with our issuing rules problem
13:04 kados so Paul, when I do an issue I get:
13:04 kados Too many issues (already issued / max : b 0 / 0)
13:04 paul kados, i'm here
13:04 paul the b will help us
13:05 kados cool
13:05 paul Circulation/
13:05 paul sub TooMany
13:05 kados yea ...
13:05 paul line 623 is your problem
13:06 paul (look at the "b $alreadyissued / ...")
13:06 paul it means your problem occurs when you have
13:06 kados right ... so how can we change the 'maxissueqty'
13:06 paul a borrower, an itemtype, but no branch (=anybranch)
13:06 kados that's strange
13:07 kados no branch?
13:07 paul just define it in Koha. You should not have an empty value for borrowertype/itemtype and branch=none
13:07 paul (branch=default)
13:08 owen So go to /admin/ and define a default for the default branch?
13:08 owen If nothing is set, should it use the default (21,5)?
13:09 paul mmm... don't know. maybe it should
13:09 kados why should branch=none?
13:09 kados s/should/does/
13:09 kados shouldn't all our items have branches associated with them?
13:10 kados and borrowers too?
13:11 paul (& maybe discovered a problem)
13:11 owen So sub TooMany is checking for a branch?
13:11 owen holdingbranch?  
13:12 kados here's line 623:
13:12 kados return ("b $alreadyissued / ".($result->{maxissueqty}+0)) if ($result->{'maxissueqty'} <= $alreadyissued);
13:13 kados unless the variable names are deceptive it looks to be checking whether the total number of items issued is beyond the limit for that patron
13:13 kados I don't see how branch fits into that
13:13 owen Or is it checking the branch from which you're issuing?
13:14 paul in fact, the "default branch" is more a shortcut than anything else
13:14 paul (you should be able to define a common rule for all branches with it)
13:14 paul it's not related to the item branch.
13:14 owen Should I be able to set "* Issue / Fine
13:15 owen and have it set for all branches?
13:15 owen and all item types?
13:17 paul (in fact, i have no library with more than 1 branch)
13:17 paul (so i'm afraid i will not be able to help you a lot)
13:17 kados paul: who wrote these additions to the code?
13:17 paul me
13:17 paul they work fine for libraries with 1 branch, i never could test it with more :-(
13:21 owen Checking issuingrules for itemtype *, the issuelength is 14 and the branchcode is empty.  Should branchcode be * as well, for the default entry?
13:23 owen I guess not.  It didn't change anything.
13:23 kados I'm trying to see what has changed since 2.0 bus sourceforge is down
13:24 owen Just about everything has changed, where it comes to issuing rules.
13:30 owen At the very least, the wildcard setting isn't working.  I updated all rows in issuingrules to one value for maxissueqty, and issues are working again.
13:31 owen That's without any branchcode specified.
13:31 owen So at least that default is working.
13:31 kados huh
13:31 paul :-(
13:32 kados what does the branchcode info do?
13:32 owen I guess you're supposed to be able to set different issuingrules for different branches
13:33 kados it looks like the issues are setting the Location correctly
13:33 kados ahh
13:34 owen Paul, is the 'notforloan' setting in itemtypes no longer used, or is that just another way to restrict issues.  Are you supposed to set maxissueqty to 0 for non-issuing items as well?
13:34 kados so should updatedatabase be fixed to automatically update the database in this case?
13:34 paul it's still used
13:34 owen The issuelength value is something that will be unique for each library.
13:35 kados so before this the issuelength was hardcoded?
13:36 paul no kados, it was related to categorycode
13:37 paul (but not to branch or borrowertype)
13:48 kados so paul ... the * isn't working for the 'default' branch ... do you suspect this would be a problem in, in the database, or in the way that issues are handled? ... any suggestions?
13:48 paul i don't suspect the db
13:48 paul probably a problem.
13:49 paul or reading something different than what is in the DB
13:57 kados when I run select * from issuingrules where categorycode = '*'
13:57 kados I get itemtypes listed, everything else except for maxissueqty | issuelength are null (and branchcode is empty)
13:58 kados maxissueqty | issuelength have 99 and 14 (as owen set?)
13:58 kados should branchcode be empty?>
13:58 kados and should all those other values be null?
14:47 paul_away owen, you are too fast...
14:47 owen ?
14:47 paul_away there is a huge perf problem with borrower_stats
14:47 paul_away so I asked hdl (henri damien laurent) to rewrite it
14:48 paul_away he parses the complete table to fill every cell.
14:48 paul_away So, for a 5x8 table, 40 parses of the table !
14:48 kados yikes!
14:48 paul_away not a problem for borrowers, but a big one for issues !!!!
14:48 paul_away so, he modified it's algorythm, & maybe the template too.
14:48 paul_away note it's in head for instance, so not production-ready !
14:49 paul_away ok, i leave now
14:49 paul_away (have to do some cooking for my family)
14:49 kados bye paul ... thanks!
14:50 owen Paul, I could see that the reports templates were for brand-new features, but I like to try to keep up with template changes or I'll lose track.
14:50 owen Best to update now even though they're not ready, and update again when the default is updated again.
16:11 kados chris around?
16:45 kados chris around?
16:45 chris yep
16:45 kados I'm having a heck of a time getting this object to give me data ... the $results reference around line 137 or so of (in
16:46 chris hmm
16:46 chris not familair with that code at all but ill have a look
16:46 kados In the template this object gives birth to a loop "result" which has "biblionumber" as a variable
16:46 kados basically what I'm trying to do is grab the very first biblionumber in that list
16:47 chris ok
16:47 kados $results->[0]->{'result'}->{'biblionumber) doesn't work ;-)
16:48 chris so we have to look at catalogsearch to see what its passing back as result
16:50 kados that's in the 380s of
16:50 chris wouldnt it just be
16:50 chris $results->[0]->{'biblionumber'}
16:50 kados I couldn't figure out how my @finalresult  gets populated in that code
16:50 kados hmmm ... lemme try that
16:51 chris push @finalresult, \%newline;
16:51 chris its just pushing a ref to a hash into an array
16:51 kados so that 's a ref to a hash right?
16:51 chris yep
16:51 chris so it passes back a ref to an array of ref's to hashes
16:52 chris which is the format that html::template needs for <TMPL_LOOP
16:53 kados sweet it worked chris thanks!
16:53 chris np
16:54 kados so owen ... if there's only one result in an intranet search it will return the details page for that result now
16:54 owen Swank.
16:54 kados I'll make those changes to the opac too
16:55 chris yep, put them in the head
16:55 chris then email paul and ask if he wants them committed to the 2.2 branch as well
17:00 kados owen: working in opac now
17:39 owen chris: seems to be broken!
17:39 kados looks like the IRC log is down
17:39 chris yeah shifting machine rooms
17:39 chris its all still loggin
17:39 chris ill fix the firewall when i get a chance
17:39 kados thanks chris!
17:40 owen We were just trying to remember something we fixed last week and then undid again :)
17:40 jmlongo hi there...
17:42 jmlongo if somebody is watching.. I'm trying to use bulkmarcimport but i get an error message involving the lack of some auth_id for the auth_word table..
17:42 kados hi jmlongo
17:42 jmlongo I've used bulkmarcimport before... but this is new...
17:42 kados could you reproduce the exact error?
17:42 jmlongo hi kados...  
17:43 jmlongo well.. I run bulkmarimport like this
17:44 jmlongo ./bulkmarkimport -file /path/marcfile -v 1
17:45 kados s/k/c/ I hope ;-)
17:45 jmlongo and I get lots of "DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column authid cannot be null at C4/ line 699"
17:45 kados hmmm
17:46 jmlongo the error is clear... guess my marc file doesn't have aomething...
17:46 kados perhaps ...
17:46 jmlongo or I have to 'link' some field in Koha - MARC structure...
17:46 kados i wonder what authid normally contains
17:47 kados yea ... that's what I would say
17:47 jmlongo I don't really know... caused I used bulkmarcimport with the same marc file before... with total succes
17:48 jmlongo the question of the million dollar is... what do I link to what?   :)
17:48 kados my bet is that authid is authorities
17:48 kados which was added in 2.2
17:49 kados I'm also betting (owen) that NPL will have the same problem importing MARC to 2.2
17:49 owen Oh great.
17:49 kados I don't see it in NPL's 2.0 koha to marc links
17:49 owen I guess we'd better add that to our list of tests.
17:49 jmlongo yep... has to be...
17:50 paul tada
17:50 paul jmlongo, i'm a little surprised.
17:50 paul there is NO AuthoritiesMarc in bulkmarcimport
17:51 paul are you sure you didn't type "bulkauthimport" by error ?
17:51 paul (hdl, phone me pls, about your last mail question)
17:52 jmlongo oh LORD!!!  it is bulkauthimport!!!
17:53 kados so paul ... (now that you're around) ;-) I tried changing the frameworkcode in marc_tag_structure but it hasn't fixed our problem
17:53 kados update marc_tag_structure set frameworkcode='';
17:53 paul jmlongo ;-)
17:53 kados and BTW: alter table marc_tag_structure set frameworkcode=''; doesn't work
17:53 jmlongo that damned TAB key  :(
17:53 paul (bulkmarcimport is now in migration_tools/)
17:54 paul kados you did that in marc_tag_structure as well as marc_subfield_structure ?
17:54 paul what does your marc_biblio.frameworkcode contain ?
17:55 paul (i'm sure the problem is somewhere here)
17:55 kados ahh ... I didn't do it in marc_subfield_structure ... working now
17:56 kados paul ... could you send me a copy of all your database parameters so I can check mine?
17:56 kados fields, keys, indexes, etc...
17:59 jmlongo bulk-MARC-import working now  --  THANKS!
18:01 kados paul one last question
18:01 kados (for today)
18:01 kados alter table marc_tag_structure set frameworkcode=''
18:01 kados doesn't seem to work ... is the syntax wrong?
18:01 paul yes
18:01 kados I get : ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'set frameworkcode=''' at line 1
18:02 paul alter table is to change the DB STRUCTURE where you want to change the table datas !
18:02 paul update marc_tag_structure set frameworkcode=''
18:02 paul should work better ;-)
18:02 kados right I did that
18:02 kados so does that fix future modifications too?
18:02 kados when records are added for instance?
18:03 owen You've just got your alter table sql off a little.
18:03 paul the pb is not when you add biblio
18:03 owen Here's an example:
18:04 paul it's when you define new tag/subfields in the MARC structure
18:04 owen ALTER TABLE accountlines CHANGE accounttype accounttype VARCHAR( 5 ) DEFAULT NULL
18:04 kados ahh
18:05 kados so when we do define new tag/subfields we will need to pay attention to the framework code? or should we run the alter table command to fix this?
18:06 owen The interface should take care of that.
18:12 paul kados, if the field is not null default '' then any new field/subfield will have correct values.
18:13 hdl paul,  désolé d'avoir coupé.
18:13 hdl Bonne nuit.
18:13 paul pas de problème
18:14 paul bonne nuit toi zaussi
18:14 paul bisous à louise
18:14 hdl Je n'y manquerai pas.
18:14 hdl et le bonsoir à Sandrine.
18:14 hdl Sorry.
19:11 kados so         warn "Here's the notes:".$marcnotesarray->[1]->{'MARCNOTES'};
19:12 kados gets me the second of the MARCNOTES ... and by replacing the 1 with 0 and 2, etc i can get the rest ... but how do I know what the variable name will be in the template?
19:12 kados chris?
19:12 kados I'm in line 67 or so
19:15 kados owen I found it
19:15 kados the variable name is MARCNOTES (just like the loop name)
19:15 kados I'll see if I can track down where that happened
19:16 owen Cool.
19:17 kados ok ... it's fixed now ...
19:17 kados so marcnote should work
19:47 kados chris: if your still around, remember that really long updatedatabase?  I let it finish and ... it finished ;-)
19:47 kados so must be the indexes taking that long
21:02 michael ...hum hi everyone !
21:03 michael is anyone can answer a little question ?
21:04 michael here it is :  i can't see my file in a koha 2.2.1 // ??????????????
21:04 michael [michael@nausicaa michael]$ cd /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/
21:04 michael [michael@nausicaa misc]$ ls
21:04 michael auto_install_file**                      install-sh***
21:04 michael* ****
21:04 michael**                         marc_datas/*  translator/
21:04 michael**                 *  release notes/*
21:04 michael buildrelease*        info/                                migration_tools/     safe-installer**
21:04 michael**                   notifys/             sql-datas/
21:04 michael [michael@nausicaa misc]$
21:04 michael the is not here !!!!!!!!!!!
21:05 chris its in migration_tools
21:05 michael oki
21:05 michael i search in my files
21:06 michael ok thanx... i know a french doc need to be updated... i'll tell it to Paul ;-)
21:07 michael ... strange problem i got here chris !!
21:09 chris so in misc/migration_tools
21:09 michael i run the for import IS02709 and it tells me DIED at ligne 47 !!
21:09 michael [root@nausicaa notices]# /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/mis​c/migration_tools/ -d MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:09 michael small script to import an iso2709 file into Koha.
21:09 michael parameters :
21:09 michael        h : this version/help screen
21:09 michael        file /path/to/file/to/dump : the file to dump
21:09 michael        v : verbose mode. 1 means "some infos", 2 means "MARC dumping"
21:09 michael        n : the number of the record to import. If missing, all the file is imported
21:09 michael        t : test mode : parses the file, saying what he would do, but doing nothing.
21:09 michael        c : the char encoding. At the moment, only MARC21 and UNIMARC supported. MARC21 by default.
21:09 michael d : delete EVERYTHING related to biblio in koha-DB before import  :tables :
21:09 michael                biblio,                 biblioitems,            subjects,       items
21:09 michael                additionalauthors,      bibliosubtitles,        marc_biblio,
21:09 michael                marc_subfield_table,    marc_word,              marc_blob_subfield
21:09 michael IMPORTANT : don't use this script before you've entered and checked twice (or more) your  MARC parameters tables.
21:09 michael If you fail this, the import won't work correctly and you will get invalid datas.
21:09 michael SAMPLE : ./ -file /home/paul/ -n 1
21:09 michael Died at /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/mis​c/migration_tools/ line 47.
21:09 michael [root@nausicaa notices]#
21:09 michael what the /home/paul doing here ?
21:10 michael i quote : SAMPLE : ./ -file /home/paul/ -n 1
21:10 chris right that wont work
21:10 chris thats an example
21:10 chris instead of /home/paul/....
21:10 chris put /where/your/file/is
21:11 michael ah?
21:11 michael i try
21:11 chris eg for me it might be -file /home/chris/marcdata/marcfile
21:19 michael hum :-(
21:19 michael there is still the DIED at line 47 !!
21:19 michael SAMPLE : ./ -file /home/michael/koha/notices -n 1
21:19 michael Died at /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/mis​c/migration_tools/ line 47.
21:19 michael [root@nausicaa notices]#
21:19 michael i don't understand  this message
21:21 michael when i try this
21:21 michael [root@nausicaa notices]# /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/misc/ -f MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:21 michael it seems to be ok
21:22 michael i see how the MARC seems to be but import don't work in console and in intranet (http://localhost:8080/cgi-bin/[…]port/, it seems to work but after it's impossible to retrieve notices from title or isbn...
21:23 michael is that a newbie question ? i read help and docs but here i don't understand ?
21:25 chris ok so what exactly did you type ?
21:25 chris ./ -file /home/michael/koha/notices -n 1
21:25 chris is that right?
21:25 michael i have a .txt file with more than 4000 notices is go in console to use the bulkmarcimport
21:26 chris right
21:26 michael the .txt is in the /home/michael/koha/notices directory
21:26 chris so that file is called /home/michael/koha/notices ?
21:26 chris ahh so whats it called
21:26 michael you're right ! the file is MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:26 chris try that
21:27 chris ./ -file /home/michael/koha/notices/MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:28 michael hum... of course... that mean i change the each time i want to use it for import some files ? ?? is that right?
21:28 chris you change the bit after -file each time
21:28 michael what means the -n 1 after the name of the file ?
21:28 chris hmm not sure lemme look
21:30 chris ahh -n = number
21:30 michael thanx i try it again
21:30 chris -n 1 will only import 1
21:30 chris i think you can leave the -n out if you want to import everything in the file
21:30 michael 1 ... oh i'll erase this !!
21:30 michael ok ;-)
21:36 michael i'm not very polite... i have not "present" myself... i'm french and work in a library...
21:36 michael i'm testing koha.... i try to come on IRC and read koha'docs and test as much as i can
21:37 michael i'm very interesting in the koha project
21:37 michael i re-install koha on my computer not so long
21:37 chris cool
21:37 michael i make;-)
21:37 michael ;-)
21:37 chris where in france do you live?
21:38 michael near Paris
21:38 michael at the town of Meudon
21:38 chris ahh paris is the only city i have visited
21:38 chris in france
21:38 michael the beautiful one... and the most crowdy too !!
21:39 chris yes there were a lot of people, very beautiful though
21:40 michael too much people in Paris... as for me i live in the "banlieue" so it is much calm where i live and i also can go easily to Paris for moving
21:40 michael what kind of english i speak here... sorry... :-(
21:40 michael hey ! it works !
21:40 michael [root@nausicaa notices]# /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/mis​c/migration_tools/ -f MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:40 michael 4142 MARC record done in 318.920419931412 seconds[root@nausicaa notices]#
21:41 chris exÃcellent :-)
21:41 chris you speak better english, than i speak french :)
21:42 michael ... yes but problems with the encodage... the 'é' aren't right... what king of argument do i have to use to keep my é and ê and è letters ?
21:42 michael is that possible?
21:42 chris hmmm good question
21:43 chris paul or hdl are probably the people to ask, they are french and work heavily on koha .. so they would know the answer
21:43 michael oki
21:48 michael i find it ./ -d -c UNIMARC -f MCMusiqueISO2709.txt
21:48 michael you tell -c  UNIMARC and also you can do this --file /path/to/the/file... so you don't have te change the it seems stupid neithertheless
21:49 chris ah right
00:03 kados rosa around?
00:03 kados I'm wondering what hlts annual circ is as well as number of items, borrowers and branches
00:41 rosa sorry kados, not watching too closely
00:41 rosa our annual circ is around 460,000
00:41 rosa items around 70,000
00:42 rosa borrowers 15,000 active, but nealry 30,00 hanging around not active
00:42 rosa 30,000total
00:42 rosa branches - 3 online, a tiny one using manual systems
05:42 Sylvain hi
05:53 paul_bed coucou Sylvain
05:55 paul (je bosse sur la fusion d'autorités ce matin. Ca commence à ressembler à quelque chose)
05:58 Sylvain je comptais regarder pour ma part la duplication de notices
06:19 paul sylvain ?
06:19 Sylvain oui ?
06:19 paul je pense que la duplication de notice est assez simple à faire
06:20 paul il suffit d'utiliser le principe de la récupération de notice dans le réservoir
06:20 Sylvain je vais regarder ça ouais, j'ai pas encore trop compris le principe de "réservoir"
06:20 paul mais au lieu de piocher le réservoir, on pioche la base ($dbh,$bibid) )
06:20 paul le réservoir, c'est un espace dans lequel on met des notices iso2709.
06:21 paul lorsqu'on catalogue, on peut récupérer une notice dans le réservoir pour faire du catalogage rapide.
06:21 Sylvain ouais j'ai vu ça, j'vais aller voir plus en détail qd mm
06:21 Sylvain k
06:29 Sylvain décidément, mon irc est joueur aujourd'hui ...
06:31 paul il semblerait ;-)
06:31 Sylvain je sais pas si ma dernière question est passée, Ludovic t'a envoyé un mail avec la liste de ce que je comptais prendre en charge ?
06:36 paul la question n'est pas passée
06:36 paul et le mail de ludovic non plus d'ailleurs ;-)
06:38 Sylvain il me semblait bien qu'il avait oublié ça avant son départ en vacances.
06:40 Sylvain pour le moment, j'ai fait, de la liste ressortie de la réunion à l'ensmp, la suppression d'une ligne de commande et je me mets à la duplication d'autorité. J'te tiendrai au courant pour la suite, pour éviter de dupliquer le travail
06:58 paul ben oui, ce serait bien de ne pas $être plusieurs à faire la même chose ;-)
06:58 paul tu devais aussi bosser sur la moulinette qui reconstruit les autorités
06:58 paul tu as fait des choses dessus ?
06:59 Sylvain ouais, j'ai repris un peu
06:59 paul tu as changé l'algo ?
06:59 Sylvain faut que je finalise mais j'voulais voir des trucs avec matthieu
06:59 paul oki
06:59 Sylvain j'ai un peu changé l'algo ouais
07:00 Sylvain mais j'te le filerai quand ça sera un peu plus au point ;)
07:00 Sylvain enfin pour le moment, ça tourne pour les 700 surlesquels j'ai testé
10:38 kados hi all
10:39 kados paul: could you give me urls to the libraries you manage in France?
10:39 kados (specifically the OPAC page ;-))
10:43 paul 'morning joshua

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