IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-16

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12:12 paul nausicaa, je suis là
12:12 paul (faudrait que je mettre paul_away par défaut à l'allumage de ma machine, pour ne pas faire croire que je suis là alors que je n'y suis pas...)
12:32 nausicaa ...
12:32 nausicaa bonjour
12:32 nausicaa suis de retour aussi...
12:33 nausicaa quand vous avez un moment... n'hésitez pas... ;-)
12:36 nausicaa je ferais part de qqs idées pour koha... en espérant que ça soit réalisable par mes "soins" de façon "autonome"
12:44 kados morning all
12:46 owen Hey kados
13:15 nausicaa ...
13:15 nausicaa hi everyone
13:22 owen Hi nausicaa
13:23 nausicaa hi
13:26 owen Have you managed to find Paul yet?
13:30 owen I have a question for paul if he's here...
13:34 paul yes, i'm here owen
13:34 paul (nausicaa, je suis là aussi)
13:34 owen Hi Paul.  I'm curious about one of the variables in opac-searchresults.tmpl
13:34 owen <!-- TMPL_VAR name="location" -->
13:35 owen This is always NULL in our database.  Is this something new?
13:35 nausicaa hum... can't answer that ;(=
13:36 paul yes own, it's something new
13:36 paul in Koha 2.2, the "location" of an item can be on 3 levels
13:36 paul * branch
13:36 paul * location (=room, floor...)
13:36 paul * callnumber
13:37 owen How is location managed?
13:37 paul of course, if you don't have this info in your marc biblio, it will be empty
13:37 owen In the MARC record?
13:37 paul it's related to items, and is or is not in the marc record
13:37 owen So there isn't any function to "transfer" an item to a different location.  You would have to modify the MARC record?
13:43 owen If we wanted to start using 'location,' how would we proceed?
14:10 paul no owen, the "location" is NOT related to transfer.
14:14 paul if your datas don't need location, then, ignore it, that's all
14:15 owen Yes, but how would we start using it if we wanted to?
14:15 owen How would you change an item's location?
14:17 paul you have to edit the MARC item
14:17 paul or just "map" your "location" to the "items.location" field
14:17 paul (&rebuildnonmarc)
14:19 owen Edit the MARC item via
14:34 kados yikes that sounds like quite a laborius process
14:37 owen It sounds like a useful feature, but I can't quite figure out how to make it work--I don't even see how the value can be modified in Koha.
14:37 kados maybe we would have to write a script to modify it based on the koha table values ... sounds like a holdings field to me
14:40 paul kados is right I think owen
14:43 owen Thanks paul. I guess we'll ignore it until the feature is a little more mature.
14:55 kados paul has changed quite a bit since 2.0 eh?
14:56 paul_dine (sorry kados, i must leave. i'm not here tomorrow neither wednesday)
14:57 kados OK .. np ... I was just wondering what the function of the $query was in gettemplate ... I can probably weed through the perl and figure it out
14:57 kados s/weed/wade/ ;-)

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