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17:38 rach hello
17:50 nausicaa hi everyone !
17:50 chris hi there
17:55 rach hi
17:55 nausicaa hi rach... hi chris
17:59 nausicaa just a simple question... did anyone here know what is mtech language ??
17:59 nausicaa mtech codes ?
18:00 nausicaa this language is used in my library for extracting data from the books/items/users database... this is not mySQL... that's the problem
18:01 chris nope im not familair with mtech
18:02 nausicaa but you this language exists... i'm not telling nonsense here ???
18:02 nausicaa you know...
18:03 chris i havent heard of it, but im quite willing to believe it exists, its probably a pick based language
18:03 nausicaa the pb is that maybe i should know this for extracting data...
18:04 nausicaa i also wonder in which format (or extension) i should extract the library database... for insert it on a koha system...
18:04 nausicaa did i have several possibilities ?
18:04 chris for bibliographic data its best if you can get it out as MARC
18:05 chris for borrower data you will probably have to write a custom script to get it in
18:05 chris UNIMARC or MARC21 both import fine using the script
18:05 nausicaa hum... thanx
18:06 chris but every library system seems to store borrower data differently
18:06 chris so there is no automatic import tool for koha
18:06 nausicaa in fact our SIGB ([…]gonf/S/SIGB.html) is vubis (from the society GEAC) it used Caché and mtech
18:07 nausicaa
18:07 nausicaa it's not open source :-(
18:08 chris yep, im my experience .. getting data out is the hardest part
18:08 chris once that is done, getting it into koha is pretty easy
18:08 nausicaa :-)
18:08 chris and its usually the hardest precisely because its closed source
18:09 chris and as such, not documented
18:09 nausicaa i guess i should simply extracting MARC database and then trying to put borrowers into LAPD ? i'm thinking about it right now
18:10 nausicaa i guess i will doing this WITHOUT telling all about it at my chiefs... beacuse they'll be scared...
18:10 nausicaa just for testing, playing and professionnal purpose...
18:10 chris yeah, getting the MARC out is a good start, and if you can get the borrower data out in some sane format (eg tab separated text)
18:10 chris that should be easy to munge into koha
18:10 nausicaa oki...
18:11 nausicaa i'll probably meet Paul (Poulain) in april at Paris... so maybe this project will be on the way at this time...
18:11 chris excellent
18:12 nausicaa but i want to learn things by myself... Paul is very very busy in this moment... :-(
18:12 chris yes he is
18:12 chris if you can get the data out, i can help you get it in
18:12 nausicaa yes
18:13 nausicaa i'll read the manual of the SIGB and check it out with my friendly "geekette" who work with me at the library...
18:13 chris :-)
18:13 nausicaa she 's more open than my chiefs ... and also more informed about open source
18:13 chris thats great
18:13 chris the world needs more geekette's there arent enough of them
18:14 nausicaa for sure !
18:15 nausicaa it's good that paul put some manuals here : specially for french people !!!
18:15 nausicaa when it will be more advanced i'll tell u some words, chris
18:15 chris yep, there is lots of documentation on the wiki as well
18:15 chris
18:15 chris cool, ill wait to hear :)
18:16 nausicaa i'll check this url too...
18:16 nausicaa it's 10:16 PM here... so i'll sleep soon...
18:16 nausicaa have a nice day :-)
18:16 chris 10:16am here :)
18:16 chris have a nice sleep :)
18:16 nausicaa :-)
06:56 nausicaa bonjour paul !
06:58 nausicaa mon petit doigt m'a dit que vous seriez certainement présent là :[…]2005informatique/
06:58 nausicaa ;-)
06:59 nausicaa ou plutôt serez...
07:00 nausicaa avez-vous fini par trouver qqn pour vous remplacer le 15 mars ?
07:34 nausicaa ...
10:41 nausicaa ...

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