IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-15

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13:29 owen paul: are you there?  I'm curious about the files in /intranet-tmpl/default/en/errors.  Are they being used?  Is this an upcoming feature?
13:30 paul hello owen
13:30 paul this is files for apache errors
13:30 paul they have been provided by ENSMP
13:30 paul but I never take time to include them
13:31 owen They would have to be specified in the Apache configuration file, right?
14:02 paul yes
14:07 owen Strange--my 'nohelp' template is coming up default instead of npl, but others work fine
14:07 paul ??
14:08 owen And when I add <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="theme" --> to nohelp.tmpl, it says 'default,' even though my current template is npl
16:11 owen 'afternoon tim
16:12 tim hi owen

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