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12:23 kados paul: I could use the same IP, and a different port for ssl?
12:23 kados paul: and have more than one ssl 'site' running at the same time?
12:27 paul but wishes a happy day to joshua
12:36 kados morning paul :-)
12:37 paul (error : evening for France ;-) )
12:37 kados :-)
12:38 kados paul do you know if the permissions have been fixed in Koha 2.2?
12:38 paul you mean librarians perms ?
12:38 paul i've fixed what i've found.
12:39 garth anybody home?
12:39 paul but, probably needs more testing
12:39 paul yes garth, hello
12:39 paul kados & me at the moment
12:39 garth hi folks, I want to thank you for a great product
12:39 kados paul: ok ... I'll do some testing then ...
12:39 kados hi garth
12:40 garth I did an install for a non profit who could not have afforded library software without koha
12:40 garth Thanks guys!!
12:41 kados garth: great!
12:41 kados garth: if you like, post your details to the list so we can get you listed on our 'koha users' map
12:42 paul that's what is great with free software : reduce south/north differences
12:42 kados hehe
12:42 garth I have a question, they are running currently 1.2.3 and I would like to move them to 2.2.x on their new server?
12:42 paul and what is your question ?
12:43 paul you should do 1.2.3 => 2.0.2 => 2.2.0
12:43 garth Can I simply move the mysql data to the new server or is there more to it
12:43 paul (even if 1.2.3 => 2.2.0 could work)
12:43 paul no ! there are many many many new tables.
12:43 paul you must create a test server with a working copy of the 1.2.3
12:43 kados paul: could updatedatabase handle an upgrade from 1.x to 2.x?
12:44 paul probably, but i haven't tested it
12:44 garth What is the best way
12:44 garth in your estimation
12:44 paul when you have your test server :
12:44 paul * download 2.0.2 and run koha.updater
12:45 paul * download 2.2.0 and run koha.updater again.
12:45 paul (note that their may be a problem with updater)
12:45 paul i'm not sure there is the intranetdir in /etc/koha.conf
12:45 paul you should ask chris & look into your install
12:45 paul (chris was release manager for 1.2.x)
12:46 paul in fact, i'm almost sure it will not work.
12:46 paul (2.0.0 => 2.2.0 will work, for this i'm sure)
12:46 garth So on their new server install 2.0.2
12:46 paul you may have to update manually
12:46 paul NO
12:46 garth what about all their data
12:46 paul * you make a copy of 1.2.3 DB AND software
12:46 garth ok
12:47 paul when it runs like in the prod DN
12:47 paul (DB, sorry)
12:47 paul you UPDATE to 2.0.2
12:47 garth I see, on current prod machine update to 2.0.2
12:47 paul (and read carefully release note to see how you can migrate you datas to MARC DB)
12:47 paul not on prod !!!
12:47 kados garth: you need a test machine ...
12:47 paul it's a long process & you may have some pain here
12:47 garth ok
12:47 kados garth: I suppose you could use the 'new' production machine
12:48 kados as a test machine
12:48 paul because 1.2 => 2.0 has MARC datas !!!
12:48 garth that's what I'm thinking
12:48 kados then when it's ready you could make the change
12:48 kados here's how I would do it:
12:48 kados download Koha 2.2.0
12:48 garth They have a virtual host that I could use for the install but I have a feeling this is going to be a very mnaual upgrade
12:49 kados * run mysqldump --add-drop-table -u -p Koha > koha.sql on your current production machine
12:49 garth so my current situation is 1.2.3 on their "current" production server and a virtual host on their "new" machine
12:49 kados copy the koha.sql file to your 'new' production machine
12:50 kados install Koha 2.2.0 on the new machine
12:50 kados import your data directly into mysql
12:50 garth right
12:50 kados run updatedatabase (it's in /misc)
12:51 kados now ... that would be the fastest way to upgrade ... but if updatedatabase can't handle the upgrade from 1.x to 2.x you might have to do it manually
12:51 kados garth: have you decided whether to use MARC or not?
12:51 garth ok, guys I appreciate your help as I'm really time constrained on this project
12:52 garth I would like to use marc as that would future proof them
12:52 kados garth: right ... so are you in the US?
12:52 paul garth : wether you have MARC=ON of MARC=OFF, you MUST have a working MARCDB
12:53 paul because in Koha 2.2, all searches are on MARC-DB, and the MARC-DB will be more and more used
12:53 garth By the way, if the updatedb script complains where do I find instructions to manually upgrade?
12:53 garth I'm in Greenville, SC, USA
12:53 kados garth: if you document your upgrade procedures we would love to have them for BTW :-)
12:53 paul to rebuild the MARC-DB from the non MARC one, you have the script
12:53 paul misc/
12:53 kados garth: ok ... so you'll need MARC21
12:53 garth I will as I have to upgrade them
12:54 owen 'morning all
12:55 garth Another question, I have only used 1.2.x so far, but can you delete the z39.50 queries in 2.x?
12:58 garth guys, I'm working on the upgrade today, is there an email that I can contact if I hit a snag?
12:58 kados garth: I'll be around all day on IRC
12:58 paul koha or koha-dev mailing list.
12:58 garth great , I hope to have it done in the next 5 hours barring interruptions
12:59 kados wow ... that's quite a tight timetable
12:59 kados NPL has been working on our upgrade from 2.0 to 2.2 for several weeks ;-)
12:59 paul impossible, if you want my opinion
12:59 garth Well :-), I need a challenge
12:59 owen Of course we're revamping our templates at the same time, kados
12:59 kados
13:00 kados oops ... finger slipped
13:00 kados interesting link though :-)
13:02 garth so, what do you guys see as a realistic timetable for the upgrade?
13:07 garth I'll be out for the next 3 hrs, but any feedback would be appreciated
13:14 kados garth: I'd give yourself at least a week ... a few days to get it 'running' then a few days to test, find bugs, learn the new features ... then there's the staff training, etc.
13:14 kados garth: of course it depends on the size of your system and how many customizations you have ...
13:15 owen I wonder what would have to be done to reduce that time, minus the learning, training, etc?
13:16 kados garth: if you can, keep track of all the steps you take and we can add that to the update/upgrade manual on
13:16 kados well some upgrade scripts need to be written
13:16 kados the main problem I think is MARC
13:16 owen Configuring MARC?
13:17 paul yes & running / testing the script
13:23 garth hi guys, I'm back for about 45 mins
13:24 garth Here is what I have so far
13:24 garth mysqldump --add-drop-table -u -p Koha > koha.sql on your current production machine
13:24 garth 2. install Koha 2.2.0 on the new machine
13:25 garth 3. run updatedatabase and
13:25 garth How's that sound.
13:25 garth ?
13:26 kados good ...
13:26 garth cool
13:26 kados how's it look?
13:26 paul should not work at all...
13:26 paul if you don't have added marc21 parameters
13:27 garth Should I not try to go koha => MARC?
13:27 kados garth: paul is the expert here just so you know ;-)
13:27 garth gotcha
13:27 paul look in marc_*_structure tables
13:28 paul (or Koha >> parameters >> biblio frameworks)
13:28 paul if you have MARC21 lines, then it could work
13:28 garth If I can get them up and running on 2.x I can leave MARC for phase 2
13:28 garth I'll plan on doing that
13:29 paul yes, but you will have to run koha2marc again
13:29 garth After your feedback I'm planning NOT to run koha2marc
13:29 garth Just get them safely to 2.x
13:35 paul you mean 2.0 ?
13:35 paul if this case, you have the same problem...
13:36 paul 2.0 => 2.2 is automatic
13:36 paul 1.2 => 2.0 can't be.
13:36 paul that's why we changed the major code ;-)
15:36 kados nasa takeoff in <2 min:
15:36 kados
15:47 owen Almost missed it
15:54 tim I just read on the mailing list that I'm supposed to map subtitles to bibliosubtitle.subtitle, but my setup (version 2.2.0) has bibliosubtitle.title in the Koha links menu.
15:54 tim Any idea what would cause the problem?
15:57 kados well maybe paul changed the name or maybe stephen mis-remembered it ... does bibliosubtitle.title work?
15:57 tim nope
16:00 kados and you ran after making the change?
16:12 tim No.  Didn't know about that.
16:17 tim Sorry about the short replies.  Working the circ desk too.
16:17 tim Do I just run or do I add parameters?
16:18 tim I'm betting an error for each record.
16:18 tim DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'frameworkcode' cannot be null at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 343.
16:20 kados tim did you run updatedatabase?
16:20 kados and please tell me you're doing this on a test machine ;-)
16:21 tim No I didn't.  And yes I am.
16:21 tim this thing's way too far from ready to go.
16:21 kados whew! :-)
16:22 kados ok ... updatedatabase should get your framework code in there ...
16:22 kados how did you get your data in the database in the firstplace (on the test box)?
16:23 tim
16:23 tim Just a small test batch for now.
16:24 tim I still get the framework error.
16:34 tim Thanks for the help.  Subtitles seem to be working now.
16:40 tim Moving on to formats. :)
16:41 tim I'm thinking item types would be the same as formats in our current system.  Telling if it's a book, book on tape, video....
16:42 owen That's how we handle it, with item types.
16:45 tim So if I have a hash like:
16:45 tim my %format = (
16:45 tim 'oldformat' => 'ITEM',
16:45 tim 'oldformat2' => 'ITEM2'.
16:45 tim ...);
16:47 tim ang if I read the record in and $field852_6 holds the format from the old system.  How do I write it back so $format{$field852_6} will replace the old 852_6 field?
16:50 tim replace ang with and, then replace any other typos with whatever they should be.
17:03 tim Oh yeah.  That was using MARC::Batch.  Trying to fix the field befor I import into Koha.
17:04 kados sorry tim ... I stepped away fr a minute
17:04 tim No problem.
17:04 kados what's the status? looks like you got subtitles working eh?
17:05 tim Yup.  They're showing up now.
17:05 kados congrats ... formats will probably be a bit harder
17:06 tim Yeah.  I know just enough perl to get started, but not enough to finish.
17:11 garth Hey guys, I was out. From what I read 1.2 => 2.2 cannot be done via updatedatabase? Is this a correct understanding?
17:13 owen I'm not sure of the reason, but Paul made it pretty clear that you couldn't upgrade directly from 1.2 to 2.2
17:13 chris garth: the safest way, and most likely to succeed way is
17:14 chris take a copy of the database, and everything in /usr/local/koha .. plus /etc/koha.conf etc and set it up on a new machine
17:14 garth right
17:14 chris then upgrade that to 2.0.2
17:14 chris then upgrade again to 2.2.2
17:15 chris ive done 1.2.x to 2.0.x successfully many times
17:15 garth ok, I'll do that right now.
17:15 garth Thanks man, that saves me big time
17:17 chris no worries, good luck
17:17 garth Thanks, I'll report back how it goes
17:17 chris cool
17:18 garth Appreciate the assist, thanks again
17:18 chris[…]hp?page=KohaUsers  when u get a chance you could add your details to here if you like :)
17:39 kados garth: just so you know chris wrote Koha ;-)
17:39 kados hey chris
17:40 chris heya kados
17:40 kados getting selinux working with a cvs repo turns out to be quite a challenge
17:40 chris well, i did a lot of work on the original koha, theres a lot more work done by others in 2.2 than by me .. thats the great thing about free software :)
17:41 chris ive neve played with selinux .. i should sometime i guess
17:41 kados it's pretty neat
17:41 kados you'd like yum too (FC thing)
17:41 kados yum might be better than apt-get
17:41 chris thats a big call :)
17:42 kados well I can't think of anything I can do with apt I havn't been able to do with yum
17:42 chris sweet
17:42 kados it might be faster too (as of FC3 ... FC2's yum was a dog)
17:44 kados pinning might not be possible with yum but I'm not sure
18:10 JYL57 Wow, lots of people here !
18:13 JYL57 someone has imported in the reservoir from a windows PC
18:14 JYL57 and I 've lost all accents in the loaded notices
18:14 JYL57 Is it a "mysql way" to clean up that mess ?!
18:14 JYL57 Or should I have to delete the impacted notices and reimport after ?!
18:18 kados chris does Koha use /usr/tmp for anything?
18:20 kados when I do find / -inum 866790 I get /usr/tmp listed
18:23 chris not that im aware of, it could tho for some of the new stuff, like the ldap things or something
18:24 kados looks like perl might
18:25 kados I was just talking to colin about some selinux probs I'm having with perl not having permissions to access /usr/tmp
18:25 kados he's going to change the selinux policy to allow it
18:26 ambrose|w hello everyone
18:26 kados hi ambrose|w
18:26 kados wow ... everyone is here today :-)
18:27 ambrose|w just a note that non-iso8859-1 support in 2.2 is currently broken for the "css" theme
18:28 ambrose|w i think HTML Mason requires the "http-equiv" header, and the xml files currently do not have this tag
18:30 ambrose|w i'll fix it in cvs (just one file i think) as soon as i get back home
18:51 kados chris ... so the sessionlog created in /usr/tmp ... is that critical to Koha?
18:51 chris no idea
18:52 chris i dont even have a /usr/tmp :)
18:52 kados hmmm
18:53 kados do you have a sessionlog line in
18:54 chris yeah goes to /tmp
18:54 kados ok ... so that's a potential exploit eh?
18:54 kados can we move that to /var/www
18:54 chris its just a log
18:54 chris its never read from
18:54 kados ahh
18:55 chris cant see how ud exploit it
18:55 kados that's what I was wondering
18:55 kados well a symlink to /var/www/index.html
18:55 chris how would you do that? without access on the box?
18:56 kados you wouldn't :-)
18:57 chris its a useful log to see who logged in to koha etc
18:58 kados selinux and Koha are a tough match
18:58 chris but you could just do away with it
18:59 kados right
18:59 chris i think selinux is designed more for a box where you dont have trusted users on it
19:00 chris ie even with access you cant do much
19:00 chris there is always a security vs functionality tradeoff
19:00 chris its just finding a compromise
19:00 chris that you can live with
19:01 ambrose|w where is the session log supposed to be? or is this a cvs thing?
19:01 kados ambrose|w: mine is in /usr/tmp chris's is in /tmp
19:02 ambrose|w oh, i see it now, in /tmp here
19:02 kados chris if we moved it to /var/www it wouldn't be a problem at all eh?
19:02 kados (s/\/var\/www/\your www dir/
19:05 ambrose|w we have really weird issuing rules here

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