IRC log for #koha, 2005-01-12

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13:03 owen paul: are you there?
13:03 paul yes, on phone
13:04 owen I'll ask, and you can answer when you have time:  Just to make sure, if I have corrections to templates, they should be made to both rel_2_2 and HEAD, if they don't concern new development?
13:30 paul owen, i'm back
13:30 paul yes
13:30 paul do you know how to synch 2 branches ?
13:30 owen No, I'm not even sure what you mean
13:32 paul cvs update -j rel_2_2 koha-tmpl/npl/en
13:32 paul in a HEAD directory
13:32 paul should synch your HEAD directory with rel_2_2, in you local copy of HEAD
13:32 paul then, a cvs commit will store changes to SF server
13:39 owen ...And I would do this if I was making a change in one that was relevant to the other?
13:40 paul yep
13:40 paul but you should do this only in rel_2_2 => HEAD
13:40 paul and not HEAD => rel_2_2
13:40 owen right
13:40 paul because if someone changed something else in HEAD...
14:09 paul owen : i've seen your 2 commits, one in rel_2_2, the other on HEAD.
14:09 paul so everything is OK i think
14:09 owen Good :)
14:24 kados morning all
14:25 kados paul ... quick question ... where is bulkmarcimport these days?
14:25 paul hello joshua
14:25 paul migration_tools directory
14:25 paul under misc
14:25 kados cool ... thanks
17:25 ambrose_ hello everyone
17:27 owen hi ambrose_
17:27 ambrose_ i'm playing with koha right now. i tried to install 2.0.2, but About says i'm running 1.9.3
17:27 ambrose_ weird
17:30 owen 2.2 is a significant upgrade if you're able to try that
17:30 owen It's now the most current stable release
17:30 ambrose_ i tried to delete the old koha (it has practically nothing in it) and install 2.0.2
17:31 ambrose_ somehow it seems that i was not successfully completely deleting the old stuff
17:49 owen From the mailing list:
17:50 owen "4 things have to be done to uninstall Koha:
17:50 owen 1. remove kohaadmin from table 'user' of mysql
17:50 owen 2. remove kohaadmin from table 'db' of mysql
17:50 owen 3. remove /etc/koha.conf
17:50 owen 4. remove /usr/local/koha"
17:50 ambrose_ i have done all 4 :-/
17:51 owen What makes you think you weren't successful in deleting the old stuff?
17:52 ambrose_ i think i know what it is now... the dns is still pointing to the wrong host
17:54 ambrose_ sorry for the stupid mistake
17:58 ambrose_ it's all right now

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