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15:54 kados chris around?
21:31 kados I know what you mean
01:29 jaredj has anyone tried to reimplement koha in another language?
01:29 jaredj or tried to do a huge refactoring?
01:31 kados Koha is multi-language ... what do you mean by 'refactoring'?
01:33 jaredj sorry i mean source language - not natural language
01:34 jaredj 'refactoring' is making changes to the code that don't result in changes of behavior
01:36 jaredj for example i like koha but i think the whole process of getting data from tables and sticking it into hashes isn't centralized enough
01:36 jaredj so i want to make a module that does that, and change all of the scripts to use it
01:37 jaredj or i like koha but i wish it were written in python, so i rewrite it
01:37 jaredj to have the same functionality and use the same database but be written in python
01:47 rach there have been a couple of people do that
01:47 rach but they basically re-released it as different software
01:48 jaredj you'd have to i guess
01:48 rach open book was one of those projects, it put Koha into PhP, but the process of doing that changed it so much, it wasn't really the same thing anymore
01:48 jaredj ah yes i forgot about that
01:48 rach and inevitabley they figured they could just make a few more mods, add some different features
01:48 rach and voila, a new product :-)
01:48 jaredj even with no mods it's still not koha
01:49 rach people have changed databases without problem, so used Oracle for example instead of mysql
01:49 rach but that's a bit different
01:49 jaredj that's nice.
01:49 jaredj yeah that's easier
01:49 jaredj sigh i'd kinda like to mess around with ruby objects rather than perl hashes
01:50 jaredj but i know i'd be the only one doing it
01:50 rach Pat was keen on Ruby
01:50 jaredj (i.e. the koha community would stay with koha and i haven't got a community)
01:50 jaredj heh ok mayyybe two of us :)
01:51 jaredj i think i'm in the rather rash stage of observing the way koha does things from the outside
01:52 rach sure
01:53 rach koha has been under pretty active development, adding lots of features etc
01:53 jaredj t
01:53 rach I would wait a bit before starting on a project like you're thinking of
01:53 jaredj oh don't worry
01:53 rach so that all the bugs etc are sorted,
01:54 rach rather than converting some duff stuff as well as the goodies
01:54 jaredj i'd rather help koha than fork off
01:55 jaredj speaking of help - the npl templates r0xx0r imo
01:55 jaredj only seen the opac yet tho
01:55 rach I haven't seen them
01:56 rach our installation isn't up and running yet
01:57 jaredj 2.2?
01:57 rach yep
01:58 jaredj i'm working on one right now
02:00 jaredj aw. they don't seem to be css-ful
02:06 rach ?
02:06 rach what the npl templates?
02:07 jaredj yes
02:08 jaredj i really like their layout - and their colors for that matter...
02:08 jaredj but i'll have to see just how much i can tweak the css templates. although i've seen a bug in them already
02:09 jaredj whoops, heh
02:09 jaredj the "suggest a purchase" link in the npl templates goes to NPL's site
05:43 rach bon jour paul
05:43 paul hello rach
05:43 paul good evening
05:43 rach good morning
05:43 rach how are things with you?
05:44 paul fine, thanks
05:44 paul (only 1 pb : i'm 37 since yesterday ;-) )
05:49 rach woo
05:49 rach did you have a party?
05:49 paul we had a luch with friends. and today, my wife and me have planned a dinner without childrens.
05:50 paul that will be enough with a 3 months baby ;-)
05:55 rach :-)
05:55 rach that is a good present indeed
05:56 rach and I have a request to do a wee article for
05:56 rach mind you I haven't heard of them
05:57 rach
05:57 rach[…]r1105347306.shtml
05:57 rach I'll get that proofed and expanded out a bit
05:58 rach so you can thank your libraries would be good
05:58 paul what kind of quote ?
05:59 paul how many lines ?
05:59 rach 2 sentances
05:59 rach or do a paragraph and I can take something from it
06:00 paul OK, i'll send it today. If you don't have it in your mailbox, send me a mail.
06:00 rach thank you
06:00 rach much appreciated
06:00 rach have a good day paul :-)
06:00 paul have a good night.
06:01 rach cheers

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