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12:09 kados hi everyone
12:10 kados thanks for fixing those bugs paul
12:10 kados our title and author search are working now
12:10 paul hello joshua
12:10 paul nice
12:11 kados here is a link to "Koha Suggest" :-) :
12:11 kados
12:11 kados it's still an infant :-)
12:12 kados it only works for single words sofar
12:12 kados but I've got plans for it
12:13 kados hehe ... type a partial word in the search box
12:13 paul & clic "start search" ?
12:14 kados no... you need javascript enabled
12:14 paul ok, i understand now.
12:14 kados it should offer suggestions just like "Google Suggest"
12:14 kados :-)
12:14 paul it's just that there are only few words in the db for instance ;-)
12:15 kados well 260,000 or so english words
12:15 kados :-)
12:15 paul ...
12:15 kados I'm working on a version that uses soundex
12:15 paul if i type "medi", (thinking medium), nothing appear
12:15 paul konqueror test. will try FF
12:16 kados right now it only shows words that are in our marc_word table
12:16 kados (I did a select distinct from marc_word to build the table)
12:16 paul if i type "harr" (thinking harry), nothing happends too
12:16 kados BTW paul: we have 5,000,000 entries in marc_word ... and only 260,000 distinct entries
12:17 kados strange ... I get some suggestions for harr
12:17 paul yep, good news : that means the marc_words table will be 260 000 entries long...
12:17 kados great!
12:17 kados but some words appear 10,000 times or more
12:17 paul (not exactly, as it will have to have 1 different line for each tag/subfield/word)
12:17 kados ahh
12:18 kados you still don't get suggestions for harr paul?
12:18 paul yes, i get : just need to wait 2-3 seconds.
12:19 kados right ...
12:19 paul (quite slow. is it a internet pb ?)
12:19 kados I'll need to optimize things a bit
12:19 paul this is a killing feature.
12:19 paul really !
12:19 kados hehe wait till I get soundex going ;-)
12:19 kados it's good for patron searches too
12:19 paul & does not work on konqueror
12:20 kados :-(
12:20 kados do you get any javascript errors?
12:55 jmlongo hey... this feature is indeed a killing one!
12:56 jmlongo I've just tested it with mozilla...  
12:56 jmlongo a little slow... but great
12:56 kados yea it's pretty slow
12:57 kados I'm sure there's a better way to optimize it but I haven't taken a look yet
13:00 jmlongo and you can see how many results you're gonna have....  sweet! :)
17:00 kados hi everyone
17:00 kados spellcheck is running now but I'm not really happy with how it works:
17:00 chris dont you ever sleep kados?
17:01 kados https://opac.athenscounty.lib.[…]koha/
17:01 kados not lately ;-)
17:01 kados the soundex in mysql isn't as good as I'd hoped ... and it's pretty slow
17:01 chris i was quite happy how my test was working
17:02 chris but i wasnt using the marc tables
17:02 kados or maybe my query is wrong
17:02 kados SELECT word,count FROM word WHERE strcmp(soundex(word), soundex(?)) = 0 order by soundex(word) limit 0,20
17:02 kados what were you using chris?
17:02 chris biblio.title
17:02 kados I made a table that has one instance of every word in marc_word
17:02 chris do a search
17:02 kados ahh
17:02 chris if you get no results
17:02 chris do a soundex against biblio.title
17:02 chris and suggest some alternatives
17:03 kados cool ... I like it ...
17:03 kados I need to tweak this data quite a bit
17:03 chris i only had it working for title .. just as a proof of concept really
17:03 kados we've got lots of bogus entries that I can't think would be useful
17:03 kados but you never know
17:03 chris right thats screenshots done for martin
17:04 kados screenshot of what?
17:04 kados who's martin?
17:04 kados ;-)
17:04 chris :)
17:04 chris mail on the koha and koha-devel list
17:04 kados ahh
17:04 chris martin longo
17:04 chris and screenshots of issuing/printing slips
17:20 chris hi angela
17:22 chris whoops
20:21 kados chris around?
20:21 chris yep
20:21 kados I"m trying to figure out how and interact
20:21 chris afaik just prints the advance search page
20:22 chris and opac-searchresults does the search and prints the resutls
20:22 kados I've tried to create a new template variable for opac-searchresults.tmpl that is an array of all the 'value's of the search
20:22 kados so that can be displayed at the top of the screen (searchdesc isn't really that pretty)
20:23 chris k
20:23 kados the strange thing is that I never see at the top of the page
20:23 kados I get something like this:
20:23 kados https://opac.athenscounty.lib.[…]lue=cryptonomicon
20:23 kados as the results page url
20:23 chris hmm maybe paul has rewritten it
20:24 chris so that opac-search does both
20:24 kados hmmm ...
20:24 kados that would explain it ;-)
20:24 kados huh ... I removed opac-searchresults and it still works hehe
20:25 kados that's a pretty good indication
20:25 kados that it's not needed :-)
20:25 chris im of 2 opinions with that
20:26 chris actually i guess i dont mind as long as its still using 2 separate templates
20:26 kados I'm pretty sure it is
20:28 kados so in I've got:
20:28 kados my @values = $query->param('value');
20:28 kados my $valuearray = \@values;
20:28 kados $template->param(VALUES => $valuearray);
20:28 kados and ...
20:29 kados in opac-searchresults.tmpl I've got:
20:29 kados <!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="VALUES" -->
20:29 kados      <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->
20:29 kados        <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
20:29 kados am I missing something?
20:29 chris yep
20:30 kados I guess I should just skip the $valuearray ref and just use \@value in the template param
20:30 chris tmpl_loop wants a ref to an array of hashes
20:30 kados ok ... lemme try
20:30 chris ure giving it a ref to an array
20:31 kados my @values = ('value' => $query->param('value'),)
20:31 kados how's that?
20:31 chris hmmm
20:32 chris really u need to build a hash, then push that hash into the array
20:32 kados ok ... lemme try again ;-)
20:32 chris well a ref to it
20:32 chris thats pretty close actually
20:32 chris my @values = \('value' => $query->param('value'),)
20:33 chris hmm nope
20:33 chris that wont work
20:34 chris actually its probably just easier to do
20:34 chris my $value=$query->param('value');
20:35 chris $tmpl_obj->param(value => $value);
20:35 chris and not bother with the loop
20:35 kados but there are multiple values for most searchs
20:35 chris yep
20:35 kados ahh I see
20:36 chris they arent all gonna be called value tho are they
20:36 kados hmmm, I guess I thought they were
20:36 chris there must be some way that koha knows if its a title search or a keyword or an author
20:36 kados ahh you're right ... it's value=neal+stephenson
20:37 kados there's that too
20:39 chris basically loops are good if you have lots of items of the same structure
20:39 chris eg search results
20:40 chris the you give it an array of search results, each of which is a ref to a hash
20:40 chris which all have the same structure
20:40 kados right
20:40 chris but essentially with the search criteria
20:40 kados I did that with my modifs
20:40 kados with a foreach loop
20:41 chris we have 1 hash worth of data
20:41 kados so it's not worth it
20:41 chris yeah
20:41 kados I've got it working now
20:41 chris it saves typing
20:41 kados the value variable is passed to the template fine with a space inbetween each value
20:41 chris but is perhaps an unnessecary obfusctication
20:41 kados now I'm going to start inserting that value into a table for each successful search
20:42 chris cool
20:42 kados actaully I want to insert it regardless --
20:42 chris yep and just set a switch if its successful
20:42 kados yep
20:42 kados this is exciting!
20:42 kados :-)
20:46 kados create table searchterms (terms varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', success int(1) NOT NULL default '0', resultcount bigint(20) NOT NULL default '0', KEY xxterms(terms), KEY xsuccess(success), KEY xresultcount(resultcount));
20:47 kados that should do it eh? do we need to keep track of anything else?
20:48 chris we could be tricky
20:48 kados actually i guess we don't even need success ... resultcount =0 means no success
20:48 chris yep
20:48 chris we could store the ipaddress
20:48 kados hehe good idea
20:48 chris then u could see what opac machine is used the most
20:48 kados yep ...
20:49 kados how do I delete a column?
20:49 kados alter table?
20:49 chris yep
21:08 kados ok it's working ... all searches are being logged
21:08 kados is there some way to consolidate the searches so that searches for the same phrase only show up once?
21:08 kados in the database
21:08 chris yep
21:09 chris altho you lose the ipnumber bit then
21:09 kados hmmm ... that's right .. .nevermind
21:09 chris you can do a select .. if it exists, update, if it doenst insert
21:09 kados I'll just use a seperate table and update it every hour or so
21:09 chris yeah that would be better
21:09 kados I didn't do the ip thingy yet (just put one value in )
21:10 kados is there an easy way to get that?
21:10 kados that you know of?
21:10 chris yep using cgi
21:11 chris assuming $cgi is an object of type CGIl
21:11 chris CGI; even
21:11 kados :-)
21:11 chris then my $ip=$cgi->remote_host();
21:13 kados sweet it's working!
21:16 kados damn ... it broke
21:16 kados hehe
21:24 kados it'd be kind of cool to have a central datbase for all koha servers to connect to and store this data ;-)
21:24 kados we could get a world-wide list going
21:24 kados hehe
21:24 kados organized by language perhaps
21:24 chris that would be kinda cool
21:30 kados chris I'm getting a
21:30 kados DBI connect('suggest:','auth',...) failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (113) at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 86
21:30 kados and I did a
21:30 kados grant all privileges on *.* to auth@"" identified by
21:30 kados I used the IP address for that host too
21:31 kados any other reason you can think of for why that's failing?
21:31 chris whats the db table say?
21:31 chris mysql -uroot -ppassword mysql
21:31 chris select * from db;
21:31 chris whats the host there say?
21:31 chris if its localhost
21:31 kados strange it's not showing that user
21:32 chris that'd do it
21:32 chris select * from user;
21:32 chris is it in there?
21:32 kados yea it's in user
21:33 kados so db is used for remote connections?
21:33 chris no, thats for allowing access to dbs
21:33 chris you can have a user that can connect to mysql
21:33 chris but has no rights in any dbs
21:33 chris which i think youve accidentally set up :)
21:34 kados strange since that 's the same user I'm using on the localhost and it's working fine
21:34 chris hmm
21:34 chris i dont know much about grant syntax
21:34 chris did you do a mysqladmin reload
21:34 kados yep
21:35 chris i always just insert rows into the user and db tables
21:35 kados I seem to remember a skip_networking somewhere in the conf file
21:35 chris cos i started before the grant command existed
21:35 kados but I can't find the conf file anywhere :-)
21:35 chris /etc/mysql/my.conf
21:35 chris usually
21:35 kados right
21:36 kados that's just got
21:36 kados [mysqld]
21:36 kados datadir=/var/lib/mysql
21:36 kados socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
21:36 kados [mysql.server]
21:36 kados user=mysql
21:36 kados basedir=/var/lib
21:36 kados [safe_mysqld]
21:36 kados err-log=/var/log/mysqld.log
21:36 kados pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/
21:36 chris this is ur production machine?
21:36 chris didnt u tweak the conf on it?
21:36 kados nope this is the new machine
21:37 chris ahh
21:37 kados it's running fedora core 3
21:37 chris heres a trick
21:37 chris from a machine other than it
21:38 chris telnet address 3306
21:38 chris that should at least tell ya if its listening on the network
21:38 chris or even
21:38 chris telnet localhost 3306
21:39 kados Connected to localhost.localdomain (
21:39 kados Escape character is '^]'.
21:39 kados NHost 'localhost.localdomain' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL serverConnection closed by foreign host.
21:39 kados so it's listening eh?
21:39 kados hmmm ...
21:39 chris yep so thats not the problem
21:41 kados hmmm actually from another host I get:
21:41 kados koha:/build/koha/opac# telnet 3306
21:41 kados Trying
21:41 kados telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host
21:41 kados so maybe that is the problem
21:41 chris firewall
21:42 kados ahh
21:42 kados that must be it
21:42 chris can u just poke a hole in it for 3306 ?
21:42 chris from certain ips, would be even better
21:44 kados yep that was it
21:44 kados yea I just wanted to test it -- my iptables isn't that good yet
21:44 chris :)
21:44 kados I'll write the rule now
21:44 chris do you use shorewall?
21:44 kados no ...
21:44 chris sometime when u have some free time might be worth having a read
21:44 kados cool
21:45 kados iptables made easy
21:45 chris it makes manipulating iptables a lot more pleasant
21:45 kados hehe
21:46 kados it's working:
21:46 kados | neal stephenson |           4 |  |
21:46 kados | neal stephenson |           8 |  |
21:46 kados | neal stephenson |           8 | |
21:46 kados | neal gaiman     |           0 | |
21:46 chris cool
04:13 kados chris around?
04:14 kados I'm trying to get a timestamp in the database too ... but I can't find a cgi timestamp
04:17 kados ahh I see ... timestamp is handled by mysql
09:49 paulAway ca s'en va et ca revient...

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