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12:37 paul g'morning owen
12:37 owen hi paul.
12:37 owen I see lots of bug activity from you!  I'll try to get Joshua to update our test machine today so I can confirm those.
12:37 owen kados: are you online?
12:37 JYL57 hello paul, owen
12:37 paul joshua was here at 3AM (your hour)
12:38 paul so i think he's sleeping ;-)
12:38 owen I hope so!
12:38 paul salut jean yves, j'ai vu ton patch
12:38 JYL57 yep
12:40 paul c'est quel fichier exactement ?
12:40 paul ok, j'ai trouvé
12:41 paul memberentry.tmpl
12:41 JYL57 oui, c'est �
12:41 paul c'est quoi la modif, parce que là, il y a bcp de lignes
12:41 paul à cause de l'indentation
12:41 JYL57 autre bug suspecté dans Rapport 'Issues by borrower categeory'
12:42 JYL57 cherche 'categorie'
12:43 paul ?? pas trouvé ??
12:43 JYL57 ligne 112
12:43 JYL57 le search ne marche pas chez moi non plus... ?!
12:43 paul pardon ?
12:43 JYL57 sorry :catégorie
12:44 JYL57 ajouter <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="catcodepopup"  -->
12:46 JYL57 c'est ok ?!
12:47 paul ok, en fait, c'est une erreur de traduction
12:47 paul je viens de corriger
12:47 paul dans kartouche.
12:47 paul c'est quoi l'autre bug dans issues by borrower category ?
12:47 JYL57 compris
12:48 JYL57 les valeurs sont dans (colonne-1)
12:49 paul tu veux dire pas dans la bonne colonne ?
12:49 JYL57 exactement
12:49 paul mmm... sur la base de l'EMN ca m'a l'air tout à fait bon
12:49 JYL57 je vérifie en ce moment...
12:50 paul (en tous cas, c'est pareil en FR et en EN, donc c'est pas un pb de traduction !)
12:50 JYL57 right, j'ai vérifié
12:53 paul ok j'ai aussi corrigé le pb de additem
12:53 JYL57 good !
12:53 paul owen, your opinion : release a RC5 today
12:53 JYL57 on va pouvoir revenir au français alors !
12:53 paul (with 4 bugfixes only, but important in french)
12:53 paul or wait a little to have more ?
12:54 JYL57 Paul, I'm sure about problems in the 'Issues by borrower category' report !
12:54 owen I think yes, because it sounds like other people on the list are having problems with searching similar to us.
12:54 JYL57 the values aren't in the good columns
12:54 paul JYL57 : you can fix the pb in template additem.tmpl
12:54 paul replace Confirmez-vous la suppression de l'ouvrage
12:55 paul by Confirmez-vous la suppression de l exemplaire (REMOVE the ')
12:55 JYL57 Yes, Paul we can wait on here
12:55 JYL57 Ok, thanks
13:04 JYL57 Paul, another one... In the category admin in parameters, koha asks for a categorycode = I (I for Institutions) should we keep a I category ?!
13:16 paul JYL57 : no
13:17 paul mais I est utilisé pour les entreprises qui ont des salariés qui ont des cartes d'entreprise
15:59 kados paul around?
16:00 kados owen aroudn?
16:00 kados around even?
16:00 kados looks like your connection is a bit better today
16:02 owen Yeah, did you hear about what work they did last night?
16:03 kados they?  you mean me?
16:03 kados hehe
16:03 kados there was a distributed attack on your subnet
16:03 owen Oh, they said THEY did it
16:03 kados hehe
16:03 kados well we did it together
16:03 kados they have a nifty network monitor to watch packets on
16:04 kados so we closed up some of the ports on our 1600 router
16:04 kados so the attack won't get through
16:04 kados so are things fast now?
16:05 owen Much better
16:06 kados cool ... there are still a few attacks on that subnet ...
16:06 kados so it might even get better
16:06 owen The bandwidth test they used on Monday when they were here shows my current throughput at 146 K, which is better than I'v ever seen it.
16:07 kados once I clean up those
16:07 kados sweet
16:07 kados yea I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal except that wireless doesn't do well with small packets like the ones being routed
16:08 owen My connection is looking good just in time for me to go on vacation!
16:08 kados hehe
16:09 owen Have you done an update on 101 today?
16:10 owen Paul's done some bug-fixing and some bug-reviewing and I'd like to confirm some of his changes
16:14 kados I haven't ...actually I was about to ask you if it was ok
16:14 kados I'll go ahead and do it
16:14 owen Hold on just a sec
16:14 kados righto
16:15 owen Okay, all set.  I just remembered I wanted to grab a backup of some stuff.  Go ahead.
16:28 kados ok ... the update's done ... let's test it out (/me crosses his fingers)
16:28 kados yay! title's working
16:28 kados looks like we're all good
16:30 owen Great.
16:41 chris hi all
16:41 owen hi chris
16:45 kados hithere chris
16:45 kados just in time ... I've a quick question ;-)
16:45 chris :)
16:46 kados still working on my secret project ;-)
16:47 kados this script isn't working:
16:47 kados
16:47 kados I'm trying to pull out the distinct marc_word words and put them in a seperate datbase
16:48 chris right
16:48 chris try values (?,?,?) however many there are
16:48 chris then
16:49 kados well there are 5,000,000 of them ;-)
16:49 kados or actually only about 250,000 distinct values
16:49 chris INSERT INTO word (word) VALUES(?)
16:49 chris looks ok
16:49 chris but
16:49 chris (my ($word)=$sth->fetchrow_array)
16:50 chris well i guess taht oughta work too
16:50 chris whats the error you are getting?
16:50 kados no error
16:50 kados it runs fine
16:50 kados but nothing happens
16:51 chris if you put a print "$word\n"; in ur loop
16:51 chris it prints out a pile of words?
16:51 chris (might wanna pipe it to a file)
16:51 chris ./ > log
16:52 kados no words
16:52 kados the script executes in like half-a sec
16:52 kados it should take about 8 mins for the first query
16:53 kados in mysql that's how long the distinct query takes anyway
16:53 chris that means the first query must be wrong :)
16:53 kados hehe
16:53 chris try select distinct(word) from marc_word
16:54 kados ok
16:54 kados (it runs from the mysql command line without that line)
16:55 chris hmm
16:55 kados nope ... still just exits
16:56 chris my $sth=$dbh->prepare($query) || die "cant prepare query";
16:56 chris try that
16:59 kados ahh ... the dbh using context wasn't working
16:59 kados I changed it to a tcp connect and it worked
16:59 kados that's weird
17:00 chris permissions thing
17:00 chris the user wont be able to read /etc/koha.conf probably
17:00 chris so cant set up properly under context
17:00 chris thats my guess
17:01 kados ahh
17:01 kados well when this database is finished my diabolical plans will almost be finished
17:01 kados my brilliant but possibly stupid idea will come to fruition
17:11 kados oh ... it's coming ... just you wait ...
17:13 kados ok ... well it's not done yet ... but I"ve got the demo working
17:13 kados heheheheh
17:14 kados
17:14 kados type a partial word in the box
17:14 kados wait a few seconds
17:14 kados and valla!
17:15 kados the top twenty words in our database that start like that
17:15 kados it's a dumb version of Google Suggest for Koha
17:15 chris hehe cool
17:15 kados (but none of the code is based on google suggest)
17:15 kados I"ve got several bugs to work out
17:16 kados like instead of the data I'd like to have the times it occurs in the database
17:16 kados etc.
17:16 chris right
17:16 kados and I want to limit it to beginnings of words that are greater than three chars
17:16 chris makes sense
17:16 kados and it'd have to run on a seperate machine
17:17 kados (the datbase that is)
17:17 kados like some old 486 or p1 somewhere
17:17 kados no sense wasting good processing time on something this silly
17:18 chris :-)
17:18 kados and I need to make it start over when you put a space after the first word
17:18 chris right, its silly but neat
17:18 kados so it will search for words next to each other in the database
17:18 kados that'd take some doing
17:18 chris yeah, that'd be hella tricky
17:18 kados maybe just search for more words in the database at first
17:19 kados thanks for your help chris
17:19 chris no worries
17:19 chris ill expect some stupid pictures for my site in return :-)
17:19 kados owen, wanna try it before I break it trying to add more features?
17:19 kados hehe
17:20 kados ok ... when I get it working better I'll email you som escreenshots
17:20 owen Seems to work... Is it picking the top 20 according to ascii order?
17:20 kados should be alphabetical ...
17:21 kados and it ignores case
17:21 owen Could it show the top 20 most common?
17:21 kados sure
17:21 owen (actually 20 may be too many)
17:21 kados but not yet
17:21 kados I need to add a frequency count in the database
17:21 kados that's coming in version 0.000000002
17:21 kados hehe
17:22 owen It'd be neat to see the hit count like Google has, next to the term.
17:22 kados is frequency in the database or frequency of search better? ... the second would be tricky
17:22 owen I think you'd have to go with frequency in the database.
17:22 kados we'd have to keep track of how many times each marc_word entry was queried
17:23 owen Then you'd probably use that data to build up a list of stop-words to start excluding.
17:23 kados possible, but we really need better hardware and load balancing to handle that kind of things
17:23 kados yep
17:25 owen that XMLHttpRequest stuff is neat.
17:26 owen Of course it would be really unusable on a slow connection, but at least it degrades well (if you don't want to wait you don't have to)
17:27 kados right
17:27 kados hey chris ... been talking to Ryan Higgins?
17:28 chris nope
17:28 kados ahh
17:28 chris just saw they had joined the list
17:28 kados right ... he's a friend of mine who's interested in Koha
17:28 chris cool
17:29 owen Is he at O.U.?
17:29 kados yea ... he works for the Physics department
17:32 owen We'll have to start having Koha Meetups in Athens ;)
17:33 kados that'd be sweet
17:47 owen So Joshua, now that you're an expert at XMLHttpRequest you can design us  a new circ page that doesn't have to reload on every check-out!
17:51 kados chris hehe
17:51 kados oops sorry chris
17:51 kados I'm not an expert in any way ... that script is a complete hack
17:52 kados but yea ... that should be possible
17:52 kados I'll give it some thought (my brain is fried at the moment)
17:53 owen Something for the furthest burner back
17:59 owen Yay, Paul fixed Bug 858!
17:59 owen That was one of the biggies.
18:01 owen And Bug 841, too
18:08 owen Looks like I'll have to revise my top 5 list
18:32 kados 851 too, eh?
18:33 owen Yeah, 'cause you fixed it ;)
18:34 kados oh... I got my numbers switched up
18:34 kados :-)
18:45 rach hello
18:45 owen hi rach
19:16 ambrose|w hi. does anyone know whether the koha wiki non-public now? or is there a config problem?
19:18 chris nope its still public
19:18 chris u just get a login prompt
19:18 chris which tells you the username and password to use
19:18 chris it was getting spam attacked on a constant basis
19:19 chris having the http auth stops that
19:19 ambrose|w oh
19:19 ambrose|w thanks
19:19 ambrose|w i guess i should stop being lazy and start to catch up with the translation now :D
19:19 kados my $query = "select DISTINCT(word),count(DISTINCT(word)) FROM marc_word group by word";
19:19 ambrose|w are we still using cvs?
19:19 chris for 2.2 yep
19:20 kados my $sth=$dbh->prepare($query) || die "cant prepare query";;
19:20 kados $sth->execute();
19:20 ambrose|w good :)
19:20 kados while (my ($word)=$sth->fetchrow_array) {
19:20 kados        $sth2->execute($word,$count);
19:20 kados what's wrong with this picture :-)
19:20 chris select DISTINCT(word),count(DISTINCT(word)) FROM
19:20 chris                marc_word group by word
19:20 chris should be
19:20 ambrose|w if i can translate in time (or maybe not), perhaps i have a small chance to convince my manager to use koha
19:20 kados hmmm, the query is working ok ... it's the fetchrow array I'm worried about
19:21 chris ahh you dont need to do the distinct stuff
19:21 chris grouping does it for ya
19:21 kados ahh
19:21 chris select count(*),word from marc_word group by word;
19:22 kados well how about fetchrow array, how do I pass both values through?
19:22 chris my @array =
19:23 chris sth->execute($array[0],$array[1]);
19:23 chris or my ($count,$word) =
19:24 chris that make sense?
19:24 kados yep
19:24 kados thanks
19:24 chris personally i never use arrays to return results
19:24 chris because not all databases return them in the order you ask for them
19:24 chris so its a bad habit to get into
19:24 kados what's the alternative?
19:24 chris i pretty much always use a hashref
19:25 chris my $data=$sth->fetchrow_hashref()
19:25 chris then $data->{'word'} etc
19:25 kados ahh
19:25 chris but for this little script array is fine
19:25 chris cos mysql behaves nicely
19:26 kados :-)
19:26 chris and gives you columns in the order you specify
22:12 kados hey chris: I've got counts working:
22:12 kados
22:14 kados now it's on to multiple words
22:15 kados actually, I'm thinking that the best application for this is the borrower search on the intranet
22:15 kados the dataset is really small
22:15 kados so it would be fast
22:15 kados you could do firstname lastname
22:15 kados and lastname firstname
22:15 kados strip out the commas
22:15 kados and '
22:17 kados for searching it might be better to have a list of the most popular searches
22:17 chris yeah
22:17 kados that shouldn't be too tricky to pull off
22:18 kados the searches that succeed in reults get stored in a table somewhere
22:19 kados and a background process tallies them and dumps them into the non-production machine's database
22:19 kados it only needs to keep a few thousand I'd think
22:20 kados just the most popular ones
22:21 chris and as byproduct
22:21 chris you are collecting the most popular searches
22:21 chris which is a good stat in determining what new books to buy
22:21 kados yep ... actually it might be useful to collect failed results too
22:22 chris yep
22:22 kados so I need a table with three columns: term, resultcount, success
22:22 kados this is actually getting easier ;-)
22:23 kados thanks for all the ongoing help and advice chris!
22:26 chris no worries
05:08 paul_away   /nick paul
05:09 paul hello world (i mean kados, chris, rach, si and our friend logbot ;-) )
05:09 chris hi paul
05:11 paul what were you speaking of with kados ? i'm not sure i understand well
05:11 chris have you seen google suggest?
05:12 chris
05:12 chris start typing and google will give you some words
05:12 chris joshua did something to do the same for koha
07:08 paul 'lut
07:39 JYL57 hello paul & others !
07:40 paul hello, si ta cnx tient bon ;-)
07:40 JYL57 configuring Kerio firewall this morning with many config stuff... ;-)
10:51 jmlongo hello there...  :)
10:54 jmlongo anyone can tell me how 'printing' works in Koha?
10:56 jmlongo I would like the system to print something everytime a borrower borrows a book...
10:56 paul hi jm
10:56 paul those questions must be asked to katipo
10:56 paul afaik, they are the only ones that prints slips on issues
10:56 jmlongo hi Paul  :)
10:57 paul no library here in france prints such a slip
10:57 paul (at least none that are my customers ;-) )
10:57 jmlongo i see  :-P
10:58 jmlongo so... you say I should ask this via the mailing list?
10:58 paul probably yes.
10:58 paul (for instance, kiwis are in bed. should be back in 8-10 hours)
10:59 jmlongo ok Paul... thanks!

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