IRC log for #koha, 2004-10-30

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15:52 owen Hi rach
15:57 rach hi owen
16:33 owen I want a Koha page that lists all the items a patron has, the price of each item, and a total at the bottom of the page!
16:35 chris hmm
16:35 chris shouldnt be hard to do
16:36 chris actually owen, on it lists all the items a person has out right?
16:36 chris we could just add the price detail to that
16:37 chris or we could make a new page, and just link it from there
16:38 chris got a borrower who has a huge pile of books out?
16:44 owen Always.
16:44 chris :-)
16:44 owen Usually videos.
16:44 chris right
16:45 owen Actually, if it were me I'd design a separate 'print view' page that included the prices and a total.
16:46 owen We have a custom print view page set up now, but it doesn't include any additional information, because it's just recycling the moremember script as it is.
16:46 chris ah ha
16:47 chris ok, well borrissues is the routine that returns the data to the script
16:48 chris and it returns all the item data
16:48 chris so replacementprice will be there
16:48 chris it'll be a matter of passing it to the template
16:48 owen I can usually handle that
16:50 chris push (@issuedata, \%row);
16:50 chris before that line
16:50 chris just need something like
16:50 chris $row{'replacementprice'}=$iss​ue->[$i]{'replacementprice'};
16:51 chris and then it should be available in the template
16:59 chris gremlins
17:00 owen Gremlins don't get vacation--they're paid by the hour!
17:00 chris heh
17:48 owen Gremlins it is.
17:49 chris :-)
17:50 owen Trick-or-treaters are gathering outside my library for the Halloween parade.
17:51 rach do you get to throw old books at them?
17:51 chris when is halloween? today for u guys?
17:51 rach we don't get trick or treaters here I don't think
17:52 owen The kids always have trick-or-treating early because of the big Halloween party in Athens on the weekend.  Can't mix costumed kiddies with drunken partying students.
17:53 rach are you ordering in blow up pumpkins for it chris?
17:53 chris ahh thats right, i still have my halloween in athens tshirt
17:53 chris rach: i have laurels brothers going to the store after halloween and buying up cheap decorations when they go on sale for us
17:54 chris see if i can start a trend :-)
17:54 owen I'll bet you get your Christmas tree on New Year's Day when everyone puts theirs out on the curb.
17:55 chris i would, but they dont do that here :-)
17:55 chris unless u put it in yellow rubbish sacks, the council would just leave it on the curb :)
17:59 owen I'd better head out before the streets get too thick with ghouls.

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