IRC log for #koha, 2004-10-29

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15:04 indradg hi
15:04 owen Hi indradg
15:05 indradg owen: hi... seen paul around?
15:05 owen No, I usually don't see him at this time of day.
15:05 indradg i have a question for him... regarding submission of translation
15:06 indradg besides I noticed a couple of oddball behaviour with Indic data input thru the Koha Lib interface
15:07 owen It's late evening where he is.  It's usually easier to catch him earlier in his day.
15:07 indradg well... thanks anyway :)
17:38 owen Hi chris
17:38 chris heya owen
17:38 owen Welcome back
17:41 owen You must have a full inbox
17:41 chris its actually not too bad now, i spent yesterday wading through it, it was pretty full tho :-)
17:44 owen We muddled through without you.  It was difficult.
17:46 chris heh, im sure you did just fine :-)
17:47 chris Eatnparks Cafe Mocha Java milkshake thing won the best milk based drink
17:47 owen Never heard of it!
17:48 chris i think eatnpark must be just a pennsylvania thing
17:50 chris ahh looks like some in ohio
17:51 chris[…]iew_usa_shadow_40
17:54 si we went toa really lame one in west virginia
17:55 si well, the place wasn't lame, but the service was :-)
17:56 chris yep, there are 2 in west view, right along the same street, one has good service, one has lame service
18:04 kados hey chris!
18:04 kados welcome back!
18:04 chris heya joshua :-) thanks
18:04 chris how was phreaknic?
18:05 kados pretty good
18:05 kados I didn't blog it cause the network was really unsecure
18:05 chris righto
18:05 kados It got so bad I didn't even dare ssh to any of my boxes :-)
18:05 chris :-)
18:05 kados someone took over the dns server (multiple times)
18:06 kados on a related note, someone routed the entire hotel phone system to his cell and started collecting CC numbers from potential guests
18:06 kados they called the feds in and took him ayaw :-)
18:06 kados it was pretty crazy
18:07 chris yikes
18:07 kados I learned a lot tho
18:07 chris thats good
18:07 kados what's new with you?
18:08 chris hmm not too much, just got back a couple of days ago, still trying to get my body back into sync with nz time
18:10 chris still getting used to the ring ... ppl say it takes a few months to wear itself a little grove :)
18:10 si have you thrown it into the fire to read the hidden elvish yet?
18:10 chris not yet
23:53 Oj Rach: are you about?

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