IRC log for #koha, 2004-10-23

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
11:13 owen hi jmlongo
11:14 jmlongo hi there owen!
16:01 owen hi rach
16:01 rach hi ya
16:41 owen rach, do you know what font is used for the 'koha' text here?
16:44 rach sorry sucked off into looking at snow reports
16:44 rach I can go look at the file
16:46 rach Centennial Italic
16:46 rach It's a true type font
16:47 owen Thanks.
16:50 rach no prob
01:35 indradg hi... has the 2.0.0 version tarball been removed from the sourceforge d/l page?

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