IRC log for #koha, 2004-10-22

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
16:41 rach hi owen
16:42 owen hi rach
16:42 rach how are things in your neck of the woods
16:42 owen cold and rainy
16:42 owen but quiet here in the library, so I'm getting lots of work done
16:43 rach excellent
16:43 owen Looks like things are exciting in your neck of the woods:[…]070756a10,00.html
17:03 rach oh cool
17:03 rach Russ has a 9 week old puppy in at the office though
17:03 rach which has been exciting :-)
17:05 owen My connection is as spotty as ever
17:07 rach ah well
17:07 rach I think our IRC server has been a bit flakey too
17:08 rach that's a big fish
17:12 rach wow you are bouncing about a bit
17:13 owen I think I'll just give up!  Nice to catch a moment, anyway. Ciao!
10:48 kados hiya owen
10:48 owen 'morning.
10:48 owen The downtime email looks good
10:48 kados great!

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