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12:01 tim I know I won't get it done before this years deadline, but each time I finally do make some progress it's pretty bit at least.
12:02 tim There's just a lot of time between
12:03 owen Is there something you'd say is your biggest hurdle?
12:11 tim MARC mapping so far.
12:14 tim My problem is usually because I get stuck on how I think things should work instead of how they really work.
13:24 tim About an hour and 15 minutes ago :)
13:24 rach ah so you're still about?
13:24 rach where abouts are you tim?
13:24 tim Sometimes
13:25 tim Yup.  Southeast Iowa
13:26 rach is there anything someone else - like us? could help you with in getting your data migrated?
13:27 rach or in general?
13:28 tim It's a general 'Idunoo what I'm doing' thing I guess.  I'm stumped on some of the marc mapping.
13:28 tim Mostly tab #10 and I want to see call numbers in the search results.
13:30 rach ah huh
13:31 tim I'm digging out the 'Migrating to Koha" document that Owen mentioned a while back.
13:32 rach there will be 3 of us from Katipo in the USA in the next 4 weeks
13:32 rach or so
13:32 rach I think actually chris will be there a lot longer
13:33 rach mapping marc isn't probably our strong suite
13:33 rach but changing the search results I'd expect would be
14:15 tim Starting to have owens problems staying connected.
23:04 kados chris around?
23:04 chris yo
23:04 kados hiya
23:04 chris hey there
23:05 kados did you see my question a while back about the issues script not working?
23:05 chris hmm nope dont think so
23:05 kados for some reason this sql:
23:05 kados DELETE FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=? LIMIT?
23:05 kados in the script
23:05 chris oh right
23:05 chris LIMIT ?
23:06 chris missing a space
23:06 kados tried that
23:07 chris righto
23:07 kados btw: is there any advantage to using mysqldump over just targzipping up the /Koha dir in /var/lib/mysql?
23:07 chris yes and no
23:07 chris dumping means u can port it to whatever version
23:07 chris whatever OS etc
23:08 chris if u gzip the binary data files
23:08 kados ahh ... that's actually important if there's a crash
23:08 chris yup
23:08 kados glad I asked
23:08 chris so gzipping the files is faster and will restore faster
23:08 kados you're not kidding
23:08 kados 1 min vs 3 hrs
23:09 chris but u might run into problems if u try to use it on different mysql version etc
23:13 kados okidoki ... here are those errors:
23:13 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''13'' at line 1 at line 47.
23:13 kados so these happen for each time the query is run and nothing is actually changed in the database -- I've been Ctr-Cing out when they start flying by
23:14 chris it used to work tho?
23:14 kados yea ... remember it f**cked up the issues that time :-)
23:14 chris so i wonder whats changed
23:14 kados and you had to do a thingy with stats
23:14 chris new mysql version?
23:14 kados yea
23:14 kados 4.020
23:14 chris right
23:14 kados 4.0.20
23:14 chris perhaps the syntax has changed
23:14 kados actually
23:15 kados huh
23:15 kados how would one find out?
23:15 kados actually ... it works when I do it from the sql command line
23:16 kados if that means anything ...
23:17 chris how odd
23:18 chris oh
23:18 chris ''13'' double ''
23:18 chris perhaps its making it limit '13'
23:19 chris instead of limit 13
23:19 kados hmmm
23:19 chris for some reason
23:19 kados lemme check
23:20 kados my $count_items_sth=$dbh->prepare("SELECT COUNT(*) AS issuecount,itemnumber FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL GROUP BY itemnumber ORDER BY issuecount DESC");
23:20 kados while (my $items=$count_items_sth->fetchrow_arrayref) {
23:20 kados my $count=$items->[0];
23:20 kados is how it arrives at $count
23:21 kados my $del_issues_sth=$dbh->prepare("DELETE FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=? LIMIT ?");
23:21 kados $del_issues_sth->execute($itemnumber, $count);
23:21 kados (totally out of order of course :-))
23:21 chris hmm that oughta work
23:21 chris weird
23:22 chris could try
23:22 chris my $del_issues_sth=$dbh->prepare("DELETE FROM issues WHERE
23:22 chris   returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=? LIMIT $count");
23:22 chris and  $del_issues_sth->execute($itemnumber);
23:23 chris or leave it as it is and do
23:24 kados well I got some kind of init error and then:
23:24 chris $del_issues_sth->execute($itemnumber, $count) || die "itemnumber=$itemnumber count=$count";
23:24 kados D::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check themanual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 at line 47.
23:25 kados ok I'll try that
23:26 chris it should stop on the first error
23:27 kados koha:/build/npl_custom_scripts# perl -I /build/koha
23:27 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''20'' at line 1 at line 47.
23:27 kados itemnumber=276476 count=20 at line 47.
23:27 chris thats mental
23:27 kados :-)
23:27 chris could go
23:28 chris ah no
23:28 chris weird
23:29 chris DELETE FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=276476 limit 20
23:30 chris works fine from the command line ?
23:31 kados yep
23:31 chris how odd
23:31 kados maybe a DBD bug?
23:31 kados DBI?
23:31 chris seems weird
23:32 chris how about doing
23:32 chris my $query="DELETE FROM issues WHERE returndate IS NOT NULL AND itemnumber=$itemnumber limit $count";
23:32 chris my $sth=$dbh->prepare($query);
23:33 chris $sth->execute || die $query;
23:33 chris at least we will get to see the actual query its executing that way
23:33 kados ok ...
23:38 kados well it might be working
23:38 chris somethign weird was happening
23:39 chris i think and it was thinking the count was a string
23:39 kados mysql> select count(*) from issues;
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 kados | count(*) |
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 kados |   304415 |
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 chris so was escaping it with '
23:39 kados 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
23:39 kados
23:39 kados mysql> select count(*) from issues;
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 kados | count(*) |
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 kados |   298531 |
23:39 kados +----------+
23:39 kados 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
23:39 kados
23:39 chris and mysql was going oi .. u dont put strings in limit clauses
23:39 kados I think it's working a bit too well
23:39 kados and deleting all the issues again :-)
23:40 kados maybe not ... it finally stopped
23:41 kados well everything looks fine
23:42 kados wow ... thanks chris
23:42 chris cool
23:42 chris so somehow it was thinking count was a string
23:43 kados so I ran the script again
23:43 kados and got:
23:43 kados koha:/build/npl_custom_scripts# perl -I /build/koha
23:43 kados Use of uninitialized value in string at line 68.
23:43 kados is that because there's nothing to do?
23:44 chris yep, ull be using $count when its empty
23:44 chris or itemnumber
23:44 kados right
23:45 kados I always get nervous playing directly with the data in bulk
23:45 chris yeah a little paranoia is healthy
23:45 kados seeing 15000 issues disapear gives me the heebyjeebies
23:45 chris saves a lot of heartache in the long run
23:45 chris :-)
23:45 kados or in this case 150000
23:45 chris what we should really do
23:45 kados :-)
23:46 chris is make and oldissues table
23:46 kados that'd be ideal
23:46 chris and move them to that
23:46 kados then I could just do delete from oldissues
23:46 chris well i was thinking
23:46 kados (we actually need to get rid of them
23:46 kados for patriots act reasons
23:47 chris u could move to oldissues (so they dont slow stuff done) and anonymise them
23:47 chris done=down
23:47 kados ahh
23:47 chris ie make all borrower numbers=1
23:47 chris or smething
23:47 kados yea that'd work
23:47 chris but so ud still have the data of when items where issued etc
23:47 chris mind you
23:48 chris thats all in statistics anyway
23:48 kados yea I know
23:48 chris hmm
23:48 chris could be a 2 step process
23:48 chris move to old issues
23:48 chris then, delete from old issues
23:48 chris so move .. check its all ok
23:48 chris move back if not
23:49 chris if it is, delete from old issues
23:49 kados right
23:49 chris just would make for a faster recover process
23:49 kados well copying the issues.MYI is pretty fast
23:49 chris true
23:49 kados which is what I did
23:49 kados :-)
23:49 chris :)
23:50 chris for the patriot act, u might want to anonymise the old stats
23:50 kados yea I've been thinking about that
23:50 chris at least the issues
23:50 chris zero the borrowernumbers for issues
23:53 chris hmm still down?
00:09 kados it should be up now
00:10 chris i get a document contains no data
00:10 kados ahh ...
00:10 kados there's this weird apache thing
00:10 kados try it now
00:10 chris ahh thats more like it
00:11 kados its creeping along on my old Pentium 1
00:11 kados hehe
00:11 kados I've gotta get some better hardware
00:11 chris :)
00:12 kados I really like blosxom
00:12 kados chris what rss agro do you use?
00:12 kados see if you can get my rss stuff to work for you
00:13 kados
00:13 chris i use bloglines .. so it wont :)
00:13 kados bummer
00:13 kados I wonder why
00:13 chris its odd cos the rss from mine bloglines doesnt mind
00:13 kados well I've emailed them ...
00:14 kados BTW: have you seen the self-checkout yet?
00:14 chris oh hey
00:14 chris it does work in bloglines
00:14 kados
00:14 kados really? ... /me tries again
00:15 kados cool!
00:16 kados let's see if I can round up some books for you to issue to me
00:16 chris heh cool
00:17 kados 31000000000045
00:17 kados 31000000000061
00:17 kados (no idea what these items are)
00:17 kados :-)
00:18 chris hmm im already logged in it says
00:19 chris ahh firefox is blocking the pop up
00:19 chris hehe
00:19 kados did you get the javascript popup?
00:19 kados right
00:19 kados check the x
00:19 kados :-)
00:19 kados I always forget about that and wonder why a site isn't working
00:19 chris very cool
00:20 chris you guys should do some screen shots
00:20 kados well it's not live yet
00:20 kados we've still got a couple of bugs to work out
00:20 chris cool when it goes live, should pop up some screenshots for people to have a look at
00:20 chris its pretty neat
00:21 kados yea ... will do
00:21 kados I'm working on my sysadmin manual lately
00:21 chris cool
00:22 kados here's the index:
00:22 kados Part I: Installation and Migration
00:22 kados 1: Installing Koha on Debian (jferraro)
00:22 kados 2: Installing Koha on Redhat AS (shedges)
00:22 kados 3: Installing Koha on Fedora (jferraro)
00:22 kados 4: Migrating to Koha (shedges)
00:22 kados 5: Customizing Koha's Template System (oleonard)
00:22 kados                                                                            
00:22 chris woo
00:22 kados Part II: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
00:22 kados 6: Updating Koha (jferraro)
00:22 kados        setting up a testing environment
00:22 kados        setting up CVS symlinks
00:22 kados 7: Backups (jferraro)
00:22 kados        backing up and restoring the database
00:22 kados                role of replication as backup
00:22 kados        backing up and restoring the filesystem
00:22 kados 8: Optimization (jferraro)
00:22 kados        optimizing MySQL
00:22 kados        load balancing with replication
00:22 kados 9: Troubleshooting (jferraro)
00:22 kados        Koha's error reporting
00:22 kados        database corruption
00:22 kados        worst-case scenario: utilizing the statistics table
00:22 kados Part III: Participating in the Koha Community
00:22 kados 10: Communicating with the developers(jferraro)
00:23 kados        mailing lists
00:23 kados        IRC
00:23 kados        Wiki
00:23 chris heh worst case scenario :-)
00:23 kados 11: Reporting Bugs (jferraro)
00:23 kados 12: Submitting Code (jferraro)
00:23 kados Appendix:
00:23 kados Installing the Z3950 Server (jferraro)
00:23 kados Cleaning up the issues data (shedges)
00:23 kados Renewals (shedges)
00:23 kados Reserves (shedges)
00:23 kados Handling Overdue Items (shedges)
00:23 kados :-)
00:23 kados well it's a start
00:23 chris excellent
00:24 chris sounds like its on the way to having an actual book too
00:24 kados I'm hoping to have the above sections done in time for the OLC annual at the end of this month
00:24 kados we'll see ...
00:24 chris mind you, if we pdf it, its easy to print off into a book
00:24 kados yea
00:24 chris imagine an oreilly koha book :-)
00:24 kados I don't know if Koha's solidified enough to warrent a book
00:24 kados that's be sweet
00:24 kados but so much is changing so fast ...
00:24 kados maybe after 2.2 ...
00:25 chris yeah
00:25 kados if you think of any additions or want to write something and have me add it let me know
00:25 kados (besides writing Koha that is :-)
00:25 chris will do
00:26 chris rosalie might want to add something
00:26 kados well I've gotta get to bed
00:27 kados we've got a meeting at 8:00 with Dr. Chang's new class ... more student programmers ready to work on stuff
00:27 chris right :-)
00:27 chris should be a koha irc meeting next week
00:28 chris so ill cya there if not before :)
00:28 kados right:-)
00:28 kados nite
00:28 chris night
02:01 chris evening paul and russ
02:02 russ evening
02:09 paul hi chris & russ
02:10 russ i guess it isnt evening where you are paul
02:10 paul no, it's 9AM ;-)

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