IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-11

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12:56 owen Hi tim
13:05 tim Hi owen
13:07 owen How's Koha going for you tim?
13:09 tim Slow
13:09 tim But that's kinda my pace I guess.
13:09 owen Slow to get it up and running?
13:10 tim I'm still messed up on the marc mapping.
13:11 tim When did logbot come back?
13:12 owen A few days ago I think.  I wondered aloud where he'd gone, and magically he reappeared.
13:12 owen Have you looked at Stephen Hedges' documentation on marc mapping?  I know he's done a lot of work in that area.
13:14 tim It's been a while since I looked at the info he has.  I think the last time I checked it I wasn't working on the marc stuff yet.
13:14 tim Do you know the address of the IRC logs?  The bookmark I made doesn't seem to work.
13:17 tim I have a bookmark to "Migrating to Koha ver.2.0.0.  Is that where I'll find the documetation you mentioned?
13:17 owen I'll double-check
13:21 owen I think the new IRC logs are supposed to be at, but that's not working right now.
13:23 owen Yes, the Migrating page is the one I was thinking of (
13:30 tim Thanks owen
13:30 tim I get an internal server error trying to get to the IRC logs.
13:30 owen Yeah, me too.
14:04 chris try now
14:04 owen Hey chris
14:04 chris heya
14:05 chris id firewalled the webserver off from the dbserver .. fixed that
14:05 owen Working for me now, thanks.  Welcome back, chris.
14:05 chris so now im gonna go back to bed for a little bit more :)
14:05 chris catch ya in an hour or 2 if ur still about :)
14:06 tim It's qick too
16:31 owen so, NZ folks--what's the best time of year to visit your fair country?
16:32 chris well if u come in january
16:32 chris u can come to my nz wedding party
16:32 chris :)
16:32 chris what kinda stuff do you want to do owen?
16:32 chris january and february are the best months summer weather wise
16:33 owen If I want to please my wife, a warm sunny beach is required.
16:33 chris ahh, middle january thru to middle feb then
16:33 owen Is March too late?
16:33 chris march is warmish
16:33 chris still be nice beaches up north
16:34 chris we had a kinda later summer this year march was actually pretty nice
16:35 owen We're beginning official inquiries into a New Zealand vacation.
16:35 chris excellent
16:35 chris the good thing about march is, school holidays have finished
16:36 chris so all the students are back at school, or university
16:39 owen We'll have to see how planning goes, and take a look at our budget.
16:39 chris also, super 12 will have started so i can take u to a rugby game :-)
16:39 chris cool
16:40 chris well we have a spare bedroom in wellington, so u'll have free accomodation here :-)
16:40 owen Cool!  We'll have to figure out some way to connect, no matter what our itinerary.
16:41 owen I'll keep you posted :)
16:41 owen I definitely owe you a few beers for help with Koha over the last year

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