IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-10

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14:52 owen Anybody home?
14:58 tim Nope.  I'm at work.
14:59 owen Oh yeah, well me too. :(
18:54 kados chris around?
18:55 kados I'm wondering if it's possible to grab the 2.01 via a cvs command or whether slef only uploaded the .tar.gz ...
19:12 emiliano Hi people
09:42 owen kados: are you around?
10:19 kados yep ... what's up?
10:20 kados owen ... I upgraded .60 to rel_2_0
10:20 kados and now I'm working on getting around the debarred problem
10:21 owen Great.
10:25 kados owen ... the template parameter is in the code ...
10:25 kados DBARRED
10:26 kados if ($flag eq 'DBARRED'){
10:26 kados                        $template->param(
10:26 kados                                dbarred => 'true'
10:26 owen I couldn't get the template to display the value though.  I'll try it again if everything looks kosher to you.
10:27 kados try again ...
10:29 kados hehe
10:29 kados I think I can try it
10:31 kados ok ... I've added the TMPL_IF statememt (it doesn't matter where it is, right?)
10:32 kados hmmm doesn't seem to be working
10:34 owen Where'd you put it?  Are you working on the npl  template?
10:34 owen Oh, I see
10:35 kados yea ..
10:35 kados I established our /build/koha symlinked thingy
10:35 kados did I do it right?
10:35 kados (the TMPL_IF)
10:35 owen Yes
10:36 kados ok ... I starting to suspect that NONE of the flags are gatting passed
10:36 kados do you have any evidence otherwise?
10:38 owen No
10:38 owen No value is getting passed in the dbarred variable, that's for sure.
11:09 kados owen ... I think I may have fixed it ...
11:09 kados (there is a debarred message now)
11:09 owen so it is!
11:09 kados though it's not a pretty as the one on our page (maybe need to add message and color variables)
11:10 owen No, as long as we can get the status, everything else can be done in the template
11:10 kados cool
11:10 owen is another issue, though.  Have you looked at that?
11:11 kados the other flags should work as well
11:11 kados not yet ... do you mean the circ-centric messages hard-coded?
11:11 kados or something else?
11:11 owen Yes, the circ messages.
11:22 kados owen: feel free to work on the sco templates ... I'm gonna head out to lunch
11:22 owen Okay.

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